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Word cross has set some crucial attributes while working towards the valuable clients and take pride in fulfilling by
not only meeting the clients objective of business growth, but also builds relations with clients due to the honest
approach resulting in to the growth of our clients virtual aspect that is Profit.
We are the 360* Customized Marketing solution providers.

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Word cross Marketing Services presentation

  1. 1. What’s Word Cross all about?? A company profile is often the first official document that a outsider reads about your company and the content of this critical document needs to be impressive, exciting and compelling, thus to keep your customer hooked, you need the correct branding tools. Word cross has set some crucial attributes while working towards the valuable clients and take pride in fulfilling by not only meeting the clients objective of business growth, but also builds relations with clients due to the honest approach resulting in to the growth of our clients virtual aspect that is Profit. Why use Word Cross Marketing Solutions?? Word Cross excels in performance for Clients. In a world where talk is cheap and ROI is everything Word Cross has been phenomenal to deliver the best of the services beyond the competition. Consistent attention towards client’s requirement is the important reason for the success of Word Cross. A dedicated Account Manager will take care of the respective clientele accounts, thus there will be a single point of contact for our client which ensures smooth functioning and maximum satisfaction through we can not only meet but exceed our valuable client expectations.
  2. 2. How can you help me?? A most frequent question…. We utilize best practices in marketing industry.  We are best known for work defining and developing comprehensive support tools that range from creating valuable Business presentation to designing marketing tools like logo, brochure, website, SMS and Email marketing for the company. Our work sets standards within our client organizations. It's imperative that a business owner takes the time to determine what marketing campaigns will give them an edge in the market. Thus it’s the correct time...Bank on us…. What are charges?? Although the page displays the cost, we believe that conversation within the client and Word Cross is a first step for the success in consideration to the clients business. It is said that well begun is half done. The costing is although the important aspect of business, we believe that same should be equivalent to the scale of satisfaction for the client, thorough our work. It would be nice to share information about the client requirement and the service charges for the same, thus just check for the contact information and we will be honored to speak with you.
  3. 3. How long will this take?? Every client has different needs, thus time is the aspect that really gets us out of bed in the morning – there are few tasks our staff enjoys more than helping clients identify, develop, and flesh out consumer ideas and turn them into new concepts, brand strategies, and innovations.  You’ll notice the difference right away when you start working with us. We’re energetic, engaged, and we ask the right questions about your objectives. We have demonstrated our ability in completing projects quickly.  Not only do your clients rely on us to “get it right the first time,” but they also turn to us when they are facing tight timelines, because we have that unique blend of business savvy and technology knowledge. Not only we are able to develop content quickly and effectively, but also our designers adept at taking the written word and turning it into a beautiful document, complex graphic or piece of collateral within prescribed time format. What sized businesses do you work with?? Word Cross has worked and works with a wide range of businesses in terms of turnovers, employees, and industries, to be precise Word Cross work with every business owners and directors interested to upswing the revenue generation.
  4. 4. How do you guarantee work?? The guarantee of success in marketing is non- measurable, although the client can look for 3 C’s; they are Creations, Contents, Concepts. The client is certainly wise enough to judge the results of the required work through the same. We boast of gaining the maximum client relations through the same as we are confident about our creation and the client is rest assured for the success for his product marketing plan. Do you have any case studies?? Certainly Word Cross has case studies in terms of Marketing industry is concerned. The case studies are regularly published in various international magazines and are honored to be the Cover stories for some more magazines also. The information could be shared just with a mail from the client, interested to know more about the same. What is required to win a client?? Word Cross offers a full range of qualitative and quantitative marketing services to respond to a wide variety of challenges and take care to meet the following expectations: - Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Growth Strategy Marketing Positioning Competitive Intelligence Custom Research Panel Development
  5. 5. How do you do it? We understand our clients’ business challenges and the fact that our efforts need to produce measurable results. We work with 3 basic attributes and take care that these attributes are utmost adhered to. Quality We believe it is only worth doing something we can be proud of. We create this pride by building ensuring quality and innovation into everything we do. Every detail is calculated and controlled. We ensure outstanding results. Responsibility We ensure your project is managed efficiently to meet the program objectives, timing and budget. Although we utilize best resources at all times, we ensure to reduce cost and understand your intentional value towards return on investment. Relationships We value our customers and we respect confidentiality thus remain loyal to our customers and treat everyone as we would like to be treated, with honesty and respect. Every Individual has his kind of expertise in every sense, we believe your expertise in your business, thus this is Word Cross expertise through which it can see the missed business opportunities, marketing your business and capturing new customers. If Word Cross fails to deliver the promised service anytime, Word Cross won’t get paid for the same. ….Now that’s the confidence….
  6. 6. What are the services from Word Cross?? As every great structure is a blue print some day, we lay the foundation of the organization by rendering the below mentioned service and then proceed further to various other services. 1)Corporate Presentations Being in to business for quite some time now, Word Cross knows some people who are absolutely analytical and can do wonders in business if they get on the correct track to display their plans and gain the confidence during business. Multimedia based Sales or Business Presentation able to retain and understand information much better than simple PPT presentation. Thus it’s indispensable to get a correct business presentation which is up to the mark and displays maximum information about the project within few lines by taking in to consideration the negligible amount of time to explain the project to the respective authorities, thus Word Cross render the service of creating Corporate Presentations for individuals and corporate. 2) Logo Designing Logo is a face of identity for your business, it silently create impression for your business. Either you are large business group or small commercial venture; you need a logo which reflects the values you believe in. Your company logo is the pictorial representation of what your business is all about. It communicates your USP in a visually appealing manner. It creates your corporate identity and cements your impression in the market, helping your customers recall your brand instantly, and building trust.
  7. 7. 3) Corporate Identity A strong corporate identity augments your company's presence in the market. It differentiates your business from other similar businesses and makes your competitors stand up and take notice. A company with established corporate identity taps more target audience and creates longer-lasting impressions on consumers than companies without. Good Stationery design plays an important role in the corporate identity of a company. It lets the viewer know that whether a company is professional or amateur. It is most necessary that your stationary design should look professional and attractive. 4) Branding The brand has to communicate to customers at the emotional and psychological level in order to make an impact, one that will decide if a customer will use your product, keep using it and tell everybody else to use it. A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. It's important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand. After your entire brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It's a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without. 5) Folder Design / Book Cover Design The importance of book cover cannot be underestimated. In fact, initially book will be judged by the cover only, while you present your company’s proposal to your valuable customer with nice folder that match to your company’s identity, it makes lot of sense in your customer’s mind. Design team at Word Cross creates covers compelling both visually and through the
  8. 8. 6)Brochure Design A brochure is an imperative part of your corporate identity design and therefore, deserves your utmost attention. Word Cross endeavors to create a brochure design that serves these purposes flawlessly. Various types of brochures exist in market, categorized either according to their layout or the intended use. Based on your business requirements target audience, the purpose, theme and desired creative - we can develop appealing, as well as profit-generative designs for you. We can customize our service according to your preference – including unique folds, die cuts and embossing. 7)Flyer Design If you are thinking about an inexpensive way to promote business, just think about flyers. Flyer is a type of brochure which has only two panels, one is front panel and other one is back panel. This type of flyers is used widely for mass distribution. Flyers are ideal for promoting the launch of new products or for announcing a discount etc. The advantages of flyers are that It is undoubtedly cost efficient, It can spread the message of your organization, It can help you to create a good public image. Flyers are used in those marketing campaign where the number of targeted audience is huge.
  9. 9. 8)Web design A website is an extremely important tool for success in today's business world, and having one is like having a one-stop shop where all your potential customers from all over the world can come and explore your offerings, and contact you for your services. Just like a beautifully decorated and well-stocked shop attracts customers, a nicely designed and easy-to-navigate site attracts visitors and turns them into your customers or clients. A web design is how you present your company to a target audience and prospective clients. In today’s information era, internet is medium where many potential customers will find your business or company 9)Corporate Film Film is a reflection of life .A Corporate Film is a reflection of the corporate entity.  When a film is made its success is reliant on many things such as the script, the camera work and the Director. The film however works because of the vision behind it. Here, we understand the client’s vision and purpose behind making the movie and we portray it in the best way possible. We reflect in our movies the vision you have in a way that the audience will love and understand. We reflect the best of you in our Films because we see in you what you yourself have not seen yet.
  10. 10. 10) Content writing A website's content is like a virtual salesman, providing information that customers and potential customers seek. Good home-grown content can work wonders for your site; both search engines and web users are partial to relevant, informative and well-written content that enriches user experience. Web content writing allows your website take the giant leap to greater web success. What attracts people to graphic design and websites is not only attractive creative graphics, but highly relevant and rich content too. Creative writing for the company profile or web is distinctly different than writing for other media, like articles and blogs. The purpose of online content is not just reading but initiate favorable action from user. We cater content in a way that it touch to heart of user and creates high esteem for product and services you offer.
  11. 11. 11) SMS Marketing Word Cross SMS marketing platform is as powerful as it is easy to use. Launching an SMS marketing campaign is not difficult. The web-based software is a breeze for anyone to use. Whether you want to promote your business, run text-2-join campaigns, polls and contests, or get in touch with all of your contacts at once, our Group Text Messaging service allows you to do so quickly and easily which provides benefits which Save Time as it is Quick To Create, Conceptualize & Start the Campaign , Select your target group up to specific Age, Gender, City, Group or Pin codes , Increase Your Sales & Generate Repeat Sales 12) Email Marketing Active Campaign combines all aspects of email marketing into a single & easy to use platform. Seamlessly create beautiful & engaging emails, send them to your segmented subscribers, and see what interactions & reactions occur in real time! Email marketing remains one of the best marketing options for positive returns on your investment. Thousands of small businesses and non-profit organizations depend on Vertical Response to send their email marketing campaigns. Whether you're sending an email newsletter to a dozen loyal fans or an email marketing promotion to 10,000, we simplify your marketing
  12. 12. Check some of the Logo Creations from Word Cross Marketing Services.
  13. 13. Our Aim Our aim is to be the preferred Brand builder in the industry and be the leader in the Corporate to provide the unmatchable services for our valuable clients and ensure the business graph is elevated towards “Right” direction through our devoted and creative team and be renowned for the brand building through unique creations for the clients which will motivate us and we can truly prove our tagline, Right to write.. Wish you Happy Marketing!! Contact Word Cross Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd, 603,Sachinam CHS, Near Fatima Church, Majivada Village, Thane (w) 400 601 Contact No: -91 22 2540 1699 95949 06599