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Aranya Quiz General


General Quiz, Thapar University

General Quiz, Thapar University

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  • 1. Written Prelims 27 questions Creative team names appreciated! Quizmasters are GODS! Worship them No googling! No ogling! May the force be with you!
  • 2. 1. The first X celebration in India was organised in Madras by the Kisan Party of Hindustan. This was also the first time the red flag was used in India. The party leader Singaravelu Chettiar made arrangements to celebrate X in two places in 1923. One meeting was held at the beach opposite to the Madras High Court; the other meeting was held at the Triplicane beach. The Hindu newspaper, published from Madras reported: The Kisan party has introduced X day celebrations in Chennai. Comrade Singaravelar presided over the meeting. A resolution was passed stating that the government should declare X Day as a holiday. The president of the party explained the non-violent principles of the party. There was a request for financial aid. It was emphasized that workers of the world must unite to achieve independence
  • 3. • LABOUR DAY, 1st MAY!
  • 4. It’s been said that X was named after a room at CERN (if you read about Tim Berners-Lee, you’ll know that that’s where the web began) where the original web servers were located. However, Tom S. tells us: “Having visited CERN myself, I can tell you that Room X is not on the fourth floor – the CERN office numbering system doesn’t work like that – the first digit usually refers to the *building*number (i.e. Building 4), and the second two to the office number. But, strangely, there is no room “__″ in building “4″, the offices start at “410″ and work upwards – don’t ask me why. Sorry to disappoint you all, but there is no Room X in CERN –it simply doesn’t exist, and certainly hasn’t been preserved as “the place where the web began”. In fact, there *is* a display about this, including a model of the first NeXT server, but the whole “Room X″ thing is just a myth.” ID X. 3.
  • 5. 4. ID the blanked portion
  • 6. • The konaX code, the "Contra Code" / "30 Lives Code"
  • 7. 5. • What is the “the unhappy triad” or “the terrible triad” ? ( Micheal Owen, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson have all been ‘haunted’ by this time and again.)
  • 8. • ACL- Anterior Cruciate Ligament! (painful!)
  • 9. • • • • • • • Date: 2013 Location: ________(New Orleans, Louisiana) Performer(s): Beyonce Producer: Ricky Kirshner Director: Hamish Hamiltonn Sponsor: Pepsi Setlist: TBA February 2013 6. WHAT???
  • 10. 8.Origin of which famous phrase? In the 1800s, British sailors took women along on extended voyages. When babies were born at sea, the mothers delivered them in a partitioned section of the gundeck. Because no one could be sure who the true fathers were, each of these babies was jokingly called “_______________"
  • 11. 9. If “WE THE PEOPLE” are the first 3 words of the Indian Constitution, what is it for England?
  • 13. 10.
  • 15. *11. In the early 2000s, many cities around the world announced plans to construct city-wide Wi-Fi networks. There are many successful examples; in 2004, X became India's first Wi-fi-enabled city and second in the world after Jerusalem. A company called WiFiyNet has set up hotspots in X, covering the complete city and a few nearby villages.
  • 16. The term X is an alteration or Hobson-Jobson of the Persian phrase "Shāh Māt" which means, literally, "the King is helpless" (or "ambushed", "defeated", or "stumped", but not "dead").It is a common misconception that it means "the King is dead“. The term X in modern parlance is a dead metaphor for an irrefutable and strategic victory. 12.
  • 17. *13
  • 18. • Madonna autograph
  • 19. 14. WHAT???
  • 20. Its main body is solid sterling silver and silver gilt, while its plinth is made of malachite, a semi-precious stone. The plinth has a silver band around its circumference, upon which the names of the title-winning clubs are listed. Malachite's green colour is also representative of the green field of play. The design of the trophy is based on the heraldry of Three Lions . Two of the lions are found above the handles on either side of the trophy – the third is symbolised by the captain of the title winning team as he raises the trophy, and its gold crown, above his head. In 2004, a special gold version of the trophy was commissioned to commemorate X for the reason Y. Quite workout able, what is being described here? Give me X and Y. *15.
  • 21. X- Arse Y- 2004 title without a single loss!
  • 22. • • • • • • • • • • Geet Sethi Director Prakash Padukone Director Leander Paes Director Viswanathan anand Director Niraj Bajaj Director Ramaraj Director Shitin desai Director Neeraj bharadwaj Director Rakesh Khanna Director Viren rasquinha COO 16*. Members of ?
  • 23. 17*. The name _______ was proposed by Vinnie Chieco, a freelance copywriter. After seeing the prototype , he thought of a phrase from the movie 2001:A space Odyssey. It referred to a fictional spacecraft used for extra-vehicular activity seen in the movie. What popular name is this?
  • 24. Site Alexa traffic rank (November 2012)[2] Domain Linking root domains (November 2012)[3] Google Display Network Ad Planner (July 2011)[4] Google 1 4,772,448 [Note 1] Facebook 2 7,960,127 1 Youtube 3 3,637,788 2 Yahoo! Baidu 4 5 1,888,093 325,710 3 8 Wikipedia 6 2,154,423 6 Windows Live 7 149,315 4 8 1,177,136 24 Tencent QQ Twitter Taobao 9 10 11 472,087 6,183,107 185,399 10 15 14 Blogspot 12 30,878 7 18*.
  • 25. • Alexa Ranking
  • 26. Exhumation of X’s grave is being done to contemplate The theory about his death being a conspiracy. It is being Alleged that his death was caused by a poison induced Heart failure and not metastasized cancer in his bones. He died in Santa Marina Clinic after he was given an injection For a stomach infection. President Eduardo Frei also died 8 years in the same clinic due to poisoning from thallium. He also won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1971. His real name is Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto. 19*.
  • 27. “Dope on the damn table.” “You play in dirt, you get dirty” “All in the game...” “They don't teach it in law school.” “Don’t worry kid. You’re still on the clock.” “How come they don’t fly away?” “Just 'cause they’re in the street doesn't mean that they lack opinions.” “If I hear music, I’m gonna dance.” “Buyer's market out there.” “We fight on that lie.” 20. “The Life of Kings”
  • 28. 21*. original formulation included: Its A. Herbs: purslane ("Khurfa seeds", Portulaca oleracea), Chicory, wine-grape raisins (Vitis vinifera), European white lily (Nymphaea alba, blue star water lily (Nymphaea nouchali), lotus (Nelumbo), Borage and Coriander B. Fruits: orange, citron, pineapple, apple, berries, strawberry, raspberry, l oganberry, blackberry, cherry, concord grapes, blackcurrant, carrot and watermelon C. Vegetables: spinach and mint D. Flowers: rose, keora (Pandanus fascicularis), lemon and orange E. Roots: vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides) The brand itself is named after the daughter of Muzaffar Shah, the king of Firdaus in the book ‘Gulzar e- Nasin’. Name the brand.
  • 29. What am I describing? Non-exhaustive list missing a couple of names• Axle – “A model bad boy, cruel and ruthless. Don't try to get on Axle's good side - he doesn't have one”. • Bose Jefferson – “Don't be fooled by Bose's casual demeanor his punch feels like a ten-car pile-up on your head." • Cydney Bass- "A spoiled rich girl living on the edge. Treat Cyd right or she'll throw a tantrum in your face. • Milwaukee Jon- "An Ex-con with a death wish. Jon's dare devilish style strikes fear in the hearts of seasoned fellows” • Pearl McKurdy – “A competitive and reckless retro-punk. Pearl lives for anarchy” • Slim Jim –“Would've been the class clown if he hadn't dropped out. Voted 'Most Likely To Die Young' by classmates.” • Teflon Mike –“Dropped on his head at an early age, Mike is a gonzo wild man: fearless, un-predictable, brain damaged. 22.
  • 31. X said- 23. “________' - I think it's timeless because it's about making love in the summertime. There is a slight misconception it's about a year, but it's not. ‘__' has nothing to do about a year, it has to do with a sexual position ... At the end of the song the lyric says that it's me and my baby in a __. You'd have to be pretty thick in the ears if you couldn't get that lyric.” Who is X and what is he talking about?
  • 32. *24. Guglielmo Marconi is considered the father of long distance radio transmission. He is credited as the inventor of the radio. After he became the person to send the first transatlantic message this was X’s response: “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using seventeen Of my patents”. Identify X.
  • 33. 25*. WHO AM I? I was born on October 17, 1938. I am a painter and an entertainer but people know me as someone else. I recently sued Kayne West for a music video. I am also in the Guinness Book of World Records for an unusual record. I am Robert Craig ______.
  • 34. 26.* Clicking on the image of a DVD next to the site logo led to a video about "The YouTube Collection", an option to order every YouTube video for home delivery on DVD. The promotional video promised "It's the complete YouTube experience completely offline. What is so special about this you-tube feature?
  • 35. • The first April Fool prank by You-Tube
  • 37. ROUND Y- Written Identify the famous deaths!
  • 38. • X returns home at 1am after rehearsing but cannot sleep. At 4am he tells his doctor: “I’ve got to sleep, Dr Conrad. I have these rehearsals to perform.” Shortly before noon Murray notices he has stopped breathing but doesn’t call an ambulance for more than 20 minutes. X is later pronounced dead. He was 50-years-old. • June 27, 2009: Dr Murray is interviewed by police giving X propofol. He says the singer called it his “milk.” • July 17, 2009: The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announces it is treating X’s death as a homicide. • July 29, 2009: Dr Murray’s home in Las Vegas is searched for three hours. • Jan. 7, 2010: The Los Angeles coroner gives the official cause of death as “acute propofol intoxication” as X’s official cause of death. • Feb. 8, 2010: Dr Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter and released on $75,000 bail.
  • 39. • JUST BEAT IT!
  • 40. • 11.15 pm X and Suge Knight turn off Las Vegas Boulevard onto FlaXngo Road. • Suge Knight is driving the black BMW 750 and X sits next to him, they are on the way to Suge's Club 662 to get their party on. • X's window is down and he smiles and yells to fans on the street. • X and Suge Knight stop at a red traffic light in front of Maxim Hotel. • A white Cadillac with California license plates pulls up to the right of the waiting black BMW. Inside the Cadillac are four passengers. • According to Las Vegas Police one of the four passengers takes out a high caliber gun (Glock .40 caliber handgun) and fires between 10 and 15 (probably 12) shots, sparks fly .... glass and metal everywhere. • Three bullets tear through X's chest, one through his hand and one in his leg. Suge sufferes a minor gunshot wound to the head but is not serious wounded by some bullet fragments. • The scene is watched by dozens of witnesses at the street and the Death Row entourage in cars behind the BMW.
  • 41. • Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996), known by his stage names 2Pac, Pac, and Makaveli, was an American rapper and actor. Shakur had sold over 75 million records worldwide as of 2010, making him one of the bestselling music artists in the world.
  • 42. • After staying overnight in Fort Worth, X leaves Carswell AFB onboard Air Force One to fly to Love Field in Dallas. • 11:30 a.m. -- The motorcade leaves Love Field. • 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. -- The motorcade follows a route through Dallas, during which the ______ stops the car several times to talk to citizens who approach his limousine. • 12:30 p.m. -- X is shot and taken to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. • 1:00 p.m. -- X is pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital.
  • 43. John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963), often referred to by his initials JFK, was the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination in 1963.
  • 44. 11AM – X is at a party in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. X was at the party with a hired hooker called Heidi. 1 mid afternoon – X goes back to his appointment with Heidi. X and Heidi smoked crack and snort heroin for many hours. X tried to have sex on a number of occasions but was unable too, it is said X had not slept for up to four days December 18, 1997 3AM – Heidi leaves. She is agitated because she has not been paid, X says a friend will pay her. Heidi said when she left X was inebriated and lying ten feet away from the door to the room. Heidi said X was having breathing troubles and claims he said “Don’t leave me” before she left mid afternoon – X is found dead by his brother John. X is still lying ten feet from the door. He was wearing sweat pants and his shirt was open. He had a white frothy fluid oozing out of his mouth and a bloody fluid was coming out of his nose.
  • 45. Christopher Crosby Farley was most famous for his stint on Saturday Night Live, and probably the Chippendales sketch is the finest example of this, although he did appear in films as well. In his personal life, he idolized John Belushi. He once said that he "dreamed of being John Belushi. That’s why I went the Second City , Saturday Night Live route. I wanted to follow him." In the end, he went pretty much the same way his idol did, 16 years previously
  • 46. <country> leader and key X loyalists tried to escape _____ in a truck convoy. A U.S. drone as well as French fighter jets opened fire on the convoy. X and a few accomplices escaped and hid in drainage pipes nearby. Prime minister of <country>, Mahmoud Jibril, said that X was discovered hiding in “a big bag pipe of the sewage system.” Wearing pants and a long-underwear shirt, X was armed, but showed no resistance. X was escorted out of the drainage pipe when fighting broke ou between revolutionaries and X’s accomplices. X was shot in his right arm. Jibril said, “They came under intense crossfire,” when X was shot in the head.
  • 47. Gaddafi seized power in 1969 when he was just 27. Immediately following that, he expelled all Italians from his country, because fuck Italy. He gave up the post of prime minister just three years later in 1972 and started calling himself "Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution" and "Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya," because this is somehow easier to stencil on your office door.
  • 48. X, died in a tragic car accident in France with Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed or commonly called Dodi Fayed. According to police report it was a negligence on the driver’s part because he was driving under the influence of drugs and was over-speeding. X met with the accident on August 31,1997. X was born on July 1, 1961.
  • 49. Diana Frances Spencer or Princess Diana
  • 51. Connect these images to an entity.- half points Connect these images to a controversy - full points
  • 52. The Tejo Mahalaya controversyTemple palace
  • 53. X is a book by Anthony Lewis describing the story behind ____, in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that criminal defendants have the right to an attorney even if they cannot afford it. In 1965, the book won an Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime book. A made-for-TV movie based on the book was released in 1980, starring Henry Fonda as Clarence Earl ____, José Ferrer as Abe Fortas and John Houseman as Earl Warren(though Warren's name was never mentioned in the film; he was billed simply as "The Chief Justice"). Lewis himself appeared in a small role as "The Reporter". The movie was a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation produced by Worldvision, and aired on CBS. The name is a play on words, using the defendant's last name and invoking the biblical story in which X ordered his small force to attack a much larger enemy camp. X 's army carried ____ and concealed torches in clay pots. When the call to attack came, the noise and light they made tricked their enemies into thinking that a much larger army was attacking them. Thus, X won the battle with little actual fighting
  • 54. X is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘fast’ or ‘quick’. A X (used as a collective noun) is a website which allows its users to add, modify, or delete its content via a web browser usually using a simplified markup language or a rich-text editor. XXweb, the first X, or user-editable website, launched on 25 March 1995 by Ward Cunningham as part of the Portland Pattern Repository. Cunningham came up with the name XXWeb because he remembered a Honolulu International Airport counter employee who told him to take the XXShuttle, a shuttle bus line that runs between the airport's terminals.
  • 55. WIKI!
  • 56. It was formed in 1916 by William E. _______. Since 1997, it has been based in Chicago, Illinois moving from its original home in Seattle. It is the largest exporter by value in the U.S.A. ID/FITB.
  • 57. What connects the following: Maulvi Ziauddin (a Pashtun insurance agent); Ichiro Okuda; Matsuda; Orlando Mazzotta (an Italian nobleman).
  • 58. X was the 13th element to be discovered. For this reason, and also due to its use in explosives, poisons and nerve agents, it is sometimes referred to as "the Devil's element". It was the first element to be discovered that was not known since ancient times. The discovery of X is credited to the German alchemist Hennig Brand in 1669, although other chemists might have discovered X around the same time. Brand experimented with urine, which contains considerable quantities of dissolved X from normal metabolism. Working in Hamburg, Brand attempted to create the fabled philosopher's stone through the distillation of some salts by evaporating urine, and in the process produced a white material that glowed in the dark and burned brilliantly. It was named X mirabilis ("miraculous bearer of light"). His process originally involved letting urine stand for days until it gave off a terrible smell. Then he boiled it down to a paste, heated this paste to a high temperature, and led the vapours through water, where he hoped they would condense to gold. Instead, he obtained a white, waxy substance that glowed in the dark.
  • 59. Phosphorus
  • 60. While studying in a renowned Institution, X qualified to try for a transfer scholarship at Cal Tech, widely considered the world’s most competitive scholarship. The transfer scholarship is rarely won, One of the toughest exam one can ever attend. X was the only applicant in the entire world that year to get a passing score above 60. The next highest score was 20 points below him. X started ‘Y’ in 90’s, which in the first hour had 100 subscribers. By mid-1998, the company was adding subscribers at the rate of 1.25 lakh a day! In just over two years, the company’s user base was growing faster than any media company in history. Faster than CNN, Faster than BBC. Identify ‘X’ & ‘Y’.
  • 61. • Sabeer Bhatia and Hotmail
  • 62. CONNECT
  • 63. At about 30 locations in London, you can find Machines that offer Fast sausage and Mash, with Options ranging from Lady Godiva, Speckled Hen, Horn of Plenty, Dirty and Nifty. You will have to pop In a Huckleberry Finn in order to be able to use this Machine. What am I talking about?
  • 64. Cockney ATMsSausage and mash= CASH, Huckleberry Finn= pin etc!
  • 65. Like a number of other animated cartoons from the 1930s to the early 1950s, X featured racial stereotypes. After explosions, for example, characters with blasted faces would resemble stereotypical blacks, with large lips and bow-tied hair. Perhaps the most controversial element of the show is the character Mammy Two Shoes, a poor black maid who speaks in a stereotypical "black accent" and has a rodent problem. One of the creators of X, who was responsible for these gags, claimed that the racial gags in X did not reflect his racial opinion; they were just reflecting what was common in society and cartoons at the time and were meant to be humorous. Nevertheless, such stereotypes are considered by some to be racist today. Mammy TwoShoes' voice was redubbed by Turner in the Xd-1990s to make the character sound less stereotypical; the resulting accent sounds more Irish. One cartoon in particular, His Mouse Friday, is usually kept out of television rotation because of its depiction of cannibals. If shown, the cannibals' dialogue is edited out, although their mouths still move.
  • 66. • Karhu is a Finnish sports brand. Karhu, meaning bear in Finnish, was first using as a sporting goods brand in 1916 by the Finnish company Ab Sport Artiklar. The brand is currently owned by Karhu Holding B.V., which purchased it in 2008, and is used to market running shoes, sportswear, and skiing and other sports equipment in Finland and abroad. • Karhu Sports’ biggest contribution to the sporting world, however, is when they sold a certain something to another now-Sporting giant in 1949 for 1600€ and two bottles of whiskey!
  • 67. • Trademark of the ADIDAS logo!
  • 68. X is often used in creating visual effects for hollywood blockbuster movies (Titanic, the Star wars prequels, LOTR.) As part of the 73rd Scientific and Technical Academy Awards ceremony presentation on March 3, 2001, The Academy honored Ed Catmull, Loren Carpenter, and Rob Cook, with an Academy Award of Merit "for significant advancements to the field of motion picture rendering as exemplified in X." This was the first Oscar awarded to a software package for its outstanding contributions to the field. X is owned by Y. Give me X and Y.
  • 69. • X-PRman!-PhotoRealistic RenderMan • Y- Pixar AnimationStudios
  • 70. Identify the game
  • 71. CHATURANGAChaturanga (Sanskrit: ; caturaṅga), catur , is an ancient Indian game which is the common ancestor of the games of chess, shogi, makruk,xiangqi and janggi. It is said by some to be invented by Sessa(controversial).
  • 73. • The Siamese Twins
  • 74. The Perpetual Maritime Truce of 1853 ended on1 December 1971, after the UK announced its intention to end its protectorate over the Trucial Coast. The next day, Umm al-Quwain joined 5 others to form what?
  • 75. There are two commonly accepted definitions of this term- one, by Ronald Azuman in 1997; the other by Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino in 1994. The Term itself was coined by Tom Caudell at Boeing. In recent years, there has been Renewed interest in this field, especially on mobile platforms. This technology is used in the fields of gaming, Education, sports, military. Give me the term.
  • 76. • Augmented Reality
  • 77. Due to X’s work, X’s papers dating from the end of the 19th century are considered too dangerous to handle. They have to be kept in lead lined boxes, and can only be handled using protective clothing. Id X.
  • 78. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2000 – Jamie Lee Curtis 2001 – Drew Barrymore 2002 – Sarah Jessica Parker 2003 – Anjelica Huston 2004 – Sandra Bullock 2005 – Catherine Zeta-Jones 2006 – Halle Berry 2007 – Scarlett Johansson 2008 – Charlize Theron 2009 – Renée Zellweger 2010 – Anne Hathaway 2011 – Julianne Moore 2012 – Claire Danes 2013 - X The Hasty Pudding Woman of the year Awarded by the Y. ID x & y.
  • 79. • About what did its designer Peter Scott, remark? • “We wanted an animal that is beautiful and one loved by many people in this world for its appealing qualities. We also wanted an animal that had impact with black and white printing to save money on printing costs”
  • 80. Give me the person And context?
  • 81. Arsenal had finally scored against Liverpool way back in 2000 after a long draught!!
  • 82. Atyrau (Kazakhstan) Orenburg (Russia) Suez (Egypt) X This is an exhaustive list of 4 cities having something common. X is the most well known of this bunch. Give me X and the relation b/w the four.
  • 83. A transcontinental city is a city occupying portions of more than one continent. It is commonly believed that Istanbul in Turkey is the only transcontinental city, however several others are also transcontinental.
  • 84. He owned several exotic sports cars, including: 1963 Ferrari 250 Lusso Berlinetta Jaguar D-Type XKSS (Right-Hand Drive) Porsche 356 Speedster Porsche 917, Porsche 908 and Ferrari 512 race cars from the Y film. (The same Porsche 908 was entered by his production company Solar Productions as a camera car for Y. X wanted to drive a Porsche 917 with Jackie Stewart in that race, but his film backers threatened to pull their support if he did. Faced with the choice of driving for 24 hours in the race or driving the entire summer making the film X opted to do the latter.) To his dismay, X was never able to own the legendary Ford Mustang GT 390 he drove in Z, which featured a highly modified drivetrain that suited X's driving style. One of the two Mustangs was so badly damaged that it was judged beyond repair and scrapped. The second car still exists, but the owner has consistently refused to sell it at any price.
  • 85. Not even Hollywood can escape the prying eye of Google! Equipped with the intel that filng of watery arena opener took place in Atlanta's Clayton County International Park specifically "The Beach" which was constructed for the 1996 Summer Olympics volleyball matches and transformed for production - an updated search through the locale on Google Maps produced this aerial sneak peek.
  • 87. ‘Fiona’ (her middle name) has starred in hollywood flicks like Runaway bride(1999), Mystic Pizza(1988), Erin Brockovich (2000), Pretty Woman (1990), Oceans’ Twelve(2004). She has been named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" eleven times, tied with Halle Berry. In 2011, she was named one of the "100 Hottest Women of All-Time" by Men's Health. In 2001, Ladies Home Journal ranked her as the 11th most powerful woman in the United States. I want you to give me the name of the production company she owns.
  • 88. ROUND Z Infinite puns!
  • 89. ROUND Z Infinite puns!
  • 90. ROSA PARKS
  • 91. Name the product:- The shape of this product is modelled after a hyperbolic paraboloid. This design characteristic is beneficial as it helps keep the product from breaking during distribution by eliminating lines of stress along which a small crack may easily propagate. Further, it keeps a stack of the product tightly interlocked or nested during distribution. The name of the product came from a street in Cincinnati. The name was chosen simply for its sound and appeal.
  • 92. This term X literally means ‘a completely burnt sacrificial offering to a God’ in Greek. It is substituted to Ha-Shoah in Hebrew and Porajmos or Samudaripen in Romani. Identify X.
  • 93. The Holocaust
  • 94. One acre of Purple Crocuses, the flower from which this product is harvested, yields about one pound of this product. It needs around 14000 dry stigmas of this flower to equal one ounce of this product. Which product?
  • 95. Born in 1900, he was originally from Punjab. He started his career in 1920 as a coal trader in Calcutta, and built up the family fortune through ____. He then started a company that is into textiles as well as molasses and alcohol. He also took over the Oriental Bank of Commerce, and ventured into paper manufacturing. He was mentioned as one of the prominent industrialists in the movie GoW. Identify.
  • 97. The Jelling stones are massive carved runestones from the 10th century, found at the town of Jelling in Denmark. The older of the two Jelling stones was raised by King Gorm the Old in memory of his wife Thyra. The larger of the two stones was raised by King Gorm's son, Harald _______ in memory of his parents, celebrating his conquest of Denmark and Norway and his conversion of the Danes to Christianity. He is also known for his abilities to make diverse factions communicate with each other. According to legend, he gained the nickname ______ from his love of blueberries, which stained his teeth. The ______ logo consists of the Nordic runes for his initials, H and B (Long-branch runes version).
  • 98. His favourite video game was Tetris. In the1990s he submitted so many high scores for the game to Nintendo Power that they would no longer print his scores, so he started sending them in under the name "Evets Kainzow“. Who?
  • 99. Mandatory cricket question- Cheteshwar Pujara recently became the 2nd fastest Indian to reach 1000 runs. Who was the fastest?
  • 100. In 1936, as part of their effort to use the Berlin Olympics for propaganda purposes, the Nazis introduced an innovation to the Olympic ceremonies that had no ancient or modern precedent. The Nazis’ main reasons to introduce the innovation were to strengthen the association of Ancient Greece with their ideology, and to gain publicity for the idea of their sportsmen as Aryan superheroes. What is this innovation that is still carried out in modern Olympics?
  • 101. • The torch relay from Mt. Olympus
  • 102. Praying for visa approvals!
  • 103. Points ONLY for both X & Y! Find Your Way to ____ is an interactive journey inspired by Sam Raimi's latest feature film, X. Built using advanced web technologies, this Y Experiment will take you through a dusty Kansas circus to the vibrant land of ____. Take a look around - nothing is as it seems. Can you find your way to ____? X-A small-time magician with questionable ethics arrives in a magical land where he must choose between becoming a good man or a great one.
  • 104. • Google experiment
  • 105. “GOOD MORNING TO ALL” This is Wisteria Cabin. The creation of something very famous took place here. What?