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  • 1. PEOPLE MATTERSUnderstanding the brand as to where we are and where are we heading By Saurabh Deb
  • 2. MISSION STATEMENTS• People matters (PM) is essential to anyone working in HR. It’s the only Industry magazine in India.• PM has a reputation, which reaches way beyond its circulation. It proves good journalism has no borders.• India’s HR industry is big, unique and domestic, but we cannot ignore the link with the western market. PM educates on the latest in HR trends across the whole region, making it essential for anyone to get an insight.• PM is informative and delves into real issues. It’s a perfect combination of content, insightfulness and accuracy making it a great product.
  • 3. DESIGN PRINCIPLES When designing experiences for (PM) keep in mind the following: • Make the purpose of the design understandable within 10 seconds. • Provide a clear path to action. • Build action-oriented visual language. • Present products in context with time. • Look for opportunities to surprise and delight the reader. • Allow for the new ideas and provide interaction for the expert.
  • 4. BRAND PERSONALITYThe objective of (PM) Brand Personality is to provide our internal andexternal teams with a common understanding of design goals as well as acommon language and understanding of the boundaries within which thedesign will take place. PERSONALITY IS MORE... THAN IT IS... EXPERT Influential Authoritative Leading edge Know it all DYNAMIC Engaging In your face Current Always changing Relevant Trendy Active Uncontrolled ACCESSIBLE Personalized Generic Reader centric Company centric Thoughtful Hopeful Understandable Technical MODERN Smart Futuristic Clean Minimal Simple Elementary Efficient Streamlined
  • 5. BRAND IDENTITY The brand identity is a succinct summary of who we are. It acts as a lens or filter for creating and communicating the (PM) character in everything we do. At the heart of the platform is the Positioning Statement and Answers. Both share the primary goal of describing how (PM) Inspires confidence. It also tells us what high-level benefits our brand delivers. Used consistently, they strengthen the integrity of the (PM) brand and loyalty among our readers. Magazine Web/appMARKETSCENARIO T oday 20 13 20 14 20 15 20 16
  • 6. BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENTFrame of Reference: (PM) inspires confidence. Leading people. Building organizationsTarget Audience: For people in HR and the industry. Setting standards and helping form aninsight view to what really matters.Point of Difference: One of a kind product, targeted to HR. With its strong content and effectivereporting, (PM) is undisputed market leader in this segment.Reasons to Believe: Because of the steady growth in subscription and readership.BRAND POSITIONING ANSWERSDefining Characteristic: Inspire confidence. People matters in what we do. We are leadingpeople and we help build organizations.Our Approach: how we operate. Provide more than exceptional inside to the HR industry, byour monthly magazine and events.Outcomes: what we deliver. Enabling the reader to understand the industry, the right andwrongs and where it is heading. Also providing a global point of view on the subject. Partneringto expand the knowledge domain into various industries.
  • 7. EXTERNAL READER EXPRESSIONHuman Resource. Understanding. Do More.HR is the primary reason our readers subscribe to (PM). They read it to understand the markettrends. Who is who and the new market opportunities.Core: Expand to new mediaAs the industry keeps expanding, as their markets trends keep changing, as their needs expand,(PM) has the products and support programs to take our readers where they want to be andinspire confidence within. The expression also stands to summarize the potential employ profitsby understanding people.
  • 8. TODAY Primary: Magazine (Print) Others: Events, website etc. TOMORROW Primary: App/Website (Digital) Others: Events, Magazine etc.MARKETING TOOLS
  • 9. My Scope of Work• To develop a new visual language for the existing People matters magazine from start (design project 1) that could be taken forward to the digital format for the web and digital app purpose.• To design the website (design project 2), keeping in mind the attributes from our print magazine, so as to keep the visual narrative consistent. The reader should feel that the digital format is an extension to our print version.• To design the app (design project 3) keeping in mind the current trends, the UX & UI. All our three products should look/feel the same.• The work will be divided into various stages and deadlines will be set to avoid delay. You have to understand the magazine work will happen every month for every edition. Project 2 & 3 will have to be done side by side, till the prototyping stage.
  • 10. My belief• You cant ask the fish to climb the tree. I like working with people, who understand their subject and what they want in life. It adds verity to any team. Right team can achieve the impossible.• Branding is a slow process. Nothing happens over night. We need to be consistent in our actions and efforts. Patience is the key. Rome wasn’t built in a day.• I am good at what I do, but no one is perfect. I am open to learn and improve. As designers are humans and not machines, so buffer time to think and act is important.• Time management is very essential. Time stops for no one. If it’s something that is already running out, I hate wasting it. Deadlines are important.• I don’t commit if I cant fulfill it.• I like to keep my personal and professional life separate. My family is important to me.• All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.• We are only limited till we have contemplated the solution to move onI am the designer
  • 11. THANK YOUConnect with me at deb.saurabh@gmail.comGo to my portfolio at