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Saul Cunningham - Oracle - Best Practices for Scaling your SOA Infrastructure and Projects

Saul Cunningham - Oracle - Best Practices for Scaling your SOA Infrastructure and Projects






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Saul Cunningham - Oracle - Best Practices for Scaling your SOA Infrastructure and Projects Saul Cunningham - Oracle - Best Practices for Scaling your SOA Infrastructure and Projects Presentation Transcript

  • Best Practices for Scaling your SOA Infrastructure and Projects Saul Cunningham SOA Business Development Manager ORACLE FUSION MIDDLEWARE FORUM
    • SOA in its Prime
    • Stages of SOA Adoption
    • Don’t Forget the Way We Work
    • Oracle SOA Suite
  • SOA in its Prime
  • SOA in its Prime Adoption continues to accelerate Total = 62%, up from 53% a year ago (mostly in “will pursue” & “enterprise commitment”) Source: Forrester
  • A question for you… If your not using SOA what are you using instead?
    • Are you doing SOA?
    • Yes - already doing SOA projects.
    • Planning – will start first SOA project in next 12 months
    • Waiting - No plans to at this stage but still have open mind
    • Never - Will never do SOA – its snake oil
  • Stages of SOA Adoption & Best Practices
  • The Path to Industrialized SOA Stage 1 - Opportunistic
  • Best Practice – Mediation using Service Bus
    • Customer Use Case:
      • Portal application consumes business services from back-end applications.
      • Eliminate the point to point coupling using a SOA based architecture.
    • Requires ESB Characteristics:
      • Heterogeneous messaging backbone
      • Content based routing
      • Service enrichment
      • Monitoring and reporting
      • SOA based security
      • Service workload and management
      • Message Guarantees
      • Service orchestration
      • Distributed services across the enterprise
      • Service discovery
    getCustInfo getCustInfo getCustInfo getCustAddress getCustCredit getCustProfile JMS SOAP MQ Mainframe .NET J2EE Client A Client B Client C getCustInfo getCustInfo getCustInfo getCustAddress getCustCredit getCustProfile JMS SOAP MQ Mainframe .NET J2EE Client A Client B Client C Oracle Service Bus
  • Oracle Service Bus
    • Adaptive service messaging - connect any service, any protocol, any endpoint
    • Adaptive transformation – any payload XML, binary, text
    • Embedded service management - optimized governance of all messaging
    • Rich composition environment - configuration driven, no coding approach
    • Best-of-breed distributed run-time - reliability, availability, scalability, and performance
    Security Messaging Visibility Composition Portal WS Client BPEL Java Service Service Service Service Enterprise Service Bus Services Transport Layer Transport SDK Transformation Discovery/ Validation Message Flow Modeling Service Call-out Test Browser Transport Security WS-Security Console Security Policy Reporting SLAs Monitoring Dashboard Open Interfaces
  • The Path to Industrialized SOA Stage 2 - Systematic
  • Best Practice – Enterprise-strength Orchestration Layer BPEL submit Order JSF ? ACTIVATION FLOW CREATE Applications Customer (DataHub) BPEL Exception Management Portal – Order Hospital (Human Workflow) Promotion Management (Business Rules) BAM – Exception Rate SLA Management ? Order Validation (EJB 3.0)
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
    • Enterprise-strength infrastructure for business process automation
    Process Console MANAGE J2EE Application Server (Oracle AS, WebLogic, JBoss, WebSphere) Core BPEL Engine BPEL BPEL Process Manager Integrated BPM Services Workflow Decision Service Sensors Dehydration Store (Oracle Database)
    • Comprehensive and native BPEL implementation
    • Easy-to-use modeling tool
    • Scalable and reliable engine
    • Flexible binding framework
    • Rich management and monitoring
    • Support for Oracle AS, JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere
    • Get up and running in less than 15 minutes!
    Workflow Services JDeveloper BPEL Designer WSDL Binding File, FTP Web services Java, JMS Database Apps Process Modeler
  • The Path to Industrialized SOA Stage 3 - Enterprise
  • Best Practice – Shared Visual Business Process Modeling Environment Common Process Metadata Model Round-Trip Design & Process Optimization Business Users (BPMN) Developers (BPEL)
  • Oracle BPM Solution Overview A Comprehensive Platform Office BPM Studio Oracle BPA Suite* Content/Image Servers Packaged apps, external services BPMN (XPDL), BPEL BPM Server Human WF Rules BAM User, Role directory Modeling (BPMN) Simulation & Optimization Worklist User Interaction Process Dashboards Collaboration Office Integration Org Model & Biz Calendar Oracle BPM Suite Analysis & Reporting Process Templates and Solutions* Industry specific templates Imaging solutions Standards Framework
  • The Path to Industrialized SOA Stage 4 - Measured
  • BPM SOA Infrastructure Process improvement Process implementation Process management Process definition simulation BAM ( Business Activity Monitoring ) service service service service Best Practice – BPM + SOA = Foundation for Business Process Optimisation
  • Business Activity Monitoring Real Time Process Dashboards CEP Processing Business KPI Impact Analysis Action Framework Business Event Sensors
  • The Path to Industrialized SOA Stage 5 - Industrialized
  • Emerging Trends – Event Processing
    • More than 200 million containers are shipped every year
      • - 6 containers every second!
    • A new product is launched every 3.5 minutes
    • Business process automation has resulted into explosion of data emanating from such transactions
    • Opportunities and Risks are constantly emerging from these streams of data
    • Competitive advantages now achieved by moving closer to the event occurrence and tapping into opportunities as they occur
  • Complex Event Processing High Speed Event Processing In-Memory Data Grid CEP Processor Event Distribution Network Lightweight OSGI Server SELECT S.city, AVG(temp) FROM SOME_STREAM S [range by 10 slide by 5] WHERE S.state = ‘California’ GROUP BY S.city “ I want to look at 10 seconds worth of data” “ I want a result generated every 5 seconds” Unmatched Performance and Scalability 1 Million Events Processed per Second <1 Millisecond Latency for Events Dashboard Rules Processes Database Applications Messaging RFID Event Sources
  • How can a Data Grid Help? High Speed, Fault Tolerant, Virtualised Data Cache
    • Provides a reliable data tier with a single, consistent view of data
    • Enables dynamic data capacity including fault tolerance and load balancing
    • Ensures that data capacity scales with processing capacity
    Mainframes Databases Web Services Enterprise Applications Real Time Clients Web Services Application Tier Coherence™ Data Grid Data Sources Data Services
  • Oracle Restricted and Confidential Don’t Forget the Way We Work
  • Why SOA Initiatives Fail: Technology or Governance? Introduction Spreading Exploitation Plateau Risk of SOA Project Failures Lack of Governance Risk Technology Risk Less Risk More Risk Time
  • Best Practice – SOA Governance – People, Practice, Platform Skilled People Experienced SOA Architects with best practices knowledge for project oversight Client Architect Solution Architect(s) Product Specialist(s) SOA Project Methodology which caters every aspects in the SOA Journey Formalized Practice Best-in-Class-Technology Unified Platform Best Practice Architecture SOA Governance IT Corporate
  • Oracle SOA Governance
    • Establish governance early – without governance SOA will fail
    • Address the necessary organizational/cultural changes
    • Incent the organization on SOA governance processes
    • Apply governance throughout the lifecycle , from planning through retirement
    • Have the appropriate monitoring and metrics for adapting as you go
    • Make it as automated and non-intrusive as possible
  • Full SOA Lifecycle Governance IDEs Oracle Enterprise Repository UDDI Development & Testing Modeling Analysis Design Deployment Monitoring Secure & Audit Runtime Modification Removal Retirement OWSM SOA Mgmt Pack
    • Pick two true statements about the motivation for SOA Governance?
    • Without it you will get Web Service spaghetti-fication
    • It allows business and IT to more closely align goals and objectives
    • It makes geeks sound like they know what their doing
    • Without it SOA will ultimately fail
    • Reduces project risk
    • It gives the vendors yet another product to sell
  • And The Winner Is…
  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle SOA Evolution Portlet Web Services (WSRP) Web Services Support 2001 2002 2004 2003 2006 2005 BPEL Process Manager J2EE 1.4 Standard Web Services WSDL, UDDI, Development Tools, Expanded Web Services Platform Service Registry Web Services Manager, BAM BPA Suite 2007 Oracle Data Integrator Stellent Doc Mgmt, Image Proc Tangosol … 2008 WebLogic Server ALSB Repository ALBPM Event Server SOA Suite
  • Coherence Cache J2EE Application Server (Oracle AS, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss) Messaging Oracle SOA and Event Technologies JRockit VM & RT Apps Adapters B2B Partners DB Legacy CONNECTIVITY Routing Transform Data Quality ETL & Replication Data Integrator Oracle Service Bus Mediation ROUTING & DATA SERVICES Native BPEL Business Rules Human Workflow BPEL Process Manager ORCHESTRATION GOVERNANCE System Monitoring Enterprise Manager UDDI WS Policies Security Web Services Manager Registry GOVERNANCE SOA lifecycle governance Enterprise Repository REAL-TIME VISIBILITY & PROCESSING Alerts Business Monitoring BAM Events Data Streams CEP Application Development Framework Enterprise Modeling BPA Suite JDeveloper Business User Modeling BPM Suite
  • Oracle SOA Suite
    • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
    • Oracle Service Bus (based on BEA AquaLogic Service Bus)
    • Oracle CEP (based on BEA Event Server)
    • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
    • Oracle Business Rules
    • Oracle Web Services Manager
    • Oracle JDeveloper
    Comprehensive & Pre-integrated SOA Platform Oracle SOA Suite
  • Next Steps
    • Oracle Resources
    • Online – www.oracle.com/soa
    • Events – SOA Architect Forum oracle.com/events
    • Papers/Tools – SOA Self-Evaluation Tool
    • Oracle RedRoom – oracle-gtmi-anz.blogspot.com
    • Get Started
    • Identify the SOA adoption stage of your organization
    • Validate current infrastructure against best practices
    • Plan for recommended SOA stages to maximize efficiency gains along with rapid expansion
    • Determine potentials areas where new trends such as event processing can deliver competitive advantages