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Speech   ways of measuring success
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Speech ways of measuring success


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  • 1. UNIT 5 CAMPAIGN – 5.1 PLANNING – WAYS OF MEASURING THE SUCCESS OF OUR CAMPAIGN <br />One of the areas that we needed to cover and discuss is about what possible ways are there for measuring the success of our campaign once it has been completed. <br />This is the list of ways in which we could measure success that I came up with!<br />
    • Create a webpage on fronter (easy access) which will allow students to post their comments online or they could complete the feedback questionnaire online
    • 2. Written Interviews of staff and students ( quantitative and qualitative) Interviews can also be done in a form of voice recording s or video format interviews
    • 3. Have a message box where people can write and drop in instant written messages about their comments and opinions
    • 4. Have a poll taking (online or on paper) giving options relating to the success of the campaign or what needs to be improved ( i.e good, bad, needs improvement etc)
    • 5. Film students giving feedback on what they felt was good or bad about the campaign and the marketing strategies etc
    • 6. Create a questionnaire before and after the campaign and hand them out to chosen audience
    • 7. send a questionnaire out to form tutors asking pupils to comment during registration and the teachers could add their comment as well
    • 8. Have a feedback session where we invite selected students and staff to comment on the success of the campaign
    • 9. A representative from the campaign team could go around selected tutor bases and ask oral questions to the class
    • 10. Have a wall (paper wall) where people can write their comments
    • 11. Carry out research around the school during lunchtime etc to see if litter on the field has improved, bins are full, amount of food wasted etc ( rubbish in the classroom – count recycling bins)
    • 12. Ask students simple questions like what would you do if you see rubbish on the floor ( put in the bin etc) – asking people verbally to see if people’s attitude have changed
    There are many possible ways in which we could measure the success of our campaign, but the above 12 are ideas needs to be shortlisted due to the time factor! <br />One of the disadvantages of giving out a questionnaire is that is a waste of paper and some people may not want to spend their break or lunchtime filling out a questionnaire and etc<br />As a group we have shortlisted that we are going to choose to video and voice record method to measure the success of our campaign. This is because this would be an effective way of presenting evidence as we will be interviewing teachers and staff and you can get live feedback from them! <br />