Global Business Issue - Halal Kelantan


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Global Business Issue - Halal Kelantan

  4. 4. Introduction Islamic Affairs Department of Kelantan (JAHEAIK) is responsible for issuing the Certificate and Halal Logo to local food products and consumables Muslims, food premises and slaughter houses after fulfilling the requirements determined. Production Certificate and Halal logo is subject to compliance with the Malaysia Standard (MS) 1500:2004-Halal Food Production, Handling and Storage - General Guidelines (First Revision) and the Malaysian Halal Certification Procedure issued by JAKIM. Halal certification Category: 1. Food and Beverages 2. Food and drink premises 3. Slaughter houseSource:
  5. 5. Eligible Applicant Applicants who are eligible to apply for Halal Certification are as follows: a. Producers, Product Manufacturers (Producer / Manufacturer). b. Distributor / Vendor (Distributor / Trader); c. Manufacturer of sub-contracts (Sub-contract Manufacturer); d. Packaging Operators back (repacking); e. Food Premises (Food Premise), and f. House Slaughterhouse (Abattoir / Slaughter House). Halal Certification Applicants for the market at a national level and internationally should apply directly to JAKIM. Halal Certification Applicants for the local market should be applied directly to the Department of Islamic Affairs of Kelantan.Source:
  6. 6. Condition for Applicant  A - Company Producer / Slaughter house / Food Premises 1. Companies must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. 2. Have a valid operating license from the Authority Local. 3. Have at least two Muslim employees at the production. 4. Producer / manufacturer / company should produce halal products only. 5. Has a certificate of credentials slaughter and checker. 6. Not sell alcoholic beverages or illegal things for food premises.  B - Product 1. Product is not forbidden by Islam. 2. Products manufactured in Malaysia. 3. The products must involve the processing activities. 4. Additional Product nutrients need to get approval letter of National Drug Control Authority, Ministry of Health Malaysia first. 5. Non-drugs / products categorized as a product pharmaceuticals by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.  For those who wish to apply for Halal Certification JAHEAIK, application may be made ​in the download (Download) application form through the website OR Complete the form manually, which is available at the address follows: (Halal Management Unit) Research Division Islamic Affairs Department of Kelantan (JAHEAIK) Darulnaim Islamic Complex, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Tel: 09-7443633  Fax: 09-7446685
  7. 7. Documentation Documents to be submitted with the application form as follows: 1. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation certified. 2. A copy of the operating license of Local Authorities confirmed. 3. Copies of the financial statements of the previous year. 4. Copy of identity card of 2 (two) of workers are Muslims Malaysian citizen and a letter of appointment as an employee company. 5. Copies of the halal certification for the ingredients used (if applicable). 6. Copies of import permits for animal-based raw materials imported. 7. Copy of letter of approval from the Drug Control authorities National Ministry of Health for health products / health food. 8. Map location of manufacturing facilities (Location-map). 9. Sample label that will be certified halal products.Source:
  8. 8. Certification Fee the applicant is for the 1 Certification fees charged to year. This fee is charged for each application and each renewal.  Applicant Form: RM 1  Processing Fee:  Consumer Good [RM135 for Kelantan Market , RM165 for Around Malaysia Market]  Food Premise[RM135]  Slaughtering House[RM135]  Other fee:  Halal Certificate: RM2  Halal Logo: RM8
  9. 9. Terms of using Halal Certification & Logo Halal Certificate and Halal Logo can not be traded and transferable or revised content. Use of Halal Certification is still subject to all laws or regulations adopted in this country. Any change to the name of the company, factory premises and address, brand name products, ingredients, suppliers and anything related thereto, shall be notified to the Director, Department of Islamic Affairs in writing of the State or information and necessary action. Certificate holder is responsible for any misuse or abuse of the certificate, subject to the law force. In the event of loss or damage to the certificate must be notified in writing immediately to the Director, Department of Islamic Affairs Kelantan State. Halal Certification can be revoked or terminated validity period at any time after they found illegal “Guidelines "which has been set or there is the matter or manner dubious handling of Islamic law. All owners of Halal Certification is valid for a particular product or premises only use Halal (as found in the certificate applicable) in respect of goods or premises. Halal Certification of origin must be displayed. Use of the logo should be accompanied by a reference number.
  10. 10. Certification Renewal The application should be made 3 month prior to the certification expiration together with all the form and complete documentation.
  11. 11. Kelantan Halal CertificationDirectory More
  12. 12. Halal Certified Hotel/Resort
  13. 13. Halal Hub/PARK/FOOD PARK Pasir Mas Halal Park [ECERDC] Tok Bali Halal Hab [ECERDC] Pengkalan Chepa Halal Food Park [PKINK]
  14. 14. The Differences Halal Hub ; < 405 Hectare Halal Park; < 40.5 Hectare Halal Food Park; < 4.1 Hectare
  15. 15. Pasir Mas Halal Hub
  16. 16. PASIR MAS HALAL HUB Located at Gual Tambun, Mukim Apam, Pasir Mas, Kelantan 43.4 Hectare Value: RM 63.16 Mill. Develop by ECERDC 1st phase: land work & infrastructure [ RM 36. 4 Mill], complete in 31 january 2012 Focus on halal food product & non food product Fully operated in 2013(Berita Harian, 9 Nov. 2010)
  17. 17. Tok Bali Halal Hub
  18. 18.  Center for Marine Fisheries with 75% of the total fish landings and the development of industry and fisheries product. Integrated Fishery Park – Fish processing
  19. 19. Pengkalan Chepa Halal Food Park
  20. 20.  Located at Pengkalan Chepa Industrial Park 2 acre of land Develop by PKINK Focus on halal food manufacturing; Frozen food
  21. 21. FIN