Live Panel: Appium Core Committers Answer Your Questions


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To celebrate the recent launch of version 1.0 earlier this month, join us for a panel discussion with Appium's Chief Architect Jonathan Lipps, Core Appium Contributor Matthew Edwards, and Appium creator Dan Cuellar.

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Live Panel: Appium Core Committers Answer Your Questions

  1. 1. mobile automation made awesome @AppiumDevs | @saucelabs Live Panel / Core Committers Q&A 5/29/2014
  2. 2. Necessity is the mother of invention
  3. 3. The Problem • Mistakes in iOS applications are expensive • You have to live with bugs until the App Store has approved the build with your fixes •best case a couple of days • Testing mobile phones is physically exhausting • These things are designed to be used all day •tiny keyboards •tiny screens
  4. 4. Developing a Solution • Why can’t we automate it, like we do with websites? • Instruments UIAutomation has issues • must be programmed in javascript • must be run in a sandbox (no access to outside world) • control is scripted and non-realtime
  5. 5. The Solution • use shell command method to talk to the outside word • with friends like /bin/cat and python you can do anything • run commands using eval() • make a real-time server • repurpose the JSON wire protocol
  6. 6. Assembling supporters
  7. 7. Building Support • April 2012 • Appium (called iOSAuto at the time) was demoed as an SeConf 2012 Lightning talk • November 2012 • Jason Huggins jumps in and helps rewrite the code for the Mobile Test Summit • January 2013 • Open Source project begins, Android support is added
  8. 8. Gaining Traction • June 2013 • Appium is presented at SeConf 2013 alongside Selendroid, iOSDriver and others • Result: Selenium project endorses freedom of choice • May 2013 • Appium 1.0
  9. 9. World domination
  10. 10. Lessons Learned • If at first you don’t succeed, rewrite the entire codebase and try again • The most awesome thing will win • With a strong community, there’s going to be someone who can solve that problem that you find impossible
  11. 11. appium 1.0 and beyond
  12. 12. The road to 1.0 • 16 months of hard work • Starting code and community from scratch • Many conferences and road trips to spread the word • Amazing help from community contributors large and small • Surpassing all expectations and getting the attention of the world • OSS Rookie of the Year, anyone?
  13. 13. What’s new • Stability • New client libraries • New, more sensible desired caps • New Xpath support • Android hybrid support • New, more sensible locator strategies • MultiAction gesture API • New docs/tutorials
  14. 14. What’s new • Companies large and small adopting Appium • (Who says it’s not “battle-tested”?) • appium-discuss list blowing up • Moving to a new solution soon • More and more community members contributing code • Demand for support outpacing what a few of us can handle
  15. 15. What’s next • Major focus on doc/tutorial content---need to make things easier for beginners and mobile novices • Bugfixes • More tests and a CI to run testsuite on every commit, for improved quality and fewer regressions • Systematizing project management, prioritizing new directions for Appium • Efforts to engage the community (you!) to pitch in and make Appium better, and to help support each other better
  16. 16. Recording of Live Panel with Core Appium Contributors Link: eview/lsr.php?RCID=f6852510974c4cfe9fac26 53445fb5c2
  17. 17. @AppiumDevs | @saucelabs Q&A!