Business Intelligence Priorities, Products and Services required in Enterprise


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Salient BI concepts, popular products, typical services required to create a robust information management strategy in an organization. The document also talks about the various components of a BI environment present in an organization

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Business Intelligence Priorities, Products and Services required in Enterprise

  1. 1. Aspects of Enterprise BI Technochimes
  2. 2. Contents • BI – What, Why and Who • Components of BI • Various Products • Typical Services
  3. 3. What is Business Intelligence (Analytics) A set of tools, technologies, theories, methodologies, procedures to transform raw data (usually from operational applications) into meaningful and useful information for business purposes (decision making, statutory reporting) BI leads to: o fact-based decision making o “single version of the truth”
  4. 4. Information – the most valuable asset While CIOs are aware that effective information management results in faster decision-making, most organizations struggle with their initiatives around data governance, data integration, data quality, master data management and data virtualization. Effective usage of tools and processes with availability of right services can help organizations derive great benefits from its most valuable asset
  5. 5. Benefits of Information Mgmt. Consolidating and propagating accurate master data can o reduce operational costs, o increase supply chain and selling efficiencies, o improve customer loyalty, and o support sound corporate governance. Priorities like business analytics, business applications, and Big Data, will not reach their full potential without top-notch information management that integrates business and IT efforts
  6. 6. It’s about users Top Execs Need latest information on mobile device Need to be more responsive to future business trends Operations I need to know the impact of the latest campaign on our brand via social media? Marketing Need to understand activity and channels Sales Finance Need financial performance monitoring and management
  7. 7. This is a report (=query)
  8. 8. This is a dashboard (=multiple queries)
  9. 9. Business Intelligence Conceptual Framework Source Systems ETL System DW System Reporting System
  10. 10. Products – ETL & BI Data Integration BI and Analytics Source: Gartner MQ
  11. 11. Advent of Data Discovery / Visual Analytics Tools Vocal, demanding and influential business users are increasingly driving BI purchasing decisions, most often choosing easier to use data discovery tools Source: Gartner MQ
  12. 12. Data Discovery Tools • Can work directly on source systems • Typically have many native business connectors to applications and databases • Can also query data warehouses and OLAP cubes and create dashboards from collection of sources on the fly Empowering end users reducing dependence on IT
  13. 13. Source Systems ETL - DQ Repositories Identify Sources and Manage Metadata ETL and Data Quality To Load clean data to MDM or DW Provide information to other applications including dash- boarding, reporting and analytics Identify Sources Get and Clean Publish Consumer Applications Data Management Services
  14. 14. Get Data Sources o Information Governance Strategy o Identify source systems , destination systems o Information usage needs o Data types, update quality o Identify Sources, data types o Identify fields, strengths and weakness of data sources o Identify source metadata and map them to common business / technical metadata o Identify fields which are important for analysis and in line with Information Objectives o Identify transformation requirements o Manage metadata – business and technical Strategy Source Systems Sources ETL Source Know your data Destination Fields
  15. 15. Clean and upload o Extraction from source systems o Standardizations- keep updating lookup tables o Transformations o Defining of jobs, scheduling them and ensuring execution o Iterative cleaning and analysis of data o Definition of standardization routines o Update Lookup tables ETL Data Quality ETL Reposi tories Clean ETL - DQ Consistent single version of information creation in MDM or Data warehouse / Data- mart
  16. 16. Data Modeling, BI and Analytics o Define Data models for ETL destinations o Define dimensions and hierarchies o OLAP and fact table sources for reporting o MDM models o Make all information available for ad hoc reporting or visual analytics o Design reports and dashboards o Design interfaces for Information Services o Predictive analytics – propensity of an event happening based on previous data o Data mining / text mining for keyword densities and analysis Data Models Reporting Repositories Information Consumers Publish Define and Maintain Information Services Analytical Services
  17. 17. Services Framework Source System - Identification - Mapping - Business Metadata Creation and Standardization ETL and DQ -ETL Jobs -Data Quality -Standardizations -Transformations DW/MDM System -Data Models -Schemas -Metadata Management Data Services -Definition -Standardization -Maintenance Reporting -Report Definition Predictive Analytics -Statistical Model -Forecasting and Prediction Information Management Strategy & Architecture
  18. 18. Technochimes Offers • Best of breed technologies for client’s particular needs • Services around information management for information strategy, data quality, data integration, technologies, reporting and analytics
  19. 19. Tools and Capabilities Area Products/Skills ETL Data Quality DW/OLAP/MDM Reporting Visual Analytics Predictive Analytics
  20. 20. BI / Analytics – Experience Wheel Custom Applications – development & Modernization Predictive Analytics BI / Dash- boarding and Visual Analytics 1. US based product company – product development 2. Application modernization in a large manufacturing company 3. Application Re-architecture and SOA based modernization in a power generation company 1. Clients across US, EMEA, SEA 2. Clients across Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Retail, Mobile manufacturer, tobacco, life insurance and other verticals 3. Risk modeling, Demand Forecasting, Customer experience assessment an d many other application areas 1. Multiple projects in large European telecom company 2. Solutions in Manufacturing companies 3. Data Management for a global leader in the mapping and location intelligence business.
  21. 21. About Technochimes ( Technochimes is an enterprise technology services company focussed on Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud( SMAC). • Technology Solutioning Experience o 30 years of experience between founders in companies like IBM, HP, TCS, Cognizant, PwC etc in areas of Technology consulting, Solution Architecture and IT solution development. • Client and Partnerships o Working relationships with organisations like IBM, Netapp, Qlikview, SAP, etc • Domain Understanding o Experience across Govt, Telecom,Banking,Manufacturing, Retail and Healthcare verticals • Technochimes is part of Bizight Solutions – a technology marketing company focused on digital marketing and enterprise technology services
  22. 22. Getting Started • Free Assessment • Roadmap / Architecture / Business Case • If already decided: Tools evaluation, Demonstration, POC For Further Information please contact Saubhik Mandal M: +919810288668