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  1. 1. ORIGIN DGH was established through a Government Resolution on 8th April 1993 after approval of Cabinet.
  4. 4. VISION
  5. 5. FINANCE DGH is funded through OIDB grants.
  6. 6. FUNCTION & RESPONSIBILITIES • • • • • • • • • • Advisory Functions to Government. Acreages P S C. Data Acquisition. Processing. Interpretation. Visualisation. Drilling activities. Petro-physical Activities. Reservoir Monitioring, & Other Activities.
  7. 7. E & P ACREAGES • DGH’s responsibility in Indian E&P acreages. • India’s Sedimentary area . { 3.14=1.35 + 1.79 } • Active petroleum Exploration Licenses. • Under Mining Lease.
  8. 8. Production sharing contracts(PSC) Following activities are being carried out in PSC :• Review of work Programme and budget. • Facilitating of statutory and other clearances. • Management Committee Meetings. • Assignment of Participating Interest. • Other PSC related issues as and when arise.
  9. 9. Data Acquisition  Objective : Surveys undertaken by DGH :{total area of 2 million sq kms , 84% is in offshore and 16% in onland.}  Satellite gravity surveys- 1.642 million sq. kms. (82%).  Geochemical surveys  Shallow offshore geochemical surveys  Integrated geophysical surveys,  Aero-magnetic surveys.
  10. 10. SURVEY TOOLS
  11. 11. Processing • Seismic Data Processing Center. • It consists of Sun V880 server, running on Sun Solaries operating system. • Used for : Seismic Data Management,  Data preparation for NELP rounds,  giving training to Graduate Trainees and  for some special Reprocessing for value addition:under Basin Integration Project.
  12. 12. Interpretation
  13. 13. Visualisation • Commissioning of the Virtual reality Center in April 2008. – “walking through” a 3D representation of underground rock structures. • Interpreters can scan multi-attribute/ multivolume seismic, well and cultural data, and reservoir models. • To facilitate :• review of development plans, locations and related G&G aspects. • aid the team of Geoscientists.
  14. 14. Drilling activities • Monitoring of Drilling activities in Onland and Offshore wells of NELP Pre-NELP blocks/fields. • To prepare various data related to rigs and wells. • Evaluation of drilling work programmes and budgets for all blocks and fields. • Evaluation of all EC applications related to drilling wells, rigs,OSVS etc. • Estimation of cost of unfinished drilling work programme of operators. • Technical scrutiny of all matters related to drilling/workover activities.
  15. 15. Petrophysical activities Involved in Independent analysis of wells in blocks under NELP,PRE NELP,Producing Field and nomination acreages with National Oil Companies. The broad activities are as follows: • Quality control checks and evaluation of well logs for estimation of thickness, porosity, saturation and identification of fluid contacts to establish reservoir limit & properties of fluid type. • Evaluate production logs recorded in producing fields to monitor the reservoir health. • Estimation of logging cost for unfinished work program of operators.
  16. 16. Reservoir monitoring • Evaluation of initial testing in a new discovery of hydrocarbons. • Evaluation of initial development plans and proposal for additional development plans. • Review of annual work program of PSC’s related to reservoir activities. • To ensure sound Reservoir management practices . • Monitoring the performance of EOR schemes under implementation. • Framing of long term production profiles of new NELP blocks. • Other miscellaneous activities.
  17. 17. Other activities • Assisting Government in formulation of Hydrocarbon related revenue policies. • NELP & CBM Bidding. • Economic evaluation of – Development Plans – Commerciality of discoveries • Review of :Annual Accounts Cost recovery
  18. 18. NATIONAL CO-OPERATIONS At the national level, DGH has embarked on the following : •Upgrade and modify the earth science curriculum to cater to the increasing needs and demands of the E & P industry. •Three brainstorming sessions. • 5 National Working Committees have been formed. •Various projects at National level have been initiated through various Institutions
  19. 19. INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION At the International level DGH has signed MOU with Alberta Research Council of Canada Energy Resource & Development Unit of Department of Trade & Industries of UK Norwegian Petroleum Directorate of Norway Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development of China University of Aberdeen of UK Imperial College of London UK Department of Industry & Resources of Australia Japan Oil, Gas & Metals National Corporation of Japan The Korea Institute of geology, mining and materials Republic of Korea United States Geological Survey United States Department of Energy
  20. 20. Environment & Safety • Need to minimize adverse effect on the environment. • DGH ensures all mitigating efforts for protection of environment. • The PSC stipulates for protection of the environment under its Article 14.
  21. 21. Enforcement of the following by the contractor: • Contractor shall conduct its Petroleum operations with respect to protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources. • Employ modern oilfield and industry practices and standards including advanced techniques of operation for the prevention of environmental damage in conducting its petroleum operations. • Adequate compensation for injury to persons or damage to property caused by the effect of petroleum operations. • Comply with the requirements of applicable laws and the reasonable requirements of the government from time to time.
  22. 22. Enforcement of the following by the contractor: • • DGH coordinates with MOEF, CPCB and other concerned organizations on environmental issues and also assists MOP&NG on such matters. Environmental Impact Assessment studies: Hazards • Major Oil & Chemical spillage • Routine or Accidental discharges of waste • Blow - outs / Explosion • Flaring of Gases • Improper disposal of Effluents generated • Land subsidence & Wetland Losses
  23. 23. Legal Advisory : • Legal opinion on the issues referred to legal section in connection with various activities being undertaken by DGH. • Vetting of Contracts and (MOU). • Drafting of correspondence with contractors in connection with various issues being raised by contractors under PSC’s. • Legal vetting of Bank Guarantees, Amendments to PSC’s etc.