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A simple document throwing insights into building of affiliate networks and marketing.

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Affiliate network

  2. 2. Recruiting Publishers OVER VI EW
  3. 3.  We can classify the Web into FourRecruiting types of publishers on size,Publishers content and traffic  A : Content Driven Big Sites like Indiatimes with more than 5 million traffic a month, and comscore presence, and its own ad sales team.  B: E-commerce Sites like Jabong, Yatra etc. Who will not publish ads but have decent trafficOverview  C: Smaller sites with Alexa ranking and open to publishing. Eg deals, PR  D: Microsites open to publishing but without alexa ranking
  4. 4.  Each of these Websites need aRecruiting different team and strategy ofPublishers approach  A type can be both a customer and a Publisher and needs dedicated personnel.  B type can be a customer, and if approached with a good proposition, be a publisher. More on this approach in later slides.Overview  C & D type Are good for Publishing but need different kinds of resources and focus.
  5. 5.  The easiest parallel to this wouldRecruiting be if you are a bank wherePublishers  Type A companies are Huge companies which bank with you, and add to your cash flow, but you also want their employees to have a savings account with you to add to your cash reserve.  Type B would be companies which bank with you, but don’t have enough employees. So you want to give out loans to them to expand and earn moneyOverview  Type C & D are the masses with low income but HUGE numbers and you want them to open savings account with you.
  6. 6.  TYPE A Publishers will followRecruiting an 80-20 rule, where 20%Publishers publishers can bring in 80% of traffic. This can be relatively easy to manage with  Dedicated High profile sales team to target and convert them.  A dedicated point of contact and account manager for better service.Targeting  Closer focus and metrics drivenTYPE A approach to optimize performance.  Timely payments  Closer collaboration and strategizing
  7. 7.  TYPE B Publishers will followRecruiting TYPE B in every aspect except ofPublishers acquisition and servicing. The only point of difference will be how to attract them, which is because of below issues  E-commerce websites dont want to be seen as needy by showing advertisements.  They are more customer centric and control over the type of content, hence theTargeting customer experience remains a major issues.TYPE B :  They sometimes pay for traffic and don’tIssues want to send out a potential customer which may never come back.
  8. 8.  TYPE B Publishers : 3 SolutionsRecruiting  Target Small and upcoming e-commercePublishers websites. 50% today’s big sites once had Google adwords  Target with Specific impression based non competing brands, which add value to the page or generate sales. Jabong will not mind a banner of levis on its jeans pages, and levis can do with some extra branding and get more sales from jabong.TargetingTYPE B : 3  Chase publishing on selective pages of theSolutions site. For instance out of stock pages which any ways were going to bounce off a customer can now earn from the bounce
  9. 9. Strategy to find and list smaller publishers
  10. 10.  TYPE C & D Publishers :  Separate and larger Team to research andStrategy to acquire these publishers than earlier ones.find and  Relatively lower effort required inlist smaller maintaining them than acquiring them.publishers  Will require search tools and methodology, for searching, approaching and profiling Discussed in Detail Ahead.Overview  Cookie cutter Legal terms, self servicedTYPE C & D platform.  Manpower intensive
  11. 11.  Leads from Backlink analysis of competitorsStrategy to  750 links running a tyroo banner ad can befind and seen here on google by an exact keywordlist smaller search.publishers "<img src="" Similar participants can be found for other ad networks and convertedStrategy :Backlink  Lead generation by An Analysis ofAnalysis backlinks from clients’ Competition using Sites like
  12. 12.  Leads from Backlink analysis of competitorsStrategy tofind and  Leads on small websites using linklist smaller building tools like Link Prospector and paid services like Majestic SEOpublishers  Tools for back link analysis  Leads can be researched before approaching, via alexa, comscore,Strategy : compete, quantcast.Backlink  GoogleAnalysis  “SEO for Firefox” addon
  13. 13.  Google Search : Keyword search on competitors already discussed above, here are additional ways toStrategy to search better using Operatorsfind and Using allinanchor: operator for relevantlist smaller  sites. For instance I can use allinanchor:”feedburner” to find blogspublishers widely read enough to have created an atom feed  Using wildcards like “*”. For instance searching for “Become * sponsor”/”Sponsor * Site” search I canStrategy : find sites looking for a sponsor usingGoogle strings like  Become a sponsor  Become this site’s sponsor  Sponsor this site etc.
  14. 14.  Google Search : continuedStrategy to  Searching for Footprints: Footprints are Small signatures used byfind and software and widgets to promotelist smaller themselves. So if I am looking to add forums all I need to do is search for apublishers footprint like “powered by PhPbb”  Search operators like  Linkdomain:  Similar:  InUrl:Strategy :  allinURL:Google  Intext:  Search Filters on location and dates to find regional and active sites
  15. 15.  Google Search : Manual Spider processStrategy tofind and  Find top rated keyword for clientlist smaller  Find the top search result(TSR) for thepublishers keywords.  Do a Backlink analysis on top links.  Approach and convert the Back linking sites.Strategy :  Search Filters on location and dates to find regional and active sites.Google  Combine search operators to find sites open to transact.
  16. 16.  Marketing : To create a pull amongst publishersStrategy to  Direct Marketing on Online forums tofind and people with websites and blogs.list smaller  Offer a small cash reward for signing up, payable with the first payment.publishers  Allow out payments for smaller amounts.  Roping in Super Affiliates who own smaller networks, or create referral feesStrategy :Marketing  Third Party Mailers with relevant sites  Advertise with Freelancers on job portals and portals like Elance
  17. 17.  Manual Search : Directories, forums, listsStrategy to  Target directory listings on yahoofind and directories and DMOZlist smaller  Check out lists of similar sites on a particular subject or blogs to generate highpublishers quality leads  Forums around Link exchange and advertisement publishersStrategy :  Use own clients as publishersManual  Reach out people on social media likesearch linkedin, Digg, Pinterest etc. who are interested in CPC, CPM activities
  18. 18. Strategy : Create a Publisher PUB L I S H YOUR S EL F ON AC O MPA N Y OW N ED MI C R O S I TEW I TH HI G H S EA R C H R A N K I N G
  19. 19.  The exercise of publishing yourself on a company owned micro siteStrategy to might seem a bit over the top, butfind and with present .IN domain rates, tools and Sites constantly shutting down,list smaller its possible and benefitialpublishers  Benefits by keeping the earnings in- house  Faster turnaround times and greater control on outcomeStrategy :  Lower Cost over timePublishYourself  Impervious to competition
  20. 20.  Buy a domain on .IN TLD for 2 USD  Solving ContentStrategy to  Buy the content of site going bust, or close to expiryfind and  Create in house content, namely a lot oflist smaller lists, YouTube embedded playlists. Anpublishers employee with 10k salary can generate 75 articles in a month @ 133 rs per article.  Outsource content writing. A hundred word original article can be had for 100Strategy : rupees or GV’sPublish  Costs can be brought down byYourself Spinchimp
  21. 21.  Solving Indexing and traffic  Create a viral video on YouTube toStrategy to generate traffic and backlinks! Check out Googles chrome campaign of “sponsoredfind and posts”list smaller  Do some link building on forums that allow DoFollow tagspublishers  A single conversion from any of these micro sites can make it free.  Cost of SEO , link building and other efforts are spread over a number ofStrategy : assetsPublish  Easier to come up as top result onYourself google  Extremely low cost of under 30 USD
  22. 22.  was recently penalized by Google for creatingStrategy to undeclared affiliates by giving outfind and vouchers worth 10 USD to studentslist smaller and facultiespublishers  Overstock was looking for links from EDU and GOV TLD’s  Such Affiliates can be created if declared.Strategy : A  Such affiliates can be created byCase Study joining upcoming websites looking for customers and our own micro sites looking for backlinks.
  24. 24. Creating Sustainable Networks -Satyarth Priyedarshi
  25. 25.  A healthy and optimized publisher network can give higher returns even with lower numbers. It starts with thinking of a Publisher as a business partner and helping him succeed. This is good for our reputation andCreating helps generate more business viaSustainable word of mouth and redirects.Networks  Building a network with wide subject matter spread and TG. This ensures that we will also be able to service a wide variety of clients with pointed reach.KeepingNetwork  Holding conferences, Meets forHealthy publishers, once business grows to a sizeable amount, and using this platform to attract more publishers.
  26. 26.  Constantly monitor metrics and work closely to optimize existing publishers to ensure we get more out of less.Creating  Constant feedback to publishers overSustainable their performance as well as oursNetworks keeps focus as well as gives the publisher a chance to better himself.  Essential checks like sites with Bad neighborhoods or sites with historyKeeping of cookie stuffing, drive byNetwork downloads or Black Hat Tactics,Healthy details like site expiry, etc to be taken into account when signing on to the network
  27. 27.  Keeping in touch : As the network Expands, it becomes difficult to keep up, and therefore a simple policy like calling each associate at least once a month, helps. This is one of the smallest and often most neglected things.Creating  Helping partner succeed : If anSustainable associate agrees to say a 3 year tie-up,Networks we can help him optimize his site, and share learning. This way we help an associate become better and in turn get more business.  Respect: More relationships areCreating broken over behavior than anythingBusiness else. It’s essential to inculcate Humility,Partners Politeness, mutual respect and empathy as cultural values which helps overcome the Geographical span as well as cultural differences that come up.
  28. 28.  Communication : The most essential part in a team dynamics is communication and setting up expectations. If targets are well defined, explained and supported with reason, they will be achieved. A moreCreating collaborative approach than top downSustainable approachNetworks  Training : Highlighting good practices and weeding out bad ones helps all. Nothing beats a good training and exchange sessions. Mistakes and learning if exchanged on a regular basisTeam grow the performance 10 folds  Culture: A transparent culture that helps growth, exploration, ingenuity while allowing a little room for making mistakes is always good for the morale
  29. 29. Thank You! I have tried to incorporate as many interesting elements as possible. But if I have missed out onany aspect which was required, do write back and I will incorporate it here!! -Satyarth Priyedarshi