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  • 1. I am in love with Satya Paul sareesFor Maherin Rahman (above left), it was love at first sight. Eight years ago, she fell in love withSatya Paul sarees. Since then, she has been a steadfast customer of the label. Recently, shecelebrated her 16th wedding anniversary donning the same Satya Paul saree which her mother hadclad on her 38th anniversary. We talk to this elegant lady on the occasion of Mother’s Day.Q. Maherin, you and your mother look incredible and uncannily similar. The color of your saree isin sync with your mothers’ saree. Does it have a story behind it?A: It was a winter wonderland theme party so we are both wearing cool colors.Q. How did your mother react when she saw you in this saree?A: My mother was overjoyed, because it was actually her saree. She wore it on her 38thanniversary and I wanted to wear her saree on my special day (16th anniversary).
  • 2. Q. You must have been lauded profusely, what was the best compliment you received that day?A. I think the one that flattered me most was when somebody said I looked like model. Q. You told us that you have many Satya Paul sarees, we would love to know your Satya Paulstory.A: Well, I first learned about Satya Paul about 8 years ago, and it was love at first sight. I don’thave a first ‘one’ because I bought two sarees together and followed them by many more. Ibelieve they are great investment as you can wear them in any occasion and they never goes out ofstyle. And amazing new collections comes out every season. So, it doesn’t get boring either.Seriously, who else can think of Tartan, la vien rose, or tarot inspired sarees?Q. Do you have any favorite Satya Paul saree?A: Actually, all Satya Paul sarees that I own are my prized possessions, and I can’t pick a favorite.They are all so beautiful. How can I pick just one?Q. Since Mother’s Day is on the horizon, have you planned anything special for the occasion?A: Yes, coincidentally I have bought a Satya Paul for my mom.