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  1. 1. “My mother-in-law lavishes me with Satya Paul saree”It is supposed to be the most tricky relation of all – that of a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. But not always! Meet Azra Shaikh, whose benevolent mother-in-law seamlessly moldedin the role of a mother, albeit with a little help from Satya Paul. Azra’s mother-in-law giftedher first Satya Paul saree. In fact, the beautiful saree that Azra is donning in the picture is alsoa gift from her thoughtful mother-in-law who had astutely chosen the hue and design for her.Don’t we wish we all had such mother-in-law?Azra talks to us on the occasion of Mother’s Day, and reminisces about her cherished SatyaPaul.Q. It’s a lovely picture of three generations. Tell us more about it.A. I absolutely adore this particular photograph. It was taken four years ago in Austin, Texas,during the celebration of Eid. The picture includes me, my mother-in-law and my daughter,Anam.
  2. 2. Q. How did your mother-in-law react when she saw you in this saree?A. My mother-in-law absolutely loved the saree on me. She actually brought it for me fromBangladesh as an Eid present. She thought the color would compliment my complexion andshe claimed that I wrapped it elegantly.Q. Tell us your first Satya Paul saree story?A. Coincidentally, it was my mother-in-law who gave me my first Satya Paul saree, which Irecall wearing to one of my cousin’s mehndi celebration. My mother taught me how to wrapa saree, but in our family, a girl wears saree only after marriage. So, I wore my first sareeabout one week after I was married, at the age of 25! After my marriage, I moved toBangladesh, where saree is the official dress of all women, of all ages. That is where Iactually perfected the art of draping a saree with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s help.Q. So, saree must be your staple outfit now?A. Yes. Now that I am married to a Bengali, I have lots of gorgeous sarees of differentvarieties and materials. I probably have at least five Satya Paul sarees which I love and haveworn several times on many occasions- big and small, including American weddings.Q. Did you experiment with saree during your childhood?A. I remember taking a dupatta (long scarf) and wrapping it around like a saree when I wasvery little. I also remember dressing up in a saree with my cousins in India when we wereabout 12 years old. It was so much fun!Q. Have you gifted a Satya Paul saree to your mother?A. Last year, I gifted a Satya Paul saree to my mother; she was gung ho about it. It is elegantenough to wear to a formal occasion, yet casual enough to wear to a smaller party.Q. Would you like to see your daughters in saree?A. I would love to. I hope that I will be able to save this saree and all of my sarees for my twodaughters, Anam and Armeena. I can’t wait to pass along this beautiful and eleganttradition. I was born in the US, but my Indian heritage follows me everywhere.