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Student Work Flow System
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Student Work Flow System


This project aims to manage students attendance and other management in colleges. …

This project aims to manage students attendance and other management in colleges.

It is online web application using higher end open source technologies.

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. Student Work Flow SystemProject Report On“Student Work Flow System”Paavai Engineering College,Pachal,NH-7 Road,Namakkal,TNSubmitted BySatyanarayana Mekala074501612043Guided ByMrs. Annapoorani ,Staff in MCA,Paavai Engineering College.Mr .Subhash E.PHead - Technical Training at TechV.
  • 2. ABSTRACTABSTRACTThis is Online Web application for supporting EducationalInstitutions.Student Work is maintained by staff through this applicationin 24x7 supportReports can be generated for finding student feat andPerformance in each and every semester.Staff Manage Student Attendance, Exams and Leaveinformation on daily basis
  • 3. OBJECTIVEOBJECTIVEThis project aims at manage the student and staff personal and Educationalinformation .It maintains the student Attendance details and allow to view studentAttendance reports in Student Webpage.It maintains the student Exam and Leave details and allow to view studentExam and Leave reports in Student Webpage.Staff is analyze student feat in each and every Semester by using reportsgenerated for student performance.
  • 4. EXISTING SYSTEMEXISTING SYSTEMNot User Friendly: The existing system is not user friendlybecause the retrieval of data is very slow and data is notmaintained efficiently. Difficulty in report generating: We require more calculations togenerate the report so it is generated at the end of the session. Manual control: All calculations to generate report is donemanually so there is greater chance of errors. Lots of paperwork: Existing system requires lot of paper work.Loss of even a single register/record led to difficult situationbecause all the papers are needed to generate the reports. Time consuming: Every work is done manually so we cannotgenerate report in the middle of the session or as per therequirement because it is very time consuming.
  • 5. Proposed System:Proposed System:Easy of use.Manage and Track Staff/Students data at ease.Query student and staff details List to any depthReporting in more comprehensive wayUser Accounts to control the access and maintain securityMulti-level Priorities & Severities.Robust database back-end.Reduce the manual errors.Maintain daily and Semester wise student performance reports.Provide leave request form in application for student facilitates
  • 6. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTSHARDWARE REQUIREMENTSServer Side:Operating System : WINDOWS Processor : Pentium 3.0 GHz or higherRAM : 1 GB or more Hard Drive : 80GB or moreClient side:Operating System : Windows or LINUX.Processor : Pentium IVor 2.5 GHz orhigher.RAM : 512 Mb or more
  • 7. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTSSOFTWARE REQUIREMENTSClient on Intranet : Web Browser, Operating SystemWeb Server : TOMCAT, Operating System (any)Data Base Server : MySQL, Operating System (any)Development End : JSP, Java, Servlets, HTML,MySQL, OS (Windows),Web Server (Apache Tomcat 5.5)Report Tool : Jasper Report 3.0.
  • 8. PROJECT DESCRIPTION:PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Student work flow system is designed for managingstudent information in a efficient way.This supports management of both student attendance andexam details for recounting student feat.This project is aimed at developing a Student Work Flow System(SWFS) for the Evaluating Student Performance in the college.This is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout thecampus.This system can be used to store student details, Attendance details andExam details.It shows the Student performance and student –staff relationship graphs.
  • 9. MODULES:MODULES:Following are the modules of the Student work Flow System,Admin ModuleAttendance ModuleExams ModuleLeave ModuleReport Module
  • 10. This admin module contains following sub modules Staff Login Staff registration Student Login Student RegistrationADMIN MODULEATTENDANCE MODULE: Day wise Attendance Subject wise Attendance
  • 13. DATABASE TABLESDATABASE TABLESThe database tables used are, Role Table. Login Table. College Table. Student Table. Staff Table.Attendance TableExam TableLeave Table
  • 14. Testing performed for this project are, Unit Testing. Integration Testing. User Interface Testing. Validation Testing.TESTINGTESTING
  • 15. SAMPLE TEST CASESSAMPLE TEST CASESS.NO TEST CASE EXPECTEDRESULTSACTUALRESULTSERROR1 Enter LoginnameSuccessfullyenteredAs Expected No2 Enter Password SuccessfullyenteredAs Expected NoLogin ProcessS.NO TEST CASE EXPECTEDRESULTSACTUALRESULTSERROR1 Enter the roll no SuccessfullysavedAs Expected No2 Enter the details SuccessfullysavedAs Expected No3 AssignpermissionsSuccessfullysavedAs Expected NoRegistration Process
  • 16. SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATIONSYSTEM IMPLEMENTATIONThis stage involves, Hardware and Software acquisition. Educating end users. A record of the detailed specification including procedures for end userand operating personnel is documented.
  • 17. Sample Screen shotsSample Screen shotsLogin page
  • 18. Staff webpage
  • 19. College Details page
  • 20. Attendance Entry Detail Entry Page
  • 21. Exam Marks Entry Page
  • 22. Attendance Report page
  • 23. Overall Sem1 Atten Report in Pdf format
  • 24. Overall Sem1 Atten Report in HTML format
  • 25. CONCLUSIONCONCLUSIONThe Student work Flow System is developed using Java and open sourcesfully meets the objectives of the system which it has been developed.The system has reached a steady state where all bugs have beeneliminated.The system solves the problem. It was intended to solve asrequirement specificationThe system is operated at a high level of efficiency and all the teachersand user associated with the system understands its advantage.
  • 26. FUTURE ENHANCEMENTSFUTURE ENHANCEMENTS This system being web-based and it facilitates differenttypes staff works. Security constraints can be enhanced further. The project can further be extended to integration with the ConfigurationManagement and Project planning.
  • 27. Thank YouThank You