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Text Analytics


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Explore how text analytics can help you make sense of freely ava

Explore how text analytics can help you make sense of freely ava

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1.
    • Transform Text into Knowledge
    Text Analytics Satyajit Gupte [email_address]
  • 2. Ecommerce Merchant Risk Analysis
    • Crawl ecommerce merchant websites and extract key features .
    • Calculate risk score based on probability of occurrence of features for a particular class.
    • Identify ecommerce sites selling prohibited items.
    • Real-time monitoring to safe-guard reputation risk, stay within laws.
      • Risk categories:
      • Online Gambling
      • Prescription Drugs
      • Pornography
      • Tobacco
      • Racism
      • Weapons, etc
  • 3. Voice of Customer
    • Aggregate and Analyze customer feedback.
    • Identify and track changes in sentiment.
    • Topic Analysis.
    • Aggregate user content across Sources.
      • Sources:
      • Call center transcripts, Emails,
      • Communities, Review sites, Twitter, Forums, blogs, SMS, RSS feeds,
      • Web forms.
  • 4. Content Recommendation Engine
    • Understand key attributes of any type of content.
    • Content could be products, articles, PDFs, emails, advertising, etc.
    • Explicit attributes: product features, author, topic tags.
    • Implicit attributes: taste, intent, target customer age, demography etc .
    • Suggest similar content by matching extracted attributes.
    Recommend related products Recommend similar content
  • 5. Entity Miner
    • Identify Entity Names from unstructured text.
    • Semantically tag text for intelligent search, visualization, and analysis.
    • Identify people, companies, cities, brand names, concepts, etc.
    • Transform free-form documents into actionable information.
    Unstructured Text Key Entities
  • 6. Market Research Engine
    • Distributed crawlers to Track Social Media in Real Time.
    • Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Review forums.
    • Analyze Product, brand sentiment.
    • Identify key influencers, discover new leads.
    • Understand Emerging trends.
    • Measure Campaign Effectiveness.
    Reactions after the launch of iPad
  • 7. Competitive Intelligence
    • Focused crawlers on competitor’s websites.
    • Scrape competitor's product catalog, pricing information.
    • Track prices of key items to analyze pricing strategy.
    • Usability analysis of competitor’s website.
    • React quickly to new product launches, set optimum price on your products.
    Compare Prices, Identify new Launches Focused Crawlers Scorecard
  • 8. Intranet Talk Monitor
    • Monitor employee conversations on internal messenger, chat services.
    • Filter unwanted conversations before they are published.
    • React in real time to leak of confidential information.
    • Identify key positive and negative influencers in your organization.
    • Nip HR problems in the bud.
    Know what your Employees Speak Text Analytics
  • 9. Contextual Advertising
    • Extract topic, key phrases, target demographics from web pages.
    • Find best matches from inventory of advertisements.
    • Display text and banner advertisements on the right page on the right website.
    Relevant ads More clicks on ads Targeted visitors
  • 10. Investment Research Engine
    • Automatically search the internet and download financial/corporate reports.
    • Extract key figures like consolidated revenue, net profit, reserves, surplus etc
    • Crawl financial news sites to monitor updates about the target company
    Qualitative & Quantitative analysis Annual report Live stock feed Financial news feed