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  • 1.
  • 2. Agenda
    • 18.00 hours:
      • Who’s who?
      • From Candidate to Alumnus
    • 19.00 hours:
      • Networking with eachother & Alumni
    • 19.30 hours:
      • Dinner
  • 3. Prince Albert Fund
    • Management Committee
    • Jury’s
    • Vera Billen, secretary of PAF
      • Tel 0032 - (0)2 5490249
    • Pascale Van Durme, communication & companies
      • Tel 0032 – (0)497 053 952
    • Catherine Masui, assistant
      • Tel 0032 - (0)2 5490265
        • [email_address]
    Who we are …
  • 4. Participants 2009 Who you are … Stijn Verdickt Kim Vancauwenberghe Sophie Van Orden Sophie Van Driessche Miguel Van Damme Jonathan Roelandts Pieter Pyck Sean Monbaliu Thomas Leclercq Harold Delloye Maarten Declercq Cedric de Vicq Martin de Beco Tom Zhiyi Chen Andy Arnoys
  • 5. What is PAF …
  • 6. Mission
    • The Prince Albert Fund helps talented Belgian professionals
    • acquire experience in conducting international projects by
    • offering financial support for a 12-month project abroad
    • through a company established or headquartered in
    • Belgium.
    • To fulfil its mission, the Fund gives grants to selected young
    • Belgian professionals.
    • Each year, the Fund thus supports (up to 20) participants through
    • a grant. The grant of 22.000 € covers the equivalent of a one-year
    • salary.
    What is PAF …
  • 7. History
    • Created in 1984 by VBO-FEB and by the KBF on the occasion of the 50th birthday of H.R.H. Prince Albert, the Fund commemorates the persistent effort of the Prince of Liège to promote Belgian exports.
    • Since its creation, the Fund has supported over 250 young Belgian professionals and helped over 120 Belgian companies promote their products and services abroad.
    • 2009 is the 25th Anniversary of the Prince Albert Fund.
    What is PAF …
  • 8. Programme
    • The participant joins a 12-month programme that covers
    • the following:
    • one day programme on inter-cultural aspect & getting to know each other (by CIMIC);
    • (maximum) one month of preparation of the participant in the host company in Belgium;
    • (at least) 11 months of work experience abroad (outside of Western Europe) to carry out the project (or part of it) for the host company.
    What you get …
  • 9. Ethias insurance
    • Keep this contact with you all the time
    • Contract number for PAF
    • Call them each time when needed!
    What you get …
  • 10. Basic rules
    • We need your exact and latest contacts (tel, fax, e-mail, bank account, address)
    • PAF information distributed today and documents distributed later, are to be used. Take them with you! Don’t leave these behind in Belgium!
    • All information will be communicated to the group in English, by e-mail
    • “ Participant” become “ Laureate ” (and Alumnus) only after the official approval by the management committee and the official ceremony
    Your tasks …
  • 11. To do in 2009
    • Submit Project proposal to PAF.
    • You have to arrange visa & travel documents yourself (certificates available). No panic, start on time. Attention USA & China!
    • Important dates:
    • Saturday May 16 th : 1 day inter-cultural management course by Cimic-Mechelen in Brussels, KBF office, with obligation to attend
    • Saturday August 29 th : Invitation for 25th Anniversary with Alumni in Brussels
    • December 14 th : Final date for submission.
    Your tasks …
  • 12. The ideal project
      • must entrust the participant with enough decision making power and freedom of action to foster entrepreneurship;
      • must enable him or her to explore and work out new strategies for the host company;
      • can include such tasks as launching a foreign subsidiary, looking for foreign business partners, negotiating export contracts, or carrying out market studies before launching new products
    • you have to contact companies (list or own choice), make your choice (use PowerPoint presentation & brochures)
    • support of coach is crucial
    • ask Alumni for advise , use this network, it’s important for you!
    • You will get out of it, what you put in it; so go for the project rather than the destination
    • agreement by PAF is needed!
    • For “Project proposals” see separate spreadsheet
    Your tasks …
  • 13. To do in 2010
    • Nice to give feedback during internship to PAF
    • Write report about your PAF programme. (Use available format).
    • Send pictures for publication
    • Attend the feedback session at Cimic-Mechelen in 2011
    • Attend the official ceremony in Brussels in 2011 (receive title of ‘Laureate’)
    Your tasks …
  • 14. To do forever ….
    • Join the network of Alumni
    • Promote PAF to new candidates
    • And return to PAF what you got out of it (joining alumni organisation committee, participating in organisation of events, launching new initiatives, etc.)
    Your tasks …
  • 15. Q&A
    • A document that provides you with all necessary information regarding: legal status, insurance, tax, tijdskrediet/crédit temps, …
    • Read it, use it, keep it!
  • 16. Enjoy & Good luck!