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  1. 1. HEARTMATH ® $23.00 U.S. SYSTEM NEW EDITION HIDDEN The HIDDEN THE In this HeartMath Series classic Sara Paddison POWER THE HEART Power takes you through an amazing journey of self- discovery that will touch your life with an insightful and inspirational message grounded in new science and common-sense practicality. OF The For centuries philosophers, poets, writers and spiritual leaders have revered the heart as a Heart source of wisdom, power and love. Through Sara’s deep desire to find balance and security, she found the great thinkers were right and OF also that a new intelligence resides within the heart. An intelligence that is intuitive, com- prehensive and dimensional in nature. Her D I S COV E R I N G journey has led to a new understanding of AN UNLIMITED SOURCE holographic awareness, the dimensional shift, Of INTELLIGENCE DNA blueprints and keys to creating a life full of rewarding relationships and experiences. In a warm, friendly style that speaks to you like a good friend, Sara shares her personal story of overcoming insecurity and fear whilePaddison offering hope and motivation. Beautifully written, The Hidden Power of the Heart Sara opens the door for expanded possibilities into a new frontier of self-mastery and a quality life available to everyone right Now. Sara Paddison
  2. 2. The HIDDEN Power OF The Heart“What Sara Paddison has done is to develop a universaltruth in an entirely new way...a beacon to those who re-ally want to transform their own lives and influence thosearound them. This book should be required reading.” —Vernon H. Mark, M.D., Director Emeritus of Boston City Hospital, author of Brain Power“...access the intuitive intelligence of your heart so youcan be who you really are and live life to your fullestpotential. The hidden power of the heart is what finallyunravels the real meaning of life and unfolds your pur-pose in a practical way.” —Common Ground“...a book truly making a positive difference in the world.[It] gives us tools to communicate straight from the heart,as we experience love for ourselves and our neighborsand create peace in our lives.” —Danielle Marie, author of Straight from the Heart, Cofounder of Point of Power Center
  3. 3. NEW EDITION The HIDDENPower OF TheHeart DI S COV E RI N GAN U N LI M I TE D S O URC E Of I N TE LLI G E N C E Sara Paddison PLANETARY ® Publishers of the HeartMath System BOULDER CREEK, CA
  4. 4. Copyright © 1993, 1998 by Planetary PublicationsAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or trans-mitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,including photocopying, recording, or by any information storageand retrieval system without permission in writing from the pub-lisher. Published in the United States of America by: Planetary Publications P.O. Box 66, Boulder Creek, California 95006 (800) 372-3100 (831) 338-2161 Fax (831) 338-9861 info@planetarypub.com http://www.planetarypub.comManufactured in the United States of America by BookCraftersFirst Edition September 1992Second Edition September 1998CUT-THRU®, FREEZE-FRAME®, HeartMath®, Heart Lock-In® and Intui-Technology® are registered trademarks of the Institute of HeartMath.Excerpts reprinted from Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.,Copyright 1988 Bear & Co., P.O. Drawer 2860, Santa Fe, NM 87504Jacket design by Abacus Graphics, Oceanside, CALibrary of Congress Cataloging-In-Publication DataPaddison, Sara, 1953- The hidden power of the heart : discovering an unlimited sourceof intelligence / Sara Paddison. -- New ed. p. cm. Includes index. ISBN 1-879052-43-1 1. Stress (Psychology)--Prevention. 2. Self-actualization(Psychology) I. Title.BF575.S75P236 1998158.1--dc21 98-33702 CIP 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  5. 5. Table of ContentsAuthor’s Preface ............................................................... vi1. The Hidden Power of the Heart ............................... 12. The Heart .................................................................... 133. The Head .................................................................... 354. Stress: The Social Disease ........................................ 505. Higher and Lower Heart Frequencies ................... 636. The Dimensional Shift .............................................. 757. Heart Power Tools .................................................... 928. Tools for Rapid Self-Adjustment .......................... 1029. Speak Your Truth: Honest Communication ...... 12110. Releasing Judgments .............................................. 12611. Inner Security: Your Key to Self-Esteem ............ 13312. Uncovering Compassion ........................................ 13513. The Power of Surrender ......................................... 15314. God’s Creation ......................................................... 15915. Holographic Awareness ......................................... 16716. DNA Blueprints ....................................................... 19917. Return to Family Values ........................................ 20518. Deep Heart Listening ............................................. 21719. Forgiveness .............................................................. 22420. The Magnetics of Appreciation ............................. 23121. Care or Overcare? ................................................... 23722. Death: A New Frontier .......................................... 24623. Balance: Faster than Light ..................................... 26324. The Mind/Brain ...................................................... 27625. Fulfillment ................................................................ 289Index ............................................................................... 300
  6. 6. The Hidden Power of the Heart Introduction I have appreciated knowing and working closelywith Sara Paddison for over ten years. Sara is one of themost loving and caring people I’ve ever met, and editingThe Hidden Power of the Heart was one of the most refresh-ing, informative and enjoyable experiences of my life.Sara’s sincerity of heart is expressed so deeply in herwriting that, as a reader, you feel like you are talkingwith a good and trusted friend. Throughout the book youare provided warmth, sparkle and intelligent informa-tion for issues you may be contemplating. Sara’s story ofstress and struggle before HeartMath® is a story sharedby many people. What’s different is that the practicalHeartMath tools she offers to activate the power and in-telligence of your heart to end the stress and struggle reallydo work! All you have to do is use them. Having been a serious spiritual seeker myself forover twenty-five years and an author of several bookson meditation and awareness, I was surprised at howfast these simple tools took me to new levels of percep-tion and intelligence. The irony was that these toolsseemed too simple to be that effective. After pondering vi
  7. 7. Introduction & Authors Prefacethis awhile, I realized that new intelligence is what’sneeded to transform people’s lives and that any tools todevelop this intelligence better be simple. In today’s ex-tremely busy world, people need simple tools they caneasily use to unite mind and heart if, as a species, we areto ever achieve peace and understanding. Sara’s descriptions of the different dimensions ofintelligence, of the holographic nature of reality, and ofthe hopeful blueprint of our planet, are especially excit-ing. They open doors for the reader into perceiving yourown holographic blueprint. I now find learning to con-sciously co-create with the holographic nature of life tobe the most fulfilling and productive of experiences. Asyou sincerely practice the tools given in this book, youawaken to this dimension of life. Many self-help and contemplative disciplines speakof love and the heart. But few provide an explanation ofwhat the heart really is, how to harness its power andintelligence, or provide deliberate techniques on how tolove while in the midst of work pressures, discipliningkids or driving in rush hour traffic. The Hidden Power ofthe Heart offers all of these. It teaches you how to sensethe heart as a repository of guiding signals that lead tonew behaviors of balance and unconditional love. It helpsyou discriminate the difference between lower and higherheart frequencies in yourself, then guides you step-bystep into higher heart frequencies as the path to fulfill-ment and living in higher dimensions of intelligence. One vii
  8. 8. The Hidden Power of the Heartreviewer called this, “a revolutionary approach to a morefulfilling way of being.” The Hidden Power of the Heart is the most loved ofthe HeartMath books. Over 20,000 copies of the first edi-tion are in homes across the world. People’s lives havebeen deeply touched by the transformative power of itscontent. With very little promotion or advertising, thebook’s popularity spread by word of mouth. Many menand women have written to say how their whole way ofthinking has been changed by its information. Othershave commented on how life-changing and confirmingSara’s insights were to them. Still others said that throughpracticing the tools, they were able to perceive for them-selves more of a universal plan that really exists, and isaccessible to anyone who learns to love effectively. Whenit was time to update the book with important new re-search that confirms what Sara is saying, the publisherdecided to also give the book a new look and feel andbring it out in hardback. As a psychologist, it is my belief that it’s going totake the type of user-friendly intelligence and tools foundin The Hidden Power of the Heart along with hands-on train-ing to help masses of people self-empower, see how tobalance their lives and succeed where they haven’t beenable to. Most are just trying to survive, having given uphope of achieving their larger goals or dreams of fulfillment. Recently I watched the classic movie Titanic. I expe-rienced the entire audience bond in some mysterious wayin the love and tragedy depicted in this film. At one poi- viii
  9. 9. Introduction & Authors Prefacegnant moment toward the end, when Rose lets go ofJack’s hand and Jack’s body slips into the icy sea, I real-ized that most people’s dreams of fulfillment includeromance, unending love and great days. Yet in real life,that kind of love is usually here today and gone tomor-row. Sara’s message is that fulfillment in love can befound within one’s own heart. But that love has to be com-pleted within oneself first so you become free. Then lovewith another is an “add-on”—not a “depend-on.” Sara’spowerful story and the tools in her book show you how. Accessing the power of love has profound implica-tions for each one of us, our relationships and our globalfuture. The emergence of scientific discoveries about theheart and the intelligence it contains is challenging pre-vious academic thinking, while confirming people’scommon-sense intuitive knowing. Isn’t that interesting!New research on the role the heart plays in love, intelli-gence and learning offers hope for all of us and it’ssimpler than we thought. We can now create happier,healthier, more balanced lives—personally and profes-sionally—in the families and organizations in which welive. Yes, it does require a little practice, but so does ev-erything. It’s worth it. Enjoy! Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., 1998Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., is Executive Vice President and ChiefOperations Officer of HeartMath LLC, author of five books, edi-torial consultant to Planetary Publications, and member of theInstitute of HeartMath’s Scientific Advisory Board and Physicsof Humanity Council. ix
  10. 10. The Hidden Power of the Heart Author’s Preface Since I first wrote The Hidden Power of the Heart in1993, I have watched the world become more open andembracing of the idea that the heart is much more thanjust a physical organ or poetic metaphor for sentimentand emotion. With globalization and stress increasingrapidly, people are waking up and looking to their heartsfor help. Many are finding that their heart contains newdepths of intuitive feeling, intelligence and power thatcan be harnessed to help fulfill their potential as humanbeings. From CEOs to scientists to police officers tohousewives, more people are talking about the heart andrecognizing that we have to develop our hearts as wellas our heads to secure the health and future of our society. Much has happened since the first edition of TheHidden Power of the Heart was published. I am nowPresident of the Institute of HeartMath, a nonprofiteducational and research organization founded by DocChildre in 1991. The Institute’s breakthrough researchon the heart has been published in many peer-reviewedscientific journals, including the prestigious American x
  11. 11. Introduction & Authors PrefaceJournal of Cardiology. HeartMath tools for awakening heartintelligence have been taught in thousands of seminarsand training programs throughout the world. HeartMathtechnology has been taught to individuals in Fortune 500companies, in classrooms from preschool to graduateschool, in churches and synagogues, and in all fourbranches of the US military. And there is a newHeartMath Wellness Center that specializes in non-invasive approaches to heart disease and other stress-related disorders. Doc is now President and CEO ofHeartMath LLC, a for-profit training and consultingcompany dedicated to the globalization of HeartMathtechnology and to making these inner tools for self-empowerment, balance and freedom available to as manypeople on our planet as possible. Many ask me how HeartMath got started. Docbrought together a group of friends and associates ofdiverse educational, professional and culturalbackgrounds from the fields of business, education,psychology, engineering, physics, math, communication,music, and art—to develop and prove out withinourselves a system of energy-efficiency and self-empowerment Doc called HeartMath. Much of what Iwill share with you in this book I discovered whileworking and growing side-by-side with these friends atthe Institute. They are extremely dedicated and lovingpeople. The Institute’s mission from the beginning was toreduce stress in the world by helping people develop self- xi
  12. 12. The Hidden Power of the Heartmanagement and self-empowerment through a deeperunderstanding of “heart intelligence.” As the Doc says,“This system is designed to dissipate stress on contactrather than allow it to accumulate. And it works if youwork with it. It doesn’t take long to get results.” In today’sworld, with increasing stress, depression, anger, roadrage, heart disease and other stress-related disordersimpacting us, learning self-management and emotionalbalance becomes increasingly important. More than fortyof us working at the Institute proved out the power andeffectiveness of this system before offering it to others.Thank you, Doc, for providing a step-by-step, nuts andbolts method of energy-efficiency in the human systemthat shows how the Heart Empowerment® of YOU—mentally, emotionally and physically—develops newintelligence and accelerates human evolution. In this new edition, I update readers on excitingscientific research done at the Institute on DNA and theheart, and on studies showing the physiological andpsychological effectiveness of the HeartMath tools Idescribe. This new research has substantiated many ofmy intuitive perceptions and experiences of the heart. Ithink the information presented in this new edition willhelp validate many of readers’ own experiences andintuitive knowing as well. This book is a story up to acertain point in my life. Since that time, I have continuedto use the tools and have continued to growtremendously. These tools don’t stop. They keepawakening new heart intelligence as you use them. xii
  13. 13. Introduction & Authors Preface The Hidden Power of the Heart is a description of howI went from inner rags to riches and how my lifeappreciated in value. I went from 90% okay days and10% good days to 10% good days and 90% great days.Your heart intelligence activates magnetics that serve youand teach you how to experience deeper levels of love,care and understanding of people. You make contact withyour own heart power within. It’s a system of you andyourself. Earlier in my life I was lonely, withdrawn, frightenedof my own shadow. Once, while in college, I tried tocommit suicide. I was confused, as so many young peopleare today. But I was a survivor in life, always knowingthere was an answer somewhere. I grew up on militarybases and my family was always moving from one baseto another. Each move was like a different movie that Ihad to jump into. I’d be one place and be real popular.Then we’d move to another place and the kids at schoolwere so different I’d be really shy and keep to myself.Trying to be accepted was a big deal to me. I had to keepreadjusting to a lot of changes in life. I kept wondering,why was life like this? What was I doing here? In artschool, I found peace and family. I loved art, but thepeople were even more important to me. I graduated fromEast Carolina University with a Bachelor of Fine Artsdegree and also took many courses in psychology. I cameto realize that life is about caring for people. That becamemy ambition. My real credentials for writing this bookare that I practiced and practiced truly loving and caring. xiii
  14. 14. The Hidden Power of the Heart Like many people who grew up in the ’60s, I wasaffected by the spirit of that decade. When PresidentKennedy was shot, I remember exactly where I was inthe school yard and the looks on everyone’s faces. Timeseemed to have stopped as the entire nation went intoshock. The love that people had for him was an eye-opener for me. I remembered the words he is mostfamous for, “Ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country.” The idealism andopenness of the ’60s gave my generation a surge of hope.A seed was planted that has been dormant until recently.Now in the ’90s, many of my generation are seeing thatour dreams weren’t idealistic. They (and we) just neededtime to mature. People are re-awakening to what weglimpsed back then: that love and care for people is whatit’s all about. And the time to actualize real love and careis now! Having been brought up in the military, I wasalways acutely aware that they are the caretakers ofAmerica. I appreciate the discipline, dedication andservice they give our country. Now all of us need to becaretakers of ourselves, our communities and our world. Wouldn’t the next template for worldunderstanding have to be, “One world, under God, withliberty and justice for all?” To achieve this, won’t therehave to be something that touches the hearts of peopleand awakens the human spirit? There is such amagnificent energy or force deep inside people’s hearts.It is my hope that each and every person has a chance toexperience their real heart power—so that they have a xiv
  15. 15. Introduction & Authors Prefacefair choice to love and care or not. It’s toward that purposethat I dedicate this book. I want to thank the many readers who have writtento say how much The Hidden Power of the Heart touchedtheir hearts and made a difference in their lives. Thankyou also to Debbie Rozman, Bruce Cryer and WendyRickert, the editors from HeartMath, and others like DickFreed, Joseph Sundram, Robert Massy, and TomBeckman who were involved in the creation of this book.Thank you for your experiences and examples I used.Hopefully, your practical understanding of the “commonsense” of the heart can add to the quality of people’s livesin this stressful world. Thank you to my parents for bringing me into thisworld and being responsible for me until I knew how.Thank you to my two sisters for being my friends growingup. Thank you to my former husband, Al Paddison, aco-worker at the Institute who went through my earlyyears of growth with me. Thank you to my son, Christian,for adding a sparkle to my life. And thanks to everyonein life with whom I have shared a moment in time. All ofyou have become part of my holographic reality. Pollster George H. Gallup Jr., once said, “I’ve alwayswanted to see surveys that probe beneath the surface oflife.” So he conducted surveys and found, “The deeperone goes, the more open one becomes.” Thank you toDoc, for helping me to go deeper, for your love and care,for facilitating my inner awakening, for showing me howto understand the people business and for being a true xv
  16. 16. The Hidden Power of the Heartfriend in learning how to balance it all. And deep thanksto God, for this incredible Divine Plan you are unfoldingfor all humanity. My universal self would like to say thank you inthe way Ken Carey did in his book Vision. Thank youto: “Holy Mother, Truth: all matter is her body, theEarth is her eye.” Thank you to: “Holy Father, Love:the stars are his flesh, Spirit is his I.” I did wake up ina wonderful reality to my surprise—as one creatingmy reality with God. Sara Paddison xvi
  17. 17. The Hidden Power of the Heart Chapter 1 The Hidden Power of the Heart What is the “hidden power of the heart”? A mag-nificent energy or force? Deep inside, people hope thereis a hidden power like that—a power that could changetheir lives. But, to many in this stressful world, the ideaof a hidden power is remote, like a faraway dream fromanother time. To others it seems like an unrealistic fan-tasy. Nevertheless, the possibility is intriguing. Why?People have an intuitive sense, like a homing device orinner antenna, that’s curious about the possibility of ahidden power. About sixteen years ago, my heart stirred. I’d justfinished college and felt a yearning for a deeper under-standing of life—like a core feeling in the center of mychest. But it didn’t seem to be physical. I knew it was myheart. “But what is this heart I’m feeling?” I asked my- 1
  18. 18. The Hidden Power of the Heartself. It was a kaleidoscope of feelings: hope and despair,love and fear, swirling around within my heart. It feltlike the center of my being. I wanted to understand whatmy heart was saying to me, “What is this heart that canstir me? What is the human heart really?” These questions started me on a journey that hasbrought much fulfillment and wonder into my life. I’veexperienced an awesome adventure that’s taken me intothe deep recesses of my heart and opened doors I neverknew existed. I discovered the hidden power within myown heart. If this sounds like a faraway dream or fairytale, I understand. That’s how I might have thought aboutit before my journey began. In the languages of the world, there are countlessreferences to the feelings of the heart. Over the years, Icame to realize these feelings contain within them apower to seek, to understand, to do. Step by step in thisbook, you and I will unravel an understanding of thisuntapped source of energy in you, me and every indi-vidual. We will look at its implications for the entirehuman race. Heart power is simply the electricity of your innerstrength and potential. It’s what gives you the self-moti-vated ability to manifest and complete your goals—toempower yourself and achieve balance and fulfillment evenin today’s increasingly stressful world. Uncovering thishidden power is a personal process of understandinghow it works and understanding yourself. 2
  19. 19. The Hidden Power of the HeartHow Power Works To me, the word “power” means a source of energyand a capacity for action. I see it as both a faculty—likethe power of thinking—and as spirit. To many, powercan be frightening—like someone or something havingcontrol over you. Let’s take the example of money as power. Moneyis a potent form of energy that seems to have a control-ling influence of its own. If someone unexpectedlyhanded me a thousand dollars, that money would havethe power to give me a feeling of elation at that moment.If it were a million dollars, I would experience a tremen-dous feeling and a greater sense of power. The powerthat money brings really comes from a person’s identifi-cation with both a feeling and a perception associatedwith the “frequency band” of energy called money. So what’s a frequency band? A frequency is an elec-tromagnetic wave, a line of energy that has its own rateof vibration or oscillation. Most people know Einsteindiscovered the mathematical equation and fundamentallaw of physics, E= mc2, which proved that all things inthe universe are forms of energy that move or vibrate ontheir own wavelengths. Einstein’s simple scientific in-sights have had a profound impact on the world. Theyhave given us television, satellite communication and theatomic bomb. They gave us electron microscopes, lasers,the microwave and many other conveniences. Our physi-cal lives changed dramatically because of this discovery. 3
  20. 20. The Hidden Power of the HeartWhat about our mental and emotional lives? Are not ourthoughts and feelings frequencies also?The Frequencies of Thoughts and Feelings Since everything is made of energy, this means thatyour thoughts and feelings are frequencies too. So, natu-rally, scientists began to measure the frequencies of thebrain. They found that in different states of thought andfeeling, people produced what scientists call alpha, beta,theta or delta brain wave frequencies. So, it’s not money that has power. We give it power(energy) through our thoughts and feelings about money.After all, the dollar is just a piece of green paper. It’s thecombinations of thoughts and feelings that form the val-ues of our society and make up our perspective aboutmoney. Money buys food, clothes, a roof over our headsand other essentials. It also buys many comforts in life.But, what price do we pay for money? Our global atti-tude towards money keeps millions enslaved to theirdesire to have more and more of it. It has become one of the most coveted commoditiesof life. You could say that giving power to money is one“frequency perspective” of a collective global view aboutmoney. But within the global view are conflicting per-spectives on who should get the money, how it shouldbe used, who should be taxed, and how much. There istremendous dissension in the world today over money.And that’s just one cause of conflict. Our thoughts andfeelings about our ethnic origin, our religion, national 4
  21. 21. The Hidden Power of the Heartborders, and rights as people, form frequency perspec-tives that clash with the views of others. Conflictingfrequency perspectives between people and nations areresponsible for much of the discord in the world, includ-ing the raging ethnic wars in Yugoslavia today, theongoing Catholic/Protestant war in Northern Ireland,and the powder keg of racial violence in the U.S. More understanding of frequencies is filtering intothe mass consciousness. You may have heard this com-mon remark, “I just can’t communicate with him. We’reon different wavelengths (different frequencies).” Talk-ing in terms of energy frequencies could sound like aforeign language, but it offers a new way of understand-ing and perceiving life. Once you understand thatthoughts and feelings are really different frequencies ofenergy, then it makes sense to know which frequenciesadd to your power and fulfillment and which drain you.It is your power. You are the one who decides. Con-sciously—or unconsciously out of mechanical habits ofthought—you determine where your power is going.How you direct your power is your responsibility. We all have choice in our thoughts and feelings, andin how we use our energies. We can choose our own fre-quencies. As you understand this, you realize you aren’tjust a victim of this stressed-out world. Sure, the stressand circumstances around you are also energies that af-fect you, but you have a choice in how you react to them.And you have more power in your heart to manage yourreactions than you probably know. You can achieve bal- 5
  22. 22. The Hidden Power of the Heartance and fulfillment even amidst all the stress and fast-paced changes of today’s world. After the financial turmoil and Wall Street scandalsof the ’80s, many people realized that money doesn’t buypeace, happiness and security, at least not in a completeway, not in a complete range or band of frequencies. Moneycan create a feeling of security in one isolated frequencyonly. It’s a false sense of security because it’s not com-plete. And when something creates a false sense ofsecurity, it also creates a sense of fear. With unemploy-ment high and statistics showing more people living inpoverty than at any time since President Lyndon Johnsondeclared “war on poverty,” many people are asking,“What would happen if my money was gone?” For mostpeople, that’s a frightening thought. If your focused at-tention is on money as your security, then your securitywould be lost. That’s the price we pay for making moneyour security. There are great fears about survival and tre-mendous stresses in the world today. It’s no wonder.Money as a source of power has created a false securityin millions of people. When you understand how to be responsible foryour thoughts and actions, you become empowered tomake choices that lead to balance and fulfillment. Thenyou can build a complete frequency band of security withinyourself. Self-empowerment is a step-by-step process thatstarts with self-understanding. It involves recognizingthe inner power available to you and discovering how todirect your frequencies in ways that benefit you. It’s like 6
  23. 23. The Hidden Power of the Heartan inner mathematical equation: “When I have this atti-tude, that will be the result; a + b = c.” It’s streetsensemath. Your thoughts and feelings form your attitudesand your know-how to cope with life. As you understandyour mental and emotional patterns and habits, you willsee where you lose energy, where you drain away yourinner power and create fear, anxiety and insecurity withinyourself. And you will also learn where your energy as-sets are, where you are building inner security and powerthat is not dependent on externals—on money, people,or events in life. For the past fifteen years, I have researched, in-depth, the nature of the heart and self-empowerment withforty associates and friends at the Institute of HeartMath,founded by Doc Childre. Everything we’ve learned,we’ve applied to our own lives. The results have beenwhat people would call miraculous. We discoveredwhich perspectives are empowering and lead to balanceand fulfillment and which are depleting and lead to stress.We created wonderful, fulfilling and relatively stress-freelives, regardless of job circumstances, family back-grounds or the world situation. Having proved how itcan be done in our own lives, we wanted to share ourunderstanding with others. The HeartMath system is theresult: A step-by-step method that anyone can apply toachieve balance and fulfillment. This system has had adramatic, positive impact on the lives of many individu-als, families and businesses. As you practice HeartMath,you unfold the hidden power of your heart in a regen- 7
  24. 24. The Hidden Power of the Hearterative manner. You plug your physical, emotional ormental energy leaks as you go. Then you don’t run outof gas before you find your fulfillment. What type of power can change the stress-produc-ing attitudes and perspectives of this world? Commonsense would tell us that a power stronger than our ha-bitual thoughts and feelings would be required. Ourresearch at the Institute found that power to reside withinthe heart. It’s a hidden power that operates in a higherrange of frequency bands than the mind. In differentwords, religions and native cultures have talked for agesabout a higher power within. But why has this powerbeen so hidden, so mystical? Why has it eluded us as asociety? And why is the heart so often dismissed asmerely sentimental or poetic? Perhaps the heart is justdisguised with simplicity. Is it really possible, you may wonder, that there is ahidden power of the heart so magnificent, so potent, sointelligent, so available, that it can help even you achievebalance and have fulfillment in life? At the Institute whatwe proved in our lives is that everyone has this powerwithin. The heart is the conduit for this power of fulfill-ment. It is the place of contact for your source of power.The Power Source Most people refer to their source of power as God.Some don’t use the word God, calling it the Light, a Di-vine Force, Spirit, Higher Power, etc. All are referring tosomething past what ordinary human thoughts and feel- 8
  25. 25. The Hidden Power of the Heartings can understand. While many feel we live in a God-less society today, a society without much hope and inwhich spiritual and family values have declined, a ma-jority of people still believe in God. A 1985 national public opinion poll for US News &World Report showed that 90% of Americans believe inGod. A more recent Gallup & Castelli poll put the figureat 94%. The poll also found that 90% pray, and 80% be-lieve God still works miracles today. So, people believethere is an answer somewhere to today’s woes. They be-lieve, they hope and they are looking for help. To the majority of the world, God is associated withMoses, Christ, Buddha, Krishna or Mohammed. All ofthese great teachers gave guidelines to help people findGod. They taught different doctrines, but each spokeabout the heart. Whatever your religion or cherished be-lief, the heart is the access point in the human system forexperiencing God. It’s also the place inside where youexperience communion with Jesus, Buddha, Krishna andyour fellow human beings. All people have a heart, regardless of their mentalabilities, nationality, race or religion. All people wantlove. If there is one thing that great teachers down theages have asked of people, it is that we love each other. Ifwe really did, would society be in the stress mess it’s intoday? Would there still be so many religious divisionsand wars or so much racial, ethnic and personal strife? We are always being reminded of the importanceof love. Psychologists, educators, scientists, atheists, and 9
  26. 26. The Hidden Power of the Heartpeople from all walks of life acknowledge the need forlove. Our songs proclaim that love makes the world goround. There are 15,000 books in print in the United Statesalone on the subject of love. Yet, do people feel loved?Do you? I had to ask myself if I really felt loved. When Icouldn’t totally answer, “yes,” I became determined tofind out what love really is. This book is about my dis-coveries.Love The hidden power of the heart is love. Love is the corefrequency or energy with which God created all. Mostpeople intuitively know this. Whoever or whatever Godis, most people agree that God is Love, and believe thatGod was directly involved in the creation process. ThatHigher Power and intelligence gave each one of us a sparkof God, of love within, to unfold, develop and become.How can we verify this? It is through managing our men-tal, emotional and physical energies from the heart thatwe can connect with this higher power and intelligence. Each religion offers prescriptions for love and howto achieve balance and fulfillment—peace on Earth. TheBible says: “He that loveth not, knoweth not God; God islove,” (1 John 4:7-8) and “If we love one another, Goddwells in us and His love is perfected in us.” (1 John 4:12.)The ancient Hindu bible, the Bhagavad Gita, says, “TheLord resides in the hearts of all beings,” and “I am theGod of Love.” When there’s too much stress in your mind and emo- 10
  27. 27. The Hidden Power of the Hearttions, it’s hard to feel love, the hidden power in yourheart. People marry for love, but statistics show half ofthe marriages end in divorce. Of these divorced families,70% have children, and over 50% of these children feelresponsible for the divorce, feel unloved and rejected byat least one parent. Children who don’t feel loved havedevelopmental problems and mental/emotional imbal-ances. Many teenagers who take drugs say they feelunloved, hopeless and alone. Something seems to havegone wrong with love. Or, perhaps the real power of lovehas gotten buried beneath the stress of daily life and it’stime to really find it. Most people have never known how to self-activatethe frequency of love within their hearts and keep it go-ing. Many don’t even realize this is possible. People lookfor love everywhere outside themselves, but where dowe feel love? We feel it in our hearts. We don’t say, “Ilove you with all my head.” We say, “I love you with allmy heart.” We go to our hearts when we want to expressour love. When love uplifts the mind or embraces us insex, that feeling can be traced to a warmth, an energy inthe heart. So what are the frequencies of the heart thatradiate from love? We asked ourselves this question atthe Institute and set out to discover what those frequen-cies actually are. It’s natural for people to discover some of thispower of the heart in times of crisis—such as after thedeath of a child, rejection by a loved one, or when webottom out in pain, anguish and despair. When there is 11
  28. 28. The Hidden Power of the Heartno other place to turn, people do go to their own heartsand comfort themselves the best they can. Throughprayer, meditation, a walk on the beach, we try to get incontact with our deeper self, an inner wisdom to give ussome release. We listen for a still, small voice inside, avoice of intuition or spirit. We try to tap into the highestsource of intellect that we can find in ourselves to stimu-late our understanding ability. This effort to go deepwithin the heart for an answer has been known to helppeople change their perspective and outlook on life. Sowhat is this inner heart? And, how can we contact thismagnificent force within? Read on. 12
  29. 29. The Heart Chapter 2 The Heart When I first met the people who would later formthe Institute of HeartMath, I was impressed by their sin-cerity, commitment and openness. Still, all the discussionswe had about the heart and head, about God and theuniverse, seemed like scattered pieces in a giant jigsawpuzzle. How did it all fit together? Different religionsand spiritual paths attempt to help people put the piecestogether to a degree. We studied many of them along theway, and I kept looking for examples of people who hadput their puzzle together, who enjoyed balance and ful-fillment in their lives. They seemed few and far between. At times, I questioned whether the heart my friendsand I were talking about really did exist or was a prod-uct of the imagination. What was behind the expressions,“follow your heart,” “get to the heart of the matter,” “heplays with a lot of heart,” or “go deep into your heart tofind the answer”? Were they figures of speech or did theymean something more? Was there some reservoir of theheart that was common to all people, yet unexplored? 13
  30. 30. The Hidden Power of the Heart All I really knew about the heart was that it had thepower to stir deep feelings inside that moved me to wantto understand life, experience love deeply and care forothers. One evening, back when I was still in college, aman I’d dated a few times asked me what God was. Outof my mouth popped, “God is love.” That surprised me,but in my heart I knew it was true. There was an innerknowingness, a feeling of confirmation and peace that Ifelt in my heart.Imagination As I learned more about the heart, I also discoveredmore about what was imaginary and what was real. I’dmajored in pottery in college, with a minor in design,and I knew that imagination is the ability to form a men-tal image of something not yet present to the senses orsomething that has never been wholly perceived in physi-cal reality. It was a thrill to me to capture a design as itwould come to me in my mind’s eye, and then give itphysical shape and form. I’d taken classes in child de-velopment before settling into my major. They taughtme that imagination is highly active in most children buttends to become inactive as we grow older and learn toconfine our thoughts to linear thinking in school, workand social interaction. Yet, I knew the imagination was avaluable resource, a creative faculty that can take us waypast fantasy into an exploration of the real. I was fasci-nated when I learned that Einstein said his Theory ofRelativity, which led to the equation E=mc2, came from 14
  31. 31. The Heartvisualizing beams of light, gravity and force fields. Hewould explore the whole universe in his imagination,then write down his ideas on the backs of old envelopesand paper napkins. His imaginings were so far ahead ofthe rest of the world that it was said only six people couldunderstand his relativity theory when it was first pub-lished, and many rejected it. Nevertheless, it changed thecourse of history. As I searched for more understanding of the heartand the imagination, I saw TV news reports about clair-voyants hired by the police to locate stolen property. Theycould see where the missing article was in their imagina-tion and lead the police right to it. I read articles aboutpeople who had accurate precognitive visions and wereable to save their own lives or their loved ones as a re-sult. I studied documented accounts of near-deathexperiences in which people saw angels or visited otherworlds. These people gave further confirmation of a re-ality beyond the senses that can be perceived with theimaginative faculty. As Einstein did from his armchair,these people who’d been near death brought back wid-ened perspectives of reality—not of the type that wouldtransform science, but perspectives that would changetheir own lives. A 1982 Gallup poll found that eight million adults inthe United States have had a near-death experience, andthat was considered a conservative estimate. The vastmajority of these people reported striking similarities intheir experiences. They tell of traveling out of the body 15
  32. 32. The Hidden Power of the Heartthrough a tunnel at a very fast speed; being bathed in abrilliant light that conveyed feelings of peace, joy andlove; seeing beings of light and deceased loved ones; andwatching their entire life flash before them in minutedetail. After they come back from this experience, theywant to help others. Many make major life-style changes.They become nurses or social workers or volunteer forcommunity service. They have a fervent desire to seeconditions in the world improve. Love, care and helpingothers is what matters to them now. They become lessmaterialistic and no longer fear dying. I was intriguedby the transformation in these people and wondered,“What had moved them so deeply?” The American Journal of Psychiatry recently publisheda paper on the near-death phenomenon. From this pa-per I could see that these statistics were arousing a seriousscientific interest. Several controlled scientific studies arenow in process. Only ten years ago, almost all scientistsdismissed near-death experiences as hallucinations orimaginary, wishful thinking. But, as psychologist Ken-neth Ring put it, “They can’t all be making it up.” Dr.Bruce Greyson, director of inpatient psychiatry at theUniversity of Connecticut, summarizes current thinking,“The hard evidence we have all points to the fact thatthis is not fantasy.”The Math of the Heart One day, I heard some of my friends refer to theheart as a computer. I questioned the theory and felt al- 16
  33. 33. The Heartmost defensive. “A computer? How cold. People are notcomputers!” But I tried to be open and assess what theywere saying without judgments. I listened to what theycalled the “math” (their data, information, and knowl-edge) to see if they really did have a wider perspective. They explained that the heart contains an unlim-ited source of higher intelligence programs for makingefficient choices in life. You can access these programsby listening for that still, small voice (or intuitive feel-ing) inside you that gives you a sense of innerknowingness. You can then test the wisdom of what youperceived in real life to see if it brings more peace andunderstanding. The heart can bring in the highest intelli-gence—called heart intelligence or heart power—a powerthat illuminates understanding. The head, or mind, thentranslates the frequencies of this intelligence into intui-tive thoughts, words or images so you can understand.The mind really acts as a subterminal to the mainframecomputer in your heart. Your heart’s intelligence has awide, all-embracing perspective permeated with the fre-quency of love. A total understanding of all can comeonly from using your heart—your mainframe access tothe universe.A Magnificent Journey into the Heart As I tried to understand this more deeply, questionswould continually come up in my mind like, “What isthe universe about?” “Why are we here?” These are ques-tions we’ve all asked ourselves. So I said to myself, “Okay, 17
  34. 34. The Hidden Power of the Heartheart, if there is an intelligence that somehow resemblesthe functions of a computer, I’d like to understand it.” Iclosed my eyes and, using my imagination, I focused allmy energies in that core place where I’d felt my heartstirring before. I visualized my heart as the mainframeof a computer and my head as the subterminal. I deeplyfelt I would see an inner image of how this worked, sinceI’d seen subtle energy forms and patterns several timesbefore while sincerely praying, meditating or contem-plating. But this didn’t prepare me for what happened. As I focused attentively on the core of my heart, Ibegan to experience the heart as a pump for the life force,supplying me with vitality and contact with the energyof my spirit. I found my awareness moving into spaceand down a hallway with many doors. At the end of thehall, an image of seemingly infinite crystals appeared ina cornucopia shape. The cornucopia was filled with crys-tal-like formations. I saw many facets and edges. Irealized that each crystal edge held a different intelligentfrequency band. Each facet seemed to hold a differentprogram or pattern. I was fascinated. Then, the image became even clearer. Many colorsswirled and changed, just like a kaleidoscope turning,gorgeous colors that created tremendous numbers ofpatterns that had depth, like a 3-D movie. I focused myattention on these patterns and saw them close up, justlike looking through a magnifying glass. They formedround, intricate snowflake-like patterns that had shadowand light. I could see through them, and together they 18
  35. 35. The Heartlooked like a stack of floating computer disks but theydidn’t touch each other. I realized they were like a com-puter board where one disk electrically activated the nextone. The crystal disks spun around, and the facets hadgrooves which electrically stored information just likecomputer chips. The crystal patterns seemed to go on foreternity, as far as I could see. Suddenly, a profound insight came to me from someplace deep in the core of my being. To my amazement, Irealized that each individual human being has their ownparticular heart crystal pattern and colors and I saw thisas the soul’s blueprint. There were chips that containeddetailed information: storage records of this life, pastlives, and future possibilities—the whole intelligence ofa human being. According to the choices that peoplemake, the next program or next disk is activated. Eachdisk is like a chapter in a book, a chapter in a person’slife. I now understood how people could see their entirelives replay before them at the point of death. I clearlysaw that the total, compact intelligence of each humanbeing is contained in a holographic formation of crystal-like computer chips in the heart. It was beautiful, elegant,and pristine. Love was the overwhelming feeling embrac-ing my entire experience.The Heart Computer Later, I thought about how the heart computer func-tioned a lot like the computer at the office. I’d put in adisk, select a program, and somehow the mainframe 19
  36. 36. The Hidden Power of the Heartwould read the information that’s electrically stored inthe microchips inside. On my visual screen would ap-pear the contents of the program that I’d selected. Thecomputer would translate the electrical impulses, the fre-quencies, into color, images and words I couldunderstand. I suddenly comprehended that the humanmind is like a computer screen that gives a readout ofdata that is input from our five senses, from our brainneurons and cells, and from our heart computer. My personal computer at home happens to be con-nected into the publishing company’s main computernetwork. In an intuitive flash, I realized that there is aheart mainframe, a main computer into which every person’sheart computer is networked. I saw too that love is the powerflowing through the global network. At last, I understoodhow everything in life could really be connected. Love isthe electromagnetic core frequency that runs the entiremainframe holographic computer of life. As people activate a program in their heart com-puter disk, for example, a mother loving her child, thedisk starts to spin. As the disk spins, emotional energygets magnetized to it. If attachment sets in, and we putconditions on love, the crystal-like disk becomes coveredwith a murky film and the pure love energy can no longerradiate clearly through it. I was enthralled and continued to practice focusingon the heart. As time went by I saw more clearly how theheart computer brings in higher intelligence to the hu-man system. The higher intelligence of the heart operates 20
  37. 37. The Heartin an entirely different range of frequency bands fromthe mind. The mind becomes illuminated and functions at itsfullest potential when it serves as a subterminal for intelli-gence programs directed by the heart. I practiced andpracticed focusing my energies in my heart core to gaineven more understanding. I was able to go deeper byradiating out love while I asked questions about the heart,including the physical heart. Everyone knows the physical heart is the musclethat pumps blood through the physical body. The physi-cal heart far surpasses all known motors in efficiency anddesign. You can be brain dead but the heart can still beatwith life force. But if your heart stops beating, your braindies quickly. The heart beats on its own. How? Even sci-ence can’t answer that question yet. Engineers can hardlyimagine how to improve on the blueprint design of thephysical heart, even with their most ingenious and ad-vanced machines. In Nutrition Plan for High Blood Pressure Problems(Bircher-Benner), C. Hocrein describes with clear appre-ciation what this blood-pumping muscle really does forus on the physical level of life. “It works without interruption for 70-80 years, with- out care or cleaning, without repair or replacement, day and night. It beats 100,000 times a day, approxi- mately 40 million times a year, and within 70 years supplies the pumping capacity for nearly 3 billion cardiac pulsations. It pumps 2 gallons of blood per minute, 100 gallons per hour, through a vascular 21
  38. 38. The Hidden Power of the Heart system about 60,000 miles in length—2 1/2 times the circumference of the earth.”* This description tremendously widened my appre-ciation for my own physical heart. Like most people, Ioften just took it for granted. Now, I realized that thephysical heart is a powerful machine made of muscle andtissue, designed by some incredible intelligence. That putto rest any lingering concern that the inner heart wascoldly computerlike in its design and functions. It wasbecoming obvious to me that some higher intelligencewas at work in the precise, mathematical organization ofthe universe—in the design and ordering of stars, physi-cal bodies, atoms, gravity and all other particles andforces. I even read in a recent issue of Good Housekeepinghow the tiny genes in the human body function as elec-trical switches. The combinations of genes that areswitched on or off decide the DNA programs for the de-velopment of all cells in the body—what organs they willbecome, what color eyes you will have and all the rest ofyour physical characteristics. The genes hold your blue-print and carry out their functions in an efficient,computerlike manner.Opening the Heart My admiration of the physical heart caused me towonder more about the energy and intelligent proper-ties of the inner heart. So one night I asked myself, “If allphysical properties are made of frequencies, what kindof frequencies make up the nonphysical inner heart?” I* Bircher-Benner, Nutrition Plan for High Blood Pressure, (Jove Publications,1977.) 22
  39. 39. The Heartfocused on my heart center and I noticed I felt more bal-ance, peace, love and fulfillment. I realized these feelingswere coming from the electrical energy system surround-ing the physical heart. Talk about a natural high! I wantedmore of this. I asked my heart computer how I could sustain thosegood feelings in my day-to-day life. I soon found out how.The very next week at work, my boss offered me a newmanagerial position and told me to think about it for afew days. At first I was excited, but as I considered allthe responsibilities of managing a retail food store I be-gan to feel lots of insecurities about the job. My mindtook every concern and mulled it over and over. “WouldI do well enough? Would people accept me as manager?Would I still have enough time for my family?” As thethoughts raced through my head, I became even moreinsecure. I tried to forget the whole thing and distractmyself with something else, but I was drained and no-ticed I was accumulating more tension and stress. I hada headache that wouldn’t quit. Could all that insecurityhave done this to me? Despair set in. “What should I do?”my thoughts kept asking. I was stuck in a room in mymind with four walls and no door. My mind kept re-hashing the negatives versus the positives about the job,and wouldn’t quit. Finally, after swallowing two aspirin, I rememberedmy heart and its higher intelligence for making efficientchoices in life. Perhaps, if I really made an effort to re-lease my insecure feelings, I’d get a clear answer. I focused 23
  40. 40. The Hidden Power of the Heartenergy on my inner heart computer, hoping to gain somewisdom and clarity. Then I started sending love. I lovedthe boss who offered me the job, the store clerks, myhusband, my son and myself. I felt better and realizedthat people often go to the heart to find understandingand reassuring feelings of security when times are tough.It wasn’t any big deal. I remembered how I’d gone to myheart for comfort when my grandfather died. In thosesituations, other people’s words of comfort don’t seemenough to bail you out. The strength to accept and adaptusually has to come from deep inside. Now, by focusingon my real heart feelings, my answers became clear, buoy-ant and strong. I felt a serene knowingness that I shouldtake the job. I felt secure about it. As my understandings of the heart grew, I realizedthat society’s mushy, sentimental associations with theword “heart” are such a limitation. We don’t usuallythink to call on the heart day-to-day for strength or di-rection in the hustle and bustle of life. Why would we,when most of us tend to think of the heart as the flimsy,emotional part of us that often gets us into trouble? Inthese stress-producing times, most of us misperceive theheart, and miss out on its hidden power of guidance andwisdom. My contact with the inner heart computer showedme that the heart is not just mushy, soft and emotional—not just something to think about on Valentine’s Dayor when we’re falling in love. The heart has many fre-quency bands of exquisite feelings that add to the texture 24
  41. 41. The Heartand quality of everyday life. We have words to describethese frequency textures, like care, love, forgiveness andcompassion. In one riveting moment in the heart, it allbecame clear—these heart frequencies were keys for un-locking intuition and more intelligent understanding inmy life. I understood why all the great teachers andfounders of the world religions told their followers tolove and care for each other. Love and care are accesscodes to the deeper heart wisdom, to your higher intelli-gence programs. Heart understanding is a major shift pastordinary thinking. It gives a wider understanding thanis possible with just the analytical or deductive processof linear thinking. You draw more heart intelligence intoyour awareness as you relax the mind and listen to yourinner heart feelings. This process can give you high-speedanswers for your big and small choices in life. The heartis a fountain of wisdom and intuitive suggestions, yet sofew people know how to use it. Your heart intelligence offers programs vastly dif-ferent from the isolated mind programs most people liveby. Ambition, judgmentalness, greed, hatred and envyare mind frequencies that have their roots in fear andinsecurity. The mind runs programs of fear and insecu-rity when it is cut off from the heart. Without a heartconnection, the mind is left on its own to build deduc-tive programs to run our lives. As a child, I had heardthat love casts out fear. Now I understood why. We re-ally are creating our own lives as we go, by the thoughtsand feelings we allow to operate in our system. 25
  42. 42. The Hidden Power of the Heart As I continued to practice focusing on the heart, Idiscovered which feelings activated the heart computer.My heart guidance would encourage me to try attitudesof patience, kindness, appreciation, humor and fun. Eachtime I followed through, and applied the inner wisdom,I noticed that stress would disappear and I’d feel on topof the world again! It really is each human being’s choice of whichthoughts or feelings we allow to run in our system andfor how long. Sure, it doesn’t seem that way. But withpractice, you can learn to adjust your thoughts and atti-tudes. That’s what self-help programs attempt tofacilitate, but they’d work much better if the heart wereincluded. Social programming and habit have trainedmost of us to live in the mind, caught up in frequenciesof insecurity, worry, resentment and frustration, tryingto figure a way out. Fear and insecurity are meant to bewarning signals, alerting us to our need to take action toprotect ourselves from harm—heart action! But, if we staytoo long in these frequencies, we harm ourselves and di-lute our energy resources. Our minds keep repeatingthese energy-draining thought patterns, and our livesstay stuck on the same old stress merry-go-round. By choosing to activate and sincerely feel heart fre-quencies, like love, care and compassion, you widen yourreceptivity to the higher intelligence that these heart fre-quencies draw to you. In feeling them, you create a deeperperception of yourself and others. This activates the en-ergy equation: Feeling + Perception = Understanding. 26
  43. 43. The HeartYour heart and mind then work together in a creativejoint venture. Most people intuitively know this, but haven’t hadthe step-by-step technology or tools to learn to constantlylive from the heart. The heart is what gives you self-em-powerment, resulting in self-security and self-esteem. Yourheart intelligence is your real teacher—because it ulti-mately has to confirm or reject what any other teacher says.Heart Directives Ever since I can remember, I had a yearning forsomething that would make me feel complete. I wasraised as a Presbyterian and my family went to churchevery Sunday. We weren’t very religious, but somethingabout Jesus Christ and the feeling of belonging, of fam-ily, and of love that I felt at church confirmed somethinginside me. As a teenager I went with friends to otherchurches, first Catholic, then Baptist and Pentecostal. I was“saved,” and I enjoyed the fellowship. Still, I had a yearn-ing for a deeper level of fulfillment and understanding. At church, they spoke about the still, small voice.I’d pray and listen but was never sure which voice wasthe right one. With HeartMath, I have realized that thestill, small voice is that intuitive knowingness in the heartthat brings a sense of peace and love and feels right. Iexperienced it more as a feeling than as a voice, thoughat times words would come to me also. It is what youcould call a heart directive because it will give you themost efficient attitude and answers for choices you have 27
  44. 44. The Hidden Power of the Heartto make in life. You access heart directives by quietingyour mind, going to your heart computer and focusingon it while sending out love. Sometimes it takes a littletime before you get a readout of intuitive intelligence. Icame to see this as the true process of prayer. After I accepted that managerial job I realized howtruly powerful a resource the heart is. I was determinedto use my heart computer daily. Instead of trying to solveproblems with my head, I would stop and connect withmy heart intuition the best I could and try to find a heartreadout from that still, small voice inside me. It was justcommon sense. The more I followed through on whatmy heart’s instructions told me, the more effective andfulfilling my life became. The best part is that the voiceof the heart gets louder and clearer the more you prac-tice. Each of us has our own personal puzzle to solve aswe try to find our balance on the seesaw of life. Our ex-periences are life geometries—different configurations ofpeople, things, events, situations. Your life geometriesform a blueprint for your growth and evolution. Theirpurpose is to bring you more understanding and real-ization about yourself and others. You gain insight intoyour blueprint as you self-empower by acting on yourheart directives. They are your system’s most efficientform of feedback. As you listen to your heart directives and act onwhat they tell you, you start to reprogram and harmo- 28
  45. 45. The Heartnize your entire mental and emotional nature to bringbalance and fulfillment. It’s cause and effect. The kind ofenergy you put out is the kind that eventually comes back.Or in biblical terms, you reap what you sow. You createyour own stress or fulfillment according to the programsand attitudes you run through your thoughts and feel-ings each day.Assets and Deficits By practicing what we call at the Institute “the Doc’sMath,” I learned to identify the energy assets and defi-cits in my system. Certain thoughts and attitudes drainedmy energy and cut off my heart connection, while othersbrought me back in contact with my heart. Feeling theheart frequencies of love, care, forgiveness and appre-ciation always brought me closer to my inner heart. If Igot stuck in judgmental head thoughts, resentments and“poor-me” feelings, my heart computer seemed inacces-sible. But through practice, I was able to turn my focusedattention to either heart frequencies or head frequencies,or a combination of both. It was my choice. I learned thatwe all have a radio dial inside and we can choose whichfrequency we turn the dial to. I realized that’s what self-empowerment is really about. When I was at work, closing out the cash register,taking inventory or balancing the checkbook, I certainlywanted my head frequencies functioning in full gear.When I was with my family or friends, or by myself, itfelt better to my system to live in the heart feelings of 29
  46. 46. The Hidden Power of the Heartlove, care and peace. I learned to turn my radio dial tothe heart and put out a lot of love, compassion and ap-preciation. The rewards were a deep sense of fulfillmentmuch of the time. However, certain situations could still upset me andcatch me off guard. I’d find myself back in the head, jus-tifying my reactions and forgetting that I even had a heart.For example, I never spanked or really disciplined myson when he was very young. At almost three years old,he was so wild and created so many disturbances, thatfriends told me if I didn’t begin to discipline him, he’dsoon be impossible to deal with. He was controlling mylife. My mind wanted to justify all the ways I was a goodmother, and then I felt sorry for myself. I cried and criedabout it. There I was, full of self-pity, drained and upset.But my friends were speaking truth and my heart knewit. So I picked myself up and decided to start disciplin-ing him by asking my heart intuition how to do it. OnceI get a clear understanding of a situation, there’s part ofme that becomes like a warrior, and I carry out what Iknow to be true. So I did. What a turning point this wasin both our lives! His behavior started to improve imme-diately. He knew I meant business, but he also felt mylove. I could see how I was saving a tremendous amountof energy for both of us. Within a month he had changedcompletely. Within six months, the change had stabilized—he had become a beautiful child. Work was another matter. In my position as a man-ager responsible for several adults, I would set policies. 30
  47. 47. The HeartWhen they weren’t followed and other people were af-fected, I’d have to say something. I’d use my heartintelligence to communicate as effectively as I could.Things went well until one employee began to arrive atwork late several days a week—always with some ex-cuse. I spoke with her about it twice. When nothingchanged, I didn’t say any more because I wasn’t the con-fronting type. I found myself avoiding her and not feelingvery good about it. The other employees were gettingresentful and expected me to do something. One morning I woke up realizing I might have tofire her and it upset me terribly. I’d been doing so wellliving in the heart, my life was going so smoothly, andnow this. I felt angry at her and at life. I slipped back intomy old habit of feeling sorry for myself. When I got homefrom work that day, I was worn out. I didn’t even feellike looking to my heart for an answer. Resentful thoughtskept churning over in my mind, and I knew if I didn’t dosomething they would lead me into more pain and stress.My own intelligence was telling me I had to act now.Like a soldier, I sat on my bed and tried to quiet my rac-ing mind and at least neutralize my feelings. I decided tosend love to this young woman who kept coming in late.I focused on my heart and sincerely felt love for her. Iwas able to let go of the resentments by understandingshe had problems juggling children and work. As I wentdeeper in my heart, I could hear my inner voice say, “Whynot set up a different work schedule for her? See if shewould start work an hour later and, even though it would 31
  48. 48. The Hidden Power of the Heartmean less pay, she would still be able to keep the job.”Other than being late, she was a good worker and I knewthe rest of us could handle the store the first hour of theday just fine without her. What a simple answer! It felt so good. If she didn’twant to do it, then I’d have to let her go, but at least I feltsecure I had a fair alternative. Now it was up to her. Thenext day I called her into my office and proposed thenew plan, with the provision that she agree to always beon time. She was so relieved and grateful that she keptthanking me and said she’d work harder to make up forthat hour. That’s exactly what she did and she was neverlate. This experience made me even more determined toget back into my heart more quickly in the future. Allthat wasted energy from unnecessary worry and stress,a stocking full of deficits, just because I didn’t go to myheart intelligence at the beginning!It’s Up to You The experience of seeing the results of heart intelli-gence in your life acts as a booster rocket to motivateyou to keep using your heart for a readout on big or smalldecisions. You begin to see different life geometries asopportunities—either for empowerment and accumulat-ing energy or for self-victimization and accumulatingstress. It’s your decision. The basis of heart empowerment as a complete sys-tem for fulfillment starts with remembering to quiet yourmind, go to your heart, and follow your own heart direc- 32
  49. 49. The Hearttives to manage the regular day-to-day situations of life.You realize you are responsible for how you manageyour system. It’s your own inner business. You achievebalance by listening to your heart directives and self-correcting your inefficient thoughts, feelings andattitudes with heart power. It’s just common sense togo for that feeling of knowingness inside. Most of ushave a lot of old programming to clear out and repro-gram with wiser energy-saving attitudes. No one else isgoing to do it for you. No one else is going to give youfulfillment. Your security lies within you, just waitingfor you to find it. The dance of life does not have to be a slow waltz.It can be any type of dance you want, but sometimes awaltz is nice. As you dance through life you can findthe perfect rhythm and balance for you. If you don’t runtoo fast or walk too slow, you can find a fun, fulfillingskip. As you learn what creates assets or deficits in yoursystem, you gain more power to transform what doesn’tfeel good to you. In HeartMath seminars, we teachpeople how to create a personal energy management bal-ance sheet. You use the balance sheet by observingyourself each day to see what drained your energy (yourstress-producing attitudes and responses to situations)and what added to your energy and well-being (yourenergy-accumulating attitudes and responses). You pin-point each deficit and ask your heart how to turn thatdeficit into an asset. Then you use heart directives tomake the most energy-efficient attitude adjustments. 33
  50. 50. The Hidden Power of the Heart Just as I was starting to edit this chapter, the LosAngeles riots broke out. In the aftermath of the RodneyKing verdict and the burning rubble of South Central LosAngeles, people everywhere were asking themselves,“What can we do?” Rich and poor, movie stars and home-less, blacks, whites, Koreans, Hispanics, all were pitchingin together to sweep up the debris and provide food andclothing to the riot victims. Community feeling wasstrong. People asked each other, “Why does it alwaysseem to take a crisis to bring us together?” On the TVevening news, a volunteer street sweeper was inter-viewed. He was asked, “Do you think there’s some waythat we can care for each other and cooperate to preventthis from happening again?” He answered, “We need togo back to the basic core values and have more heart,more understanding and compassion for each other.”This TV interview inspired me to write a little faster. Understand that the heart is not just some quick fix.There are no quick fixes. But from my experience andthe experiences of all my friends at the Institute, heartintelligence does provide sound answers and solid, long-term solutions. Everything else has been tried. Why nottry going back to basics and really learn to love and carefor each other at deeper, more sincere levels? 34
  51. 51. The Head Chapter 3 The Head So how does the head relate to self-empowerment?Most of us want more brain power. People spend thou-sands of dollars on courses to sharpen their mental skills.Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the seminars,books and information available everywhere? Throughcomputer databases, we now can access volumes of de-tails on practically any subject. Even if you studied 24hours a day, you couldn’t learn it all. The brain/mind/intellect is a fantastic and compli-cated piece of machinery. For the sake of simplicity, I’llrefer to them collectively as the head, since they operatetogether within a certain frequency range of intelligencecalled head frequency bands. The principal function ofthe head is to sort, process and analyze information. Thehead also assesses, calculates, memorizes and compares.It is a very important and useful part of your system,and you would have a hard time surviving without it.You wouldn’t be able to think, drive a car, speak, read, 35
  52. 52. The Hidden Power of the Heartwrite, or get around in life without a good head on yourshoulders. But, again, as wonderful as the head can be, whenit’s not connected with your heart frequencies and isn’trunning efficient programs, it creates a lot of stress. Arecent survey of American workers revealed that 62%frequently experience mental tension and anxiety; 45%say they often experience headaches due to stress. Someof the most common stress-producing head frequenciesare self-judgments and judgments of others, fear, envy,resentment and worry. Can you see how these mentalattitudes and reactions are by-products of comparison,assessment or analysis without the wider understand-ing of the heart? Let me explain. Let’s say you are envious or evenresentful when a friend gets a lot of attention because ofa new hairstyle. In that moment, you compare yourselfand you don’t feel very attractive. Or someone at workgets a compliment for a job well done and you don’t, soyou feel hurt and unappreciated. But, if you activatedyour heart, it would give you the security to realize thata compliment for another person doesn’t take away fromyou. In your heart, you’d remember that a lot of peopleget fussed over when they change their hairstyle. Yourheart would know that you’ve received compliments foryour work at other times and that you can be glad forothers when it’s their turn to be acknowledged. Theseare simple examples of how the hidden power of the heart 36
  53. 53. The Headcan help change your thoughts and save you from thesubtle stress of self-judgment and insecurity. While the head is a beautiful piece of machinery,far too much emphasis has been given to its develop-ment without the proper tools for its management. Oureducational systems emphasize head knowledge insteadof heart wisdom. It’s the combination of both that bringshigher intelligence, balance and the real understandingneeded to reconstruct our society. The head and heartfrequencies are designed to work together. When theunmanaged head operates without the wisdom of theheart, it often creates distorted perspectives, resulting instressful thoughts and emotions. On its own, the headjust doesn’t have a wide enough range of intelligence toachieve a frequency perspective that creates balance andfulfillment instead of stress. That’s what the heart is de-signed for. Without the heart involved, the headprocessors often won’t shut off, like an old LP recordstuck in a groove or a cassette tape in an endless loop.Managing your Head In your conscious mind, thoughts run rampant alot of the time. Have you ever come home after a longday at work, or after a misunderstanding with someone,and found yourself still thinking about what happened?Sometimes you know you’re out in left field and you’dlike to just stop it, but you can’t. So, maybe you have acouple of drinks, or look for some other kind of stimula-tion to try to shut off your head. But even if this works 37
  54. 54. The Hidden Power of the Heartfor a while, the thoughts soon come back, sometimes inthe middle of the night and even stronger than before.This is because the true addictions in life are our thoughtpatterns. Physical addictions to alcohol, drugs, etc., of-ten result from our urge to escape unfulfilling thoughtpatterns. These addictive thoughts become realities weare creating, resulting in stress and wear and tear on thehuman body. They never bring peace of mind. Take a look at this common scenario: First you feelfrustrated with someone, then you assess their faults, thenyou feel justified in your feelings, then the anger startsand the negative thought patterns spin, obscuring yourview of reality. That’s a typical example of a head pro-gram running in a loop. Each time the loop goes around,your thoughts increase in speed, intensifying your emo-tions. So you convince yourself that things are even worsethan you first thought. In his popular book, Healing The Shame That BindsYou, John Bradshaw explains, “Mental obsession, goingover and over something, is part of the addictive cycle.”*When emotional energy is added to your head proces-sors, they spin and spin and, like a magnet, attractadditional, similar thought patterns. Another example:If you are late for work and then an important businessdeal falls through, it’s likely you won’t have much pa-tience in the traffic jam going home. When you arrivehome, it’s also likely you will carry those impatient, frus-trated energies with you and they will affect your wife,* John Bradshaw, Healing the Shame that Binds You, (Health Comm., 1988) 38
  55. 55. The Headyour children, the rest of your night and possibly the restof your life. There are several ways to stop negative head pro-cessors. You can divert your attention to something elsethat your mind finds more stimulating (although thenegative processors usually come back later). You canstop when your system finally crashes—physically, emo-tionally or mentally. Or you can consciously choose tostop negative thoughts by practicing specific tools thathelp you switch your frequencies. The last alternative is obviously the most efficient.You can’t necessarily change the events of the day, butyou can stop your negative reactions to them. The firststep is realizing that negative thought loops will onlyaccumulate more stress. If you don’t stop them, negativeattitudes and patterns will continue to cycle through yoursystem and color the rest of your day. You can practicetransforming these energies by making an effort to goback to your heart power to at least neutralize yourthoughts until you gain a wider perspective and deeperunderstanding. The ability to even neutralize negativemental and emotional patterns saves you a lot of stressand prepares you for the next step in heart empowerment. “Well, maybe this will work with minor problems,”you might say, “but some things are really major andvery complex. How could the heart possibly provide aperspective that would really make things better? Whatif I were in a car wreck or I lost my job?” 39
  56. 56. The Hidden Power of the Heart If an event is extremely disheartening, it can be aserious shock to your system. Accidents, job loss, divorce,illness, death, catastrophes, are all events in life that manypeople feel are impossible to accept or make peace with.But eventually, they usually do (often after many years).Finding heart understanding is always part of the pro-cess. Nobody really wants to stay in pain, but it can bevery hard for the mind and emotions to let go of the headfrequency perspective that keeps the pain alive. It takesan infusion of heart power to do that. The heart understands that it can take some time tofind peace in a crisis situation. Using your heart intelli-gence will speed up the process. The efficient way todissolve the pain is to go back to the heart for a deeperunderstanding rather than let the head processors runwild and distort any insight your heart wants to give you.You achieve this by keeping the mind in neutral, so thatthe heart has a chance to give you a readout. Putting themind in neutral means simply trying not to think any-thing about the particular subject anymore. Just make aneffort to put it on the shelf, still your mind and “be” thebest you can until you can feel your heart again. This isn’tburying the problem. It’s having the hope and understand-ing that allows your heart to give you the love andintelligence that can help. The longer you let negative thought patterns run,the more intensified they become and the harder theyare to stop. You don’t have to let stress build and accu-mulate to the point of anguish, tears of despair and 40
  57. 57. The Headnumbness. That’s where unmanaged head processors canand do take most people in a crisis. Once numbness setsin, release seems far away, and the process of recoveryfeels like it will take forever. It can take people months,years, sometimes their whole lifetime to forgive and makepeace with an event. (Some people never do.) But, bymanaging your head processors with your heart, a re-lease will come so you can survive and move on withyour life. There is hope! You do have choice. Whatever is hap-pening to you—whether it’s a problem with a person, aplace, or with thoughts that arise from a past memory ora future fear—you have choice on how you process theexperience. Your perspective in the moment will influ-ence which direction you take. Your most efficient courseof action is to go to your heart and gain the widest pos-sible perspective. Don’t just assume you know what todo from your first head reaction.How We Make Mountains Out of Molehills Let’s take a deeper look at how head processorswork. If you’ve just received bad news—let’s say yourchild got poor marks at school or a business deal youwere counting on fell through—it can be a disappoint-ment that deeply affects your feelings and emotions. Asyour feelings signal a disturbance, your head formulatesthe news into thoughts and creates a frequency perspec-tive. If you don’t manage your head at this point, it willstart its mechanical program of running mental tapes 41
  58. 58. The Hidden Power of the Heartbased on that perspective—usually tapes of dismay, frus-tration, self-pity and so on. The head magnetically callsup from memory similar experiences you’ve had, whichreinforce that frequency perspective. Then the head pro-gram keeps running that perspective in a loop, addingenergy to the loop, building the problem into a moun-tain, a crisis, instead of just a small bump in life. Theunmanaged head can act just like a computer that runsout of control due to a program virus. When you find yourself in a loop, it’s time to goback to your heart—pronto—and get a new programfrom the mainframe. The heart program will bring in amore powerful frequency that feels better to your sys-tem. Then the head will dutifully formulate thatfrequency into new thoughts to give you a new frequencyperspective of the situation based on heart intelligence. When I first began to observe how this processworks in my own system, I became aware that I oftenexperienced energies that affected my feelings beforethoughts and processors would start up. Sometimes Iwould just feel insecure, seemingly for no reason at all.It was impossible for me to always understand what fre-quencies were affecting my feeling world. You mightnotice this at times in yourself, too. For example, if you are sitting by a pond surroundedby woods, the frequencies might feel tranquil, peacefuland serene, affecting your thoughts in a positive way. Ifyou are in a traffic jam in New York, with horns blowingand car exhaust irritating your sinuses, the frequencies 42
  59. 59. The Headmight make you feel tense and nervous, affecting yourthoughts in a negative way. You can start to regain a senseof security in a stressful environment by first finding aninner silence within yourself. (It’s really not that hard.Your heart’s right there waiting for you to ask it for as-sistance—even in New York City.) Then, if you ask yourheart questions, you’ll receive answers that give you moreunderstanding of your feelings. A sense of security comeswith understanding. But it does require practice to buildthat connection between your head and your heart. Observing this process was a major breakthroughfor me. Since childhood, if someone even spoke to me ina sharp tone of voice, I’d feel hurt, take it personally andoften cry. I was sensitive to their energies and didn’t knowif I’d done something wrong. Once, when I was aroundfive years old, a friend’s mother was driving us homefrom our ballet class. She stopped in front of a house,turned to me and asked crossly if this was where I lived.I felt so hurt that I said yes and ran out of the car, eventhough it was pouring rain and I lived several blocksaway. I arrived home soaking wet. It never occurred tome she might have been having a bad day. When I decided to explore the heart, one of the firstthings I wanted to manage was my over-sensitivity whichoften dragged me around the block in a cycle that wasdifficult to break. My hurt feelings were so real to me, Ifelt justified in having them. This would distort my per-spective of the whole situation. When my head tookcontrol and processed the insecurity, it seemed forever 43
  60. 60. The Hidden Power of the Heartbefore I could feel my heart again. Each time this hap-pened I’d wonder why I kept doing that to myself. Itwasn’t until I started to follow my intuitive directivesthat I stopped identifying with my insecure feelings andbegan to find balance. Finding that sense of knowingnessinside gave me a powerful connection with my inner se-curity, enabling me to feel other people’s hearts and seetruth more clearly. It was a big insight to realize that myinsecure reactions to other people were draining away mypower. I finally realized that if people gave me a strangelook or spoke in a strong tone of voice, it wasn’t neces-sarily my fault. Very often, they were just under stress.The feeling of power that came into my heart as I learnedto manage my over-sensitivity was deeply fulfilling. It’s great to use your head frequencies to gather in-formation and data. Then your heart can take thatinformation and give you a truthful perspective. That iswhat your heart mainframe is designed to do—if you useit. The head and heart—in joint venture—bring youknowingness, understanding and release. It’s also fun! When you first start to practice going to your heart,a satisfying understanding may come right away, seem-ingly like magic, accompanied by a new heart feeling.The speed and timing of your understanding depend onyour ability to control your conscious mind with theheart, calm down and find your inner silence. If you trythis on minor problems along the way, you build an in-ner muscle you can rely on when major problems or crisis 44
  61. 61. The Headsituations occur. Remember, the mind wasn’t designedto manage itself; that’s what the heart is for.Managing Unconscious Thoughts Everyone has old, unconscious programs fromchildhood and previous events in life that are stored inthe cellular level of their system. Our physical, mentaland emotional natures are so intertwined that our cellsactually remember old hurts and pains. That’s why somememories seem so difficult to release. By using your heartcomputer, you can erase them. If you find yourself in afog and can’t seem to tell the difference between yourhead thoughts and heart perceptions, rest the head awhileand give the heart a chance to work. The head may stilltry to keep fogging your view with thought patterns. Justpractice bringing your focus of attention back to the heart,feeling love for yourself in the heart center. Even if onlya partial understanding comes, be patient, keep practic-ing and soon life will feel better. Patience is a powerfulheart frequency that helps activate the understanding youare looking for. A close friend, Debbie, has a “24 hour” rule. Nomatter how difficult the problem may be, she’s foundthat if she puts it on the shelf and tries to stay in her heart,within 24 hours an insight or solution nearly alwayscomes. By telling herself that 24 hours is the longest itwill take to feel better again, she can be patient and letthe heart do its work. The more responsible you are indirecting your conscious mind with positive thoughts 45
  62. 62. The Hidden Power of the Heartfrom the heart, the more your spirit can speed up theprocess of learning and growing, and you can move oninto a more fulfilling life. Without the heart perspective, the unmanaged headwill keep re-creating the same old negative thoughts andfeelings from the unconscious cellular programs in yourmemory. These negative programs generate inharmoni-ous energy and stressful experiences that deplete yourvitality. Left unchecked, the recycling of unconsciousnegative programs accelerates the aging process, leadsto disease and can even cause death.Crystallization and Mind-sets Crystallization is a process that occurs when athought pattern becomes imprinted in the mind andbody. When you become crystallized (or hardened) inyour ways, you have no desire to see and understand awider perspective or improve attitudes within yourself.You quit caring whether or not things change or get bet-ter. You become limp to life. Crystallizations often formaround attachments to “belief structures,” your conceptsabout the way things are. They can form around attach-ments to anything. If you’re attached to certain creature comforts, andbelieve you’ve always got to have them, you lose the flex-ibility that you had as a child when you were alwaysready for adventure. Some adults will no longer go tothe beach because they don’t like getting sand in theirclothes. Others will turn down a hike in the woods be- 46