Web Based Cctv


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Check your cctv via PC and every cellphone and PDA phone!

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Web Based Cctv

  1. 1. &
  2. 2. Anytime Anywhere Monitoring Right where you are. ©2006 New Edge
  3. 3. What we do Idoton Media is a software services business. We provide tailored video streaming solutions that enable users to remotely view people, locations, facilities and events live via ordinary cell phones, mobile smart devices and personal computers. No additional software is required on any mobile device or remote computer ie. only the native capabilities of the device are required. The idoton Media video streaming experience is similar to watching live broadcast Television with up to 25 frames per second live video. Our software is loaded on local computer and compresses video footage at the point of capture to send data using negligible bandwidth and ensure mobile/satellite data plan friendliness: 5 minutes live viewing = 1 MegaByte (approximately)
  4. 4. What we do We optimize video for the user’s preferred access medium, cell phone or computer, and deliver password protected video to: Almost all mobile devices independent of particular mobile operator on 2G (GPRS) or better (3G) networks including Symbian operated cell phones (Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, etc), Blackberry, Windows Mobile smart phones and iPhone. All Internet enabled computers with broadband Internet connection independent of preferred Browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc)
  5. 5. Solution Features Live, real time video transmission supporting 20+ simultaneous viewers on any remote computer and cell phones, subject to uplink bandwidth of satellite Internet connection Configurable SMS/Email alerts complement existing security systems to warn of local motion activity within individual camera zones Video can be recorded according to predefined schedules plus automatic recording of any local activity, which includes preceding 30 seconds as lead-in to the activity As with live video, all recorded video can also be retrieved and played on any remote computer or cell phone All video, both live and recorded, includes Date and Time digital watermarking
  6. 6. Solution Features Live transmission from all cameras on an outlet can be displayed simultaneously on one full screen on any remote computer without special software. Cameras are independently Pan/Tilt/Zoom controllable from any remote computer or cell phone Individually configurable access rights by administrators for all Users allows access to some or all cameras and outlet Day to day administration of the individual LOOK@LERT EYECommand applications at each site is via Internet web portal and is password accessible from any remote computer including: - Add/Moves/Changes of Users and individual camera and outlet access rights - Recording Schedules - Arm/Disarm of alerts
  7. 7. High-Level Architecture IP network cameras on each outlet are powered by a local ToughBook computer and iDotOn Media’s LOOK@LERT EYECOMMAND software. Upon request for video access by a remote viewer on computer or cell phone, the LOOK@LERT EYE Command server is contacted to ensure valid license subscription and password authorization. LOOK@LERT EYECOMMAND then sends video company existing satellite connection directly from the outlet to the remote viewer over the Internet from a public IP address. No video data is ever sent to any third party including us.
  8. 8. Live Demo www.lalert.net login : mirage pass : mirage choose camera group for 4 grid cctv click red square button for fullscreen location : Cilandak, South Jakarta www.lookatmybaby.net login : test pass : test this demo focusing on comparing webcam with IP camera (wireless-Linksys and wired-Axis)
  9. 9. Webcam switch Analog camera Modem Router Speedy Capture Card PC IP camera IP Streaming Server Customer registration Check valid license on each access (no video ever sent) iDotOn server Users
  10. 10. Hardware Specification Streaming Server - Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, HD 80 GB/4 cameras/month - support Windows XP or Vista - support NetFramework 3.5 Modem/Router Speedy - support DMZ or other feature for publishing IP Address server Client Network - streaming TCP Port 554 - streaming UDP Range 10400 - 10900 - minimum 50 kbps/camera for realtime streaming Client Cellphone - iPhone, BB, Symbian 60, and WinMobile support - support streaming flv and mjpeg (Real Player / WMP standard) - apn cellular provider support streaming - minimum 40 kbps/camera for realtime streaming