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Example of NGO

  1. 1. KEHATIStart Present by : 1. Arief Prima Raharjo 2. Nadia Dayanti 3. Reyhan Putra Dinata 4. Satrio Mangkunegoro
  2. 2. YAYASAN KEHATI HistoryWorking AreaMatrix Analysis
  3. 3. History Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati Indonesia (YayasanKEHATI) was established in Jakarta on January 12, 1994as a nonprofit organization independent grant fund managerwho facilitates a variety of conservation and sustainable useof biodiversity in Indonesia. KEHATI act as a catalyst to find innovative ways tomanage and use biodiversity sustainably Indonesia. Variousforms of collaboration continue forged with institutions thatcan support the vision of organizations such asnongovernmental organizations, universities, localgovernments, professional associations, business communityand mass media.
  4. 4. Agricultural Ecosystems Forest EcosystemsEcosystems Coastal and Small Islands
  5. 5. Ecosystems Coastal and SmallAgricultural Ecosystems Forest Ecosystems Islands Agricultural ecosystem holds the key factor in meeting food needs of a nation. Ecological services carried by agricultural biodiversity, such as pollination services, breakdown services, service of biological control to suppress pests and diseases, it is very important for sustainable agriculture. Strategic objectives of the agricultural ecosystem: 1. Rehabilitation agroecosystem and encourage environmentally friendly agriculture (eco-agriculture) to maintain and restore the role of biodiversity in providing ecosystem services and ecosystem. 2. Developing a model of local germplasm conservation, crop wild relatives and neglected (underutilized crops). 3. Promote other forms of adaptation to climate change.
  6. 6. Ecosystems Coastal and SmallAgricultural Ecosystems Forest Ecosystems Islands Damage to forest ecosystems means the loss of biodiversity resources. Forest is the heart for the circulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which can reduce greenhouse gases triggering climate change. Although Indonesias land area is only 1.3% of the land area on Earth, the total of Indonesias forests to reach 120.35 million hectares, which is the second largest tropical forest in the world after Brazil. Indonesias forests is half of Asias tropical forests today Strategic objectives of forest ecosystems: 1. Promoting the practice of good forest ecosystem management and sustainable in the central and local levels. 2. Support and promote management initiatives / pemangkuan multistakeholder forest. 3. Supporting efforts to research and pilot project implementation of REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation).
  7. 7. Ecosystems Coastal and SmallAgricultural Ecosystems Forest Ecosystems Islands Indonesia is the worlds largest archipelago. The number of islands were estimated at more than 17,504 islands, with a long coastline of more than 95,000 km addition, two-thirds of the territory of Indonesia, covering 580 million hectares is marine waters. Extensive coral reefs of Indonesia is estimated around 51,000 km2, which turned out to cover 51% of coral reefs in Southeast Asia, and 18% of coral reefs in the world. 37% of the worlds fish species live in the territory of Indonesia. Strategic objectives and coastal ecosystems of small islands: 1. Develop a management model for coastal and small island-based community. 2. Conserve species endemic / endangered / protected. 3. Rehabilitate and coastal ecosystems of small islands and climate change adaptation efforts.
  8. 8. Matrix analysisNo. Indicator Non government government organization organization1 Fund Resources Grant , donor Taxes2 Structur Like common More complex and Organization organization conservative3 Organization Private Government4 Accounting act PSAK no.455 Company profil Non-profit Non-profit6 Owner Foundations, non-profit Government organizations (NGOs), political parties and religious organizations.7 Managers Citizen Instansi
  9. 9. Matrix analysis (cont)No. Indicator Non government government organization organization8910