How to make money with credit cards
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How to make money with credit cards



We seem to think of credit cards just as tools for spending money and not making money. But have you ever thought about making money with credit cards?...

We seem to think of credit cards just as tools for spending money and not making money. But have you ever thought about making money with credit cards?...



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How to make money with credit cards How to make money with credit cards Document Transcript

  • How To Make Money With Credit Cards in 5 StepsWe seem to think of credit cards just as tools for spending money and not makingmoney. But have you ever thought about making money with credit cards?…You probably never thought about it, since like most of us, you don’t think there is away to do that either. However, there is a way to actually use your credit cards to earnsome money instead of spending it. The trick is to use the same type of tactics creditcard companies use to profit off of you and I, to profit off of them and their offers.We all know credit card providers are actually notorious when it comes to tempting us toget new cards. They use lots of truly smart tricks, one of which is the zero interest onpurchases. Basically, they offer you an introductory 0% interest rate for using your cardfor a set amount of time (usually 30-60 days, and in some cases 3-4 months or more.Now, despite the fact that it does sound wonderful initially, people rather quickly realizethat when the actual promotional period expires they start getting slammed with anincreased rate that is high as sky!Sadly, for people who have a balance on their credit card, this huge interest ratetranslates to having to pay an awful lot of additional money on the interest.Needless to say, the simplest way to protect yourself from those outrages interest fees isto always pay your balance at the end of the month. The only draw back then is that youwill be forced to pull money out of your bank account, and doing so usually just resultsin breaking even on your finances.Now, let’s suppose it’s possible to have the better of the two worlds. What if there was away you would use your credit card without needing to drain your bank account by the
  • end of the month, and in addition not need to shell out loads of cash on interest rates?…Believe it or not, it is possible to do exactly that, using a simple yet very effective planewhich gives you the convenience of using credit cards, yet creates revenue for you ratherthan creating debt.This particular strategy is certainly not for just anyone. If you are not good with creditcard spending, you may want to stay away from this. However, if you are one of thosepeople who are able to spend smartly and save properly, this is a method for you. If youare one of those people, then you can make a decent amount of profit without doinganything much work. All you have to do is your regular spending and a few simplethings. Here is how;1: Find A Zero Interest Rate Credit CardThe very first step to earning fast money using credit cards requires you to look for thoseno interest promotional credit card offers. It is important to get a credit card that givesyou a zero interest duration of at least a few months. The lengthier that time frame goeson the better for you, as you can make more money.Provided you can find a card with zero interest rate for a few months which is also onethat doesn’t have any annual fees, then you are in for a great treat. You will need tosubmit an application and get approved for this card, therefore having a relativelyfavorable credit history is critical.2: Use Your New Card For All Your ShoppingUpon having acquired the credit card the next step requires you to put it to use as muchas you possibly can. Think of is if using this credit card for shopping is saving youmoney.It is best to transition your entire spending to this new credit card as opposed to utilizingcash or even check. Meaning, when you go out to buy groceries, see a movie, or simplygas up your vehicle, make sure you use your new zero interest credit card.3: Pay The Minimum Every MonthAt the conclusion of every month pay just the bare minimum due. You need to pay yourmonthly bill by the due date each and every month in order for you to not be deprived ofthat 0% interest offer.
  • 4: Put The Rest Of The Money Into A High Yield Savings AccountThis is actually where you are going to make money from a credit card. After you paidyour bare minimum monthly payment, and covered any additional essentialexpenditures, go ahead and take the rest of the money (that is left on your credit card),and place it in a high yield savings account.As time passes, the funds which you put into this particular account will maximizeconsiderably more than what you actually need in order to pay back your credit card bill.Considering the fact that that credit card comes with zero interest, it will set you backnot even a cent to rotate your balance, nevertheless, you are going to be generating bigbucks with your savings account.5: Pay The Card Off And Collect your Profit!In the end, when it’s time for your zero interest promotional offer to reach its expirationdate, just simply pay it off using the principle funds you have sitting in your savingsaccount.Whats left in that savings account is pure profit that is yours to enjoy! This is going togive you a net gain of the entire interest you accumulated. I mean it just can’t get anyeasier than that!That’s it, a simple and smart way to beat the credit card companies at their own game,and get free money by simply doing your shopping on a credit card with a introductoryzero interest offer that lasts a few months.Please do keep in mind that you have to maintain a somewhat decent (read good) creditscore, if you want to be able to qualify for those zero interest credit cards, and use thistrick to make more money using such credit cards. Learn 101 Other Smart Ways to Make Money