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    Commission output Commission output Presentation Transcript

    • Commission output
    • oGCDP
    • PurposeDelivering high-quality integrated experiences.
    • VisionCreating a brand image in the student sectorand moving towards complete marketcapitalization.
    • Focus area• AIESEC Presence• Brand Image• Campus Ambassadors
    • 2 months plan Timeline Targets Priorities Income Investment Synergies Events (if (R-M-R) any) Permissions & ERWeek 1 5-0-3 Converting 45000 0 prospectiveEPs permissions ERWeek 2 5-0-5 45000 0 Implmenting the Marketing & GV, LEADWeek 3 5-5-3 event cum follow 45000 11,000 GCDP up Implmenting the Marketing & GV, LEADWeek 4 7-5-0 event cum follow 63000 11,000 GCDP up Implmenting the Marketing & GV, LEADWeek 5 7-5-2 event cum follow 63000 20,000 GCDP up Implmenting the Marketing & GV, LEADWeek 6 10-7-5 event cum follow 90000 20,000 GCDP up Implmenting the Marketing & GV, LEADWeek 7 12-8-5 event cum follow 108000 20,000 GCDP up Implmenting the Marketing & GV, LEADWeek 8 10-15-8 event cum follow 90000 20,000 GCDP up
    • Strategies and Innovations• Become more professional.• Information Management. AIESEC Presence in universities(Event) Permissions and preparations GV, followed by LEAD sessions Global Entrepreneur’s summit & career fair
    • Promise to the LC 153 Realizations(Summer Cycle)Theme We are “SEXY” and you’ll know it! ;)
    • • PS :Surbhi we love you and we are so scared of Akarsh ( he wishes ) :P
    • Marketing
    • PurposeBranding of AIESEC in all relevant targetaudiences to ensure holistic growth across sectors.
    • VisionTo be the backbone that drives every ELD programme in the LC.
    • Focus area• GCDPo• EwA to ELD conversion• Partnerships with relevant organizations
    • 2 months plan Timeline Targets Priorities Income Investment Synergies Events (if any)Week 1 20 Appointments - - OGX, BD, Entrepreneur appointments GCDPi, TM ship eventWeek 2 3L confirmed, In- IW logistics, - - OGX, BD, - kind for IW partnerships, Media confirmed relations GCDPi, TMWeek 3 5 colleges official Implementation of YE 3L 2.5L OGX, BD, YE partnerships programmes GCDPi, TM seminarsWeek 4 5 NGO fairs held, Successful delivery of - - GCDPi, TM, Impact Week 3 YE seminars event GCDPoWeek 5 400 associate Implementation of - - GCDPi, NGO fairs, members via ASAP project ASAP GCDPo, TM ASAP.Week 6 3 YE Follow up of ASAP, - - GCDPi, YE seminars, induction of AMs seminars GCDPo, TM ASAPWeek 7 35 GCDPo raises Conversion to ELD - - GCDPi, ASAP, YE via YE GCDPo, TM seminarsWeek 8 5 colleges with Follow up, pipeline - - GCDPi, ASAP, YE ambassador partnerships programmes GCDPo, TM seminars
    • Strategies and Innovations• Increased focus on University Relations.• Change in YE delivery to improve conversion.• Increased focus on quality of events delivered to improve brand in city.• Increased focus on RELEVANT media relations.
    • Promise to the LC50,000 INR revenue generated.35 GCDPo raisesCollege Ambassador Programme in 5 colleges.Media partnerships for 2013 Theme EVOLUTION
    • Commission PlanOGX CorporateNov. LCong 2012
    • Purpose• To create a concrete, processed base for oGIP for the years to come
    • Vision• Delivering high quality Entrepreneurial and Corporate Experiences to Graduates of the city, via maximum market capitalization.
    • Focus areaConversion IT/ET Subof raises to product matches!UR- Institute Pipelinepartnerships
    • 2 months plan Timeline Targets Priorities Income Investment Synergies Events (if any) (R-M-R where applicable)Week 1 1-0-0 Matching 5000 Posters MarketingWeek 2 2-1-0 Matching 15000 Social Media Marketing and URWeek 3 3-2-1 Matching 30000 Marketing and URWeek 4 3-3-0 Matching 30000 Marketing/oG CDPWeek 5 1-3-0 Matching/Pro 20000 oGCDP/ motion OF O Marketing GIPWeek 6 0-1-0 Matching 5000 oGCDPWeek 7 3-2-1 Matching 30000 Flyers oGCDP/Marke ting and URWeek 8 2-3-2 Raising and 35000 Marketing Matching and UR
    • Strategies and Innovations• Capitalization of the IT pool, language institutes, post-grad coaching classes.• EP Videos on matching Forums• EP should self match• Access to search tools• Staying in touch with matched/realized TN’s managers• Reverse raising-matching• GCDP internship for ET
    • Promise to the LC15 raises15 matches5 realizations
    • ThemeIt is YOU v/s your Market #WorkTillYouDrop
    • Commission Plan iGCDP Nov. LCong 2012
    • Purpose• Creating cross generational positive impact on society by delivering high quality experiences.
    • Vision• Delivering high quality experiences to interns and stakeholders while being relevent to society.
    • Focus area• To greatly impact the society and build a strong brand name for AIESEC in Pune, not only In the city but all across the globe.• Empowering our interns and members with the help of our partners to create life changing experiences.
    • 2 months plan Timeline Targets Priorities Income Investment Synergies Events (if any) (R-M-R where applicable)Week 1 0-8-2 Strenghtening 1,10,000 12,000 Whole LC for Dec 1 HIV dept culture HIV events, O AIDS EventWeek 2 10-15-12 Strenghtening 80,000 10,000 TM. O HIV Expo, processes, IR. college seminar.Week 3 25-25-7 IM, Delivery. 50,000 15,000 F, O HIV RallyWeek 4 20-25-7 Delivery, CRM 50,000 - BD, O College & school seminarsWeek 5 20-20-10 IM, delivery 60,000 22,000 F, O Slum driveWeek 6 15-20-20 Events, 1,05,000 15,000 O Event with delivery RotaryWeek 7 0-10-25 Logs, Prep for 1,25,000 20,000 OGX, O Global Village GV.Week 8 0-10-30 1,50,000 15,000 O Trainee events
    • Strategies and Innovations• To maintain strong CRM.• Have clear expectation setting with EPs and partners.• EP buddy system.• Effective package planning.• Doing a good number of impactful events not only with an aim of building a strong brand name but also to generate a good amount of profit.• Proper IR and IM capitalization.• By synergizing not only with a specific department but making sure there is LC involvement in ICX activities.• Endorsement letters from clients.
    • Promise to the LCTo end the year at 300 projections while makinga good amount of profit, and leaving thedepartment with strong IR, IM and having anNPS rating 8+.
    • ThemeTalk big and walk the talk.
    • Commission Plan iGIP Nov. LCong 2012
    • Purpose• Positively representing the core function of AIESEC in front of the Corporate and Educational Sector by adding value to the respective sectors and delivering maximum amount of quality GIP experiences.
    • Vision• Market capitalization through being relevant in our external market.
    • Focus area• CRM tool implementation.• Matching and Delivery• LN implementation• Synergy with BD• Program Delivery Efficiency.• Getting new clients
    • 2 months plan Timeline Targets Priorities Income Investment Synergies Events (if (R-M-R any) where applicable)Week 1 6 – 15 - 0 30,000Week 2 10 – 12 - 2 70,000Week 3 11 – 14 - 12 SJSD Follow 66,000 10,500 Learning up EventWeek 4 13 – 12 - 13 SJSD follow- 3,500 Learning up; Reach 2,15,500 Event outWeek 5 5–8–8 Reach out 57,000Week 6 5–8–6 Reach out 25,000 3,500 Learning follow up EventWeek 7 12 – 10 – 6 Reach out follow upWeek 8 14 – 15 – 8 3,500 Learning Event
    • Strategies and Innovations• “Reach out” – A project with the purpose of market presence.• Leverage out of SJSD
    • Promise to the LCRaises : 75Matches : 94Realizations : 55
    • Theme•Raising the bar, Matching expectations,Realizing the dream!
    • Commission PlanTalent Management Nov. LCong 2012
    • PurposeTo Increase and deliver good qualitymember experiences
    • VisionTo engage, empower and develop everymember of AIESEC in Pune
    • Focus area• Performance tracking• Knowledge management (IM)• Experience Delivery• Training• Boost ELD• Associate Membership• TM boosting OGX• Virtual Roles• EP Re-integration
    • Timeline Targets Priorities Income Investme Synergies Events (if any) (R-M-R where nt 2 months plan applicable)Week 1 Member Tracking Update and review of - - All portfolios - membersWeek 2 Associate Setting up college Minimum one lakh for - OGX, Marketing, ER Youth empowerment membership and partnerships and defining external seminars and sessions OGX cells job roles youth empowerment in collegesWeek 3 Virtual Roles Setting up virtual roles from other LCs and increasing ILCEPS for members going on vacations. Doing a need based assignment of roles.Week 3 IM portal and Creating and collecting Finance (IM) documentation relevant resources for member development and transitionWeek 3 PGS for the MB and Alignment of goals and Mentorship group guidance for the membership PGS for the membersWeek 4 Transition Create week wise transition - - All portfolios Transition meetings activities and agenda for the sameWeek 5 Tracking of member Feedback and case studie, - - ER and GIP for experiences exit interviews for the recruitment of members, certifications and AIESECers Job opportunitiesWeek 6 EP Re-integration To structurise job roles for OGX the returned EPsWeek 7 OS evolution Create Job roles for all the All departments membersand organisational structure such so to ensure maximum increase in the ELD programsWeek 8 LEAD launch for External speakers and a 2013 and campaign detailed plan and timebound agenda for training and development for the year 2013
    • Strategies and Innovations• Creating AM programs through placement cells in colleges to boost ELD and eWa• Creating an online library for knowledge management• Virtual TMP and TLP roles in other LC• External department mentors
    • Promise to the LCMembership review, tracking, overalldevelopment and empowerment of allmembers of AIESEC in Pune leaving thenext year with a strong leadership base. Tocreate strong processes that can be followedin the next year.
    • ThemeEMPOWER