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Series 34 G -Satya Prakash -History of Pirana Satpanth Guj


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Satya Prakash - A comprehensive yet brief book, in Gujarati language, on history of Pirana Satpanth

Satya Prakash - A comprehensive yet brief book, in Gujarati language, on history of Pirana Satpanth

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  • Hello Satya Prakash, I have been looking for documents and text to find out about my roots, please connect with me on facebook Zahra Patel and email Zahra I would love to engage in friendly dialouge. It's amazing you published this, I am so glad you did all this research, thank you so much!

    Zahra Patel
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  • 13. Preface ° ð ° ð ° . È ° ì . ì ì .Everybody, at some point of time would be curious about one’s past and of his ancestors. Inschool we only learn about history of our Country and Society in general. Hence, myknowledge about the history of our community was limited to the knowledge I got fromacademics. ì , Ž ì , ð ° . , ° ì , ½ ½ , ° , ± , , ½ Ž ½ ½ . Ž ° Ž ° . ° , ½ Ž ,ˆ „ .  ½ ‡ .Our Community, Shri Kachchh Kadva Patidar Community, had never understood theimportance of educating its members about the true history. From the time I grew, the onlything I heard was that our Community, originally followers of Santan Religion (Hinduism),used to follow Satpanth religion, a nizari shia muslim sect, also known as ImamShahiSatpanth or Pirana Satapanth, advocated by a muslim, Imam Shah Bawa, who came fromIran. And of-late re-embraced Hindu religion few decades ago. The level of generalknowledge about religious history, amongst the masses, was astonishingly so poor, thatthere was no known source to know about the true history.
  • 14. ° ì . , ì , . ˆ . ì . ° Ž ½ , , Ž Ž ° . ° ë ° . ½ ° ½ ½ ° . ˆ ° ° . ° ì , ½ .I always felt that the words ‘Community’ and ‘Society’ were one and the same and usedinterchangeably. On the other hand I used to hear about Sanatan Samaj and SatpanthSamaj (both separate societies) within our community. But I never bothered to put enoughefforts to understand the intricacies of the words ‘Community’ and ‘Society’. On the otherhand, I started noticing the cries in our society about the systematic atrocities caused bypeople from Satpanth Samaj. Literally every village, in Kachchh, was victim of the verysystematic atrocities (planned in a way that the victim gets entangled in false police andcourt cases) caused with the aim to create an environment of fear amongst the people whowork and speak for the interests of the Sanatan (Hindu) Religion. These cries becamelouder and louder. To my great dismay, I learnt that our community was not united and ithas two societies, the other being Satpanth Samaj, following the religion preached by ImamShah called Satpanth. , ‡ Ž , ½ ½ ½ ˆ . . .  ° ½ .
  • 15. Of-late, during the eve of 50th anniversary of the constitution of our Samaj (society), ShriAkhil Bharatiya Kachchh Kadva Patidar Samaj, (“ABKKPS”) the number of instances ofatrocities caused by people from Satpanth Samaj, increased dramatically. The pain causedby these atrocities was so high that it touched the nerves of common people. The feelingsof ordinary people were hurt. There was tremendous uproar amongst the ordinary peopleagainst Satpanth. My curiosity to know religious history increased and thus lead me to doresearch on Satpanth to understand its basis, fundamentals, principals and values. ° Ž ° , ,“ ˆ ” ° , ° , ° °. ˆ , , , , ˆ „ ½ Ž Ž ½ . ½ ,  , ½ ° . ˆ . ° . ° ° ° , ì ˆ ° , ˆ „ ½ , . ‰ ˜ ½ Ž . ì ½ , ˆ .ì  ° ° ½ . ± . ° ½ Š , Ž ° .I was shocked to learn that Pirana Satpanth uses the most dreaded and effective weaponof Islam, the Taqiyaa, to confuse, divide, conceal and to fool people to make them believethat Satpanth is a Hindu sect. Satpanth also advocates paying tithe (“Dasond”), (10% ofannual income) to its religious heads. Nobody has right to question the use of this money.Naturally more the number of followers, the greater would be the share of moneyreceived each year, by its leaders/preachers. The ulterior motive came out very clear and
  • 16. that was to save its dwindling number of followers from drifting away from PiranaSatpanth, by bringing in new followers from our Community, by fooling them to believethat Satpanth is a Hindu sect. This would not only give social security, but also financialsecurity. The use of Taqiyaa was very successful mainly because very large portion of ourcommunity was ignorant about its religious history and registration of new (formal)Samaj called Akhil Bharatiya Kachchh Kadva Patidar Samaj, in 1960, by the people whoquit Satpanth and embraced Sanatan Dharm. A point worth noting here is that areenough documents suggesting that informal Samaj was already in existence way backduring late 1930s and early 1940s, which was later on given a legal format, in 1960. , , ° ½ ° ‡ „ , . ˆ , ½ °, . Ž, Š Ž . .This is the point, where several likeminded people, whose hearts burnt for the cause andinterest of Sanatan (Hindu) religion, came together and started raising voices, as a jointeffort, against the atrocities caused by Satpanthis. Atrocities were part of Taqiyaa exercised,so that people do not raise questions about its Islamic connection. I personally was deeplydisturbed upon learning the modus operandi and objective of the people behind theseatrocities. These are the people who are solely responsible to disturb the peace andharmony of our Samaj. Ž ½ ˆ ° . . Ž ° Ž . Ž ° , ° , Š , ° . ° ˆ ° Ž Ž. .
  • 17. ½ ½ ½ Ž Ž ° ° ° Ž . Š ½ ˆ ° ½ ½ ¿ ½ .Within our Samaj, supporting the cause of Sanatan religion meant working against theinterest of Satpanthis. That means inviting trouble from people of Satpanth Samaj. I wastaken aback by this hard reality and felt like shying away by finding some good excuse likelack of time, somebody else would do, why me… etc. But, I always had a burning desire todo something for the interests of ordinary people. For days together, my thoughts neverallowed me rest in peace. Taking clue from the bad experiences of other Sanatan Dharmworkers, I wanted to shield myself from the systematic atrocities caused by use of falsepolice and court cases. Also, being an ordinary person of the Samaj and having no backingof leaders of ABKKPS, I felt it would be utter foolish and suicidal to come out openly insupport of Sanatan religion. Š Ž ° . Ž Ž ½ ˆ ° ° . . “Real Patidar” (“ Ž Ž ”) Ž , Ž , . ¿ ° Ž ° . ¿ Ž ° ‡ . ° , °, .Amongst these circumstances, I found an idea that was most suitable for me. I felt thatthere was an opportunity, whereby I could work for the interests of Sanatan Dharm and atthe same time need not reveal my true identity. The idea was to use the internet to thebest possible extent. I created an online identity using pen name called “Real Patidar” andstarted educating people of our Samaj about the true facts and its history, by way ofsending emails. My initial email id was, but later on as the load ofemails increased, I switched to This turned out to be most ideal and
  • 18. suitable solution as I could sit from my home, work voluntarily, and keep the members ofour Samaj, updated and educated, about the happenings and history of our Samaj and itsreligion. Ž ¿ ˆ ì ½ . ¿ ˆ Ž . ¿ ° ° ½ . . ( ¿ , °. ° ½ . “ Ž Ž ” Ž ° . ° Ž Ž .Toying with the idea, I started sending educative emails and in process started researchingon the community’s religion and its history. The outcome of my research work formed theemails giving full particulars of information and its basis. Slowly my work got noticed andalso appreciated. Many people started supporting and joining me. Later I created a group( on internet where ordinary people could also contribute.The magnitude of public participation went up so high that it became a people’s movement.I call this movement as “Real Patidar Movement”. Today thousands of people eagerly waitfor the emails from Real Patidar and its online group. . ° ° ½ , , ì ° Ž ° . ° ° Ž Š . ° ˆ ° , . - - , ½ ( ° ˆ ) Ž . .
  • 19. ° . ïŽ ¿ Ž ë .From the people’s response to the emails, two things became apparent. Firstly, that though peopleof our Samaj were aware that Satpanth was a Muslim religion, they were ignorant about its roots,how were the people of our community deceived etc. Secondly, on occasions when there was needto explain to the people outside our community about the facts of Satpanth, there was no singlebook which presented in a systematic way with solid documentary proofs. Hence some days back on20-Apr-2011, I created a presentation (which could be run on a computer or in a video player). Theresponse to the presentation was overwhelming and beyond all expectations. The response was sogood that people started demanding a presentation in a book format. Hence I have created a bookwhich contains the slides of the presentation and am presenting it before you. , ° Š Ž ° , ½, ° ½ ½ . ˆ ° ½ ° . ° ½ Ž Ž Ž “ Ž Ž ” Ž ° Ž .I sincerely thank all people (without naming anybody) for participating in the online group,giving suggestions, forwarding research material and supporting this noble cause for thebenefit of the ordinary people of our Samaj. Without the help and support of people fromthe ground, this movement would not have been so successful and would not have beeneligible to be called a “Real Patidar Movement”. ° ± Ž , ˆ . ° Ž ð . ° Ž , . . , ° °, , ë , . ½ Ž ° ½ ° ,
  • 20. ° . Ž ° ½ .I am personally extremely happy that my long and hard efforts have been fruitful in guiding,inspiring and instrumenting by the people and the leaders of the Samaj to take the steps inright direction. Also I am equally happy to note that I have been successfully able to makeuse of latest technology, the information technology, for the benefit of the ordinary peopleof our Samaj. Many people who were completely computer illiterate, started following theemails. Some of them actually learnt and started sending emails. Many such benefits willcome to light in due course. Surely, the benefit of this movement is multifold, with a hugepotential ahead. I am confident of getting more and more support and encouragement forthis noble cause. Equally I am confident that many more people will join the movement andreap its benefits. °... ½ . ½ .Concluding, we should not forget that…. the struggle is not over. The struggle is ON and it’sa long way ahead.|| ½ || || |||| Jay Sanatan Dharm || || Jay Laxminarayan Bhagwan || - - 18-May-2011 Ž Ž Real : Series 33 from the presentation: Series 33 from
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  • 27. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ dSX5TWs l` W Z 9 _hWh ThXD ?N_p se U XpFZ^Wh ;[h T]h ib]h 7Wp k j 5 m k XJŽ 9 _h V½Wh Zp k ] X5Td5 Uh] Z ib]h V½ Xh`ahah`h ib]hB se U XpFZ^Wh Kh: ?N_p 7_jWp [FahWWs 5 7aSh^ Wp Jp 8 h5PWp ZWhaWh^ 7E5P ]sSWs SpWhh5 ahd Jp ? k5 Spah _sDs hWp Jp Z 8 7E5P ]sS 7_tˆDD ^ŽSp iXShTj k h5 a5b ah^h5 ;S^ k5 8ap Jp ?N_p 7_jWh a5bKsh5 djVh a5b ap_hh5 ?D ]Š S Xhdp 8 7E5P ]sS e^ aESp es] Jp Z ]Š SWp 7E5P ]sSWs Vh^D S^ŽD° hWahh5 8ap Jp SpRp ? d]Wh :h 7Wp SpWh Dh^Rp 7_jWs aSs 7aSh^ S^ŽD° hWahh5 8ap Jp Z 7_jWh a5bh5K XpQŽ U^ XpQŽ 8 7E5P ]sS S^ k5 8ap Jp Z Vj^° Vj^° d] Xdh^ TSs F]s 7Wp Sˆ^D KFPhB S[pUs k W ah5 Dh^RsWh _jVp ib]h X5Th5 5N XPŽ dSX5TWs l` W Z 9 _h ib]h : h:_j iWLh^ X5TWj ThXWh yx|h5 7_hS eh_ :^hWh5 ?D : h:_j Uh: Ih^D edW? d Zhe h^h D^ahh5 8ap_ Jp edW? d Zhe :h iWL^ hN° Uh: k 5 Dh D^Sh eSh ?N_p SpWh Dh^Rp iWL^ D° iWL^Ž b UWs ]sF 8 X5TWh Whh5 D^ahh5 8ap Jp Z dSX5T ? iWLh^Ž X5T k 5 ?D XpNh Yh k 5 D° X5T Jp Z dSX5TWj Zp k ] bhEhB Jp W Es B 8Fh EhWWp :h S^ŽD° hWp Jp 7Wp W :h bheŽ D° as :h bheWh a5bKsWp :h S^ŽD° hWp Jp 8 X5TWp Xj^hRh X5T S^ŽD° XR B`Eahh5 8ap Jp Page 4 of
  • 28. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dh]½ Rh_j Z ]hW Jp W la½D Dh` Tj iWh]p_h Xj^ 7Wp Uh: h^YS :h Sp k 5 Dh D^° k k Z :h XsSp Xj^Wp iWp Jp Xj^Wp 7 D Fs_jD K ]h 8Xahh5 8ap Jp h5 k SpRp V½ Ih^ D^ahWs es] Jp 7Wp Wah 7 ]h]j bsVjWp _haahWh es] Jp Xj^ :hWp d] d] X^ XsShWh Dh]½Wj FiSWj RDh^Ž 8XSh es] Jp Z d^` [hchh5 dKah hN° :hWj ?D ^h XiSWj D° Œ ] d h es] Jp ]h^° Xj^ SpWj WjIp 7_F 7_F h5SsWh D_pDN^Wj d h [sFap Jp 7Wp Jp aN° :hWp KahZUh^ es] Jp Z Zj Zh k Uh: k 5 Dh e^ShY^Sh V½ Ih^ D^Ž Xj^Wj UU D^aj Z 8aj ^ŽSp :h XsSh k 5 G^ JsPÈh iaWh XsShWh Dh X^ ^s D5 s_XDP k ^hEj bDSs Dh^RD° SpWj Xhdp ?D ]aŠ TS d5 ThDŽ] h` k 5 Sq]h^ e k5 ThXWh ² ?D 8JŽ X ^° Eh Z Xj^ b dWs XPXsS^s Xj^ d m ŽW dSX5TWh dhIh W ThXD eSh Xj^ d m ŽWWj DZ^ ;I XhˆD ShWh5 Jp Z ?Wh UŽD^h 7Wp ; ^hiVDh^Ž Xj^ DZj k ŽW 7 k D_5U^ edW DZj k ŽW ? SpWh iXShWh DhWp 8F` ¿k aVh SpWj DZ^ XR ;I XhˆD ShWh5 Jp Z Xj^ DZj k ŽWWh UŽD^h :h bhe Xj^hRh dSX5TWh ThXD Jp Page 5 of
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  • 40. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sXF5Ph ² ˆQahUŽ 9 _h dhTp d5_ W Z 8 ^ŽSp k 9 _hWj WK^Tj Ks:? Ss 9 _h 7Wp ˆe„ k V½ W a IpWs S^ BJs D^ah hN° : h:_j V½ Ih^Ds? X iS 7XWhap_j eSj Sp 9 _hWh ˆQahUŽ id h5Ss 7Wp iaIh^ Vh^h dhTp ðh5] ND^hSj WTj l Z 5Dh5 sXF5Ph ?aj ^ŽSp Sq]h^ D^ahh5 8 ]s eSs Wh TDŽ ˆe„ k BWh V½Wh l ]s id h5Ss 7Wp 8Ih^iaIh^sWp O D^Ž XsShWh V½ X^ ia hd NŽ ] Z 8 ^ŽSp ˆe„ k BWp 8E^° 9 _h S^Y KSh ^ Sh X^ Ih_Sh D^Ž U° ah d5U[½ W Z : Sj8D kdW k ^°bj k SD ´Vj Šk _ D liWNŽ BY Vj 9 PsXhD q dZD ˆNWN D^hIj SS
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  • 83. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ds: XR V½Ws 7 ]hd SpWh5 dhˆe ]sWh 7 ]hd D^ah k iaWh 7 ^s Jp V½ D°aj ^ŽSp Ih_p Jp ! Sp k 5 Xh_W D°aj ^ŽSp Th] Jp ! SpWs ½ k 5 Jp ! 8aj ZVj ahSsWs KahZ V½Wh dhˆe ]s X^Tj `Ž 8apbp Z^hE k es^ W aS 7^h ^Žk dSX5Tj 7_jWj es^ aF½ _: Kah hN° k 5 aheW k _ k _ GsPs 7_j iW D_5DŽ _YŽDh^ 7aSh^h5 8 GsPh X^ ZpdjWp 7_jWj ZpVh^Ž D‡_„Fs Uµ ] dhp S_ah^ _Pbp Page 41 of
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  • 85. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FjWhW dhˆe ] N_j d h 7Wp hF½Ub½W 8X k5 FRp Jp k W Z dSX5TjB h^h VhiD FjWhW X^5 X^hWp d_hWs k 5 k ^hW 7Wp ˆe„ k BWh apUs Z FjWhW dhˆe ] Dh ] Xh5 Jp h5 WjIp KRhap_ k hB a^° _h Jp
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  • 98. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FjWhW dhˆe ]Ws D°N_s e a dSX5Tj k k W ^ŽU 7 ]h]j hN° FjWhW 5k D°N 5 k e a Jp ! Z FjWhW Xj^ h^h _Eahh5 8 ]h Jp Z Y^hW 8U° b Xj^ D° :h h^h 8Xahh5 8ap Jp Z :h De° Jp D° FjWhW 7Wp Y^hW a Ip D5: Y^D WTj Z Xj^ SpWh FjWhWh5 GRj K ]h? _Ep Jp D° FjWhWh5 :hWh Y^hW bhp_ Jp Z Xj^ ? _Ep Jp D° FjWhWh5 k ^hWWs iWIsP XR bhp_ Jp Z Z p FjWhW 7Wp Y^hWWp dhIajWp ^hEah k 5 7Wp ˆU_h5 ;Sh^ŽWp ^sK Sp k 5 Xh_W D^ k5 Z ?D k ^ŽUWh aWh5 FjWhW 7iS e a k 5 Jp 7Wp SpWh aF^ së Wˆe `p FjWhW ²V½ dhTp Zh5Vj ^hESs Xˆ^Z` W Z U^° D ^ŽU sjWWj Y^Kh5 FjWhW k5 Xh_W D^ah k5 8ap Jp ? k e aWp WjIp KRhap_ [haWh D Xˆ^Z`sWh ;X]sFTj Zh5Vahh5 8 k5 Jp Y^hW 5k Xh_W D^ah 5k Xe°_j Y^Kh5 8ap Jp SpWh Dh^Rp U^° D k ^ŽU k Vj FjWhW Xse Iah Ks:? Xe°_p Xh`s Sp dS k k Wj ahIh FjWhW 7E5P ]sS l^ Tj [^ l^ Jp 8 7E5P ]sSWh 7[hap KhS k dSX5T Xh`Wh^h _sDsWs d Uh] Wˆe ND° FjWhW Zs_s ^° WjS l^° []h½ Page 44 of
  • 99. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FjWhW ²V½ dhTp Zh5Vj ^hESs Xˆ^Z` FjWhWh5 7E5P W ]sS h5Tj WjD`p _h b Us Jp hN° SpWp ah5IKs ^° aj^h dSX5T dSp _j]p FjWhW ah5I 5k K ^Ž Jp k Y^hW Wˆe Xh`p Sp 7^h ^Ž Wˆe K: bD° ? Y^hW 7h^s Wh hWbp a_j Wˆe hWbp ahS Sp STh ˆD]h5 Wˆe Xhbp Wˆe `bp k ^W^Wp dhT FjWhW ²V½ dhTp Zh5Vj ^hESs Xˆ^Z` W FjWhW 7Wp Y^hWWj ìhW K ^ ah5IKs Xj^ 7Wp :h ?DK Jp Y^hW 5k 8ìhXh_W D^ahTjK Šk S `p Jp sjW IpShhWj De° Jp ? _hE Is^hbj Ss NŽ? Ks ^eŽ? 8XRh dS k k D° Y^hW he° k Uds U UŽ dS ^ Ep k k Ss ads esap 7^h ^Ž h5e ° Page 45 of
  • 100. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FjWhW ²V½ dhTp Zh5Vj ^hESs Xˆ^Z` W Y^hWWj 8ìh Xh_W D^ahTj Z^DS 7Wp së `p Jp se U XpFZ^° :hWp 7Wp dpaDsWp Y^hW djEahPÈh SpWh5 Dh^Rp SpB d m T]h 5 Y^hW Šk S S^Y _: Kbp b5Dh D° ZU_ha D^ahWj N WTj Y^hW 5k Xh_W K ^Ž Jp Xj^ XR :hWj ahS 5k Xh_W D^° Jp K]h^° :h Ds: DPD Y^hW D^° Jp ]h^° Xj^ XR Sp 5k Xh_W D^° Jp :hWh b Us Z 5k DŽSj Jp ? da X^Ž Jp SpWh ^ŽU SpWh U^° D Y^hW 5k Xh_W D^° k Jp Y^hW 5k Xh_W D^bs Ss 7E5P ]sSWh l^ Ub½W Tbp 7Wp Jp _p Y^hW 5k Xh_W W D^ahah`hWp Gs^ Xˆ^Rh [sFaah XPbp k 8 7Wp D_h W dSX5TWj VhiD ˆ ]h l aESp XQahh5 8aSj k 8 7Wp D_hB X^ ?D 8JŽ L_D Page 46 of
  • 101. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ k 8 7Wp D_h W 8 K ]h? 8XRWp ?D ahS FKh5 ^hEaj K ^Ž Jp D° eL^S 7_j 9 _hWh ThXD k se U XpFZ^Wh Kh: Jp SpWp dSX5TjB SpWh U° a S^ŽD° hWp Jp 7Wp SpRp ia Ws 5 yxs 7aSh^ 7Wp iW D_5DŽ Wh^h]R D° ðh^° D Y S Wh^h]R S^ŽD° XR d5ZsVahh5 8ap Jp Z k 8 b U 7^Zj [hchWs b U Jp Z dSX5Tj l 7Wp 7 ] VhiD ˆ ]hBh5 k 8 7Wp D_hB Zs_ahh5 XQahh5 8ap Jp Z dSX5TWj l h RsWh ehTp WTj D^ahh5 8aSj k Ej D° dq ]UWh ehTp D^ahh5 8ap Jp Z dq ]UsWp SpWh 8 h‰ D k k hWp Jp 7Wp VhiD ZhZSsh5 da I FRp Jp Z k ]Wh K Tj _:Wp V½ FjDh^Tj _9 ^R 7Wp ^R XJŽ UhNahWj ˆ ]h k VjWh U^° D WhWh sNh d5F hN° 7_F 7_F k 8B Jp k 8 7Wp D_h Z U^° D WhWh sNh
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  • 113. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ k 8 7Wp D_h Z U^° D k 8Wj b 8S 8WhTj Th] W ´v Y^hW Zj j _h e^^e°hW W^^eŽ dSFs^ Xh h :hbheh 8U ia k iW^5 KW W^7_j e5Ubheh k 8 7Wp D_h Z 7Wp U^° D k 8 8WhTj WTh] l^Ž ´dSFs^ :hbheh W^7_j e5Ubheh eD _h?_heh 9 _ _hes e5 k ^ ^ _j _he° k Page 48 of
  • 114. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ k 8 7Wp D_h Z dh_ y€zh5 Sp aESWh Xj^hRhWh DhDh ba W ^h ? [h5E_j p l iaiV WhWj IsXPŽ Zeh^ XhPŽ eSj Z dSX5TjAWj k ] d5 Th Vj :h bhe Zhah ^sLh d5 ThW DjNŽ N Wh Ip^pW XU° epbh DhDhK es] Jp 8 d5 Th 9h bhe U^FheWj U° E ^° E D^° Jp 8 d5 ThWh DhDh? 8 IsXPŽ Zeh^ XhP°_j Jp Z k ]hB 7Wp D_hB k 5 8 k SDh5 Z k dh d5D_W Jp Z eap XJŽWh _h9Ph5 Sp k SDWh5 7 D XhWh5 7Wp SpWj k U^Wj iac] a k B X^ WK^ D^Ž 5k [h5Ep_j l iaiV STh ìhW DhbD DhDh da ^h :hbhe Zhah ^s Xj^hRh Page 49 of
  • 115. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D`bWp lX _sZhW _FhPahWj k 8 WZj se U XpFZ^ 7Wp 5 7 _he hN° hT½Wh k PUhWp UhN]h XJŽ Zs_ahWj k 8 WjIp hRpWj hT½Wh Jp k
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  • 118. 5 Page 50 of
  • 119. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ k Epd^ aYhUh^ ^ŽU Wp sQ° Jh5N WhEahWj k 8 W V • 7T^ apUŽ Xj^ bhe • l^ 7E5P ]sS • P^° Sp S^° • Zh^ D^sPŽWj dsZS `p Xha` XjahWj k 8 W V k as D°aj ^ŽSp ˆe„ k U° as ah D° h ia k e°bWh Whs Wp iW D_5DŽ Wh^h]R dhTp KsPŽWp ahX]h½ Jp Xha`Wp l^ dhTp KsP k5 Jp Page 51 of
  • 120. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7_jWj 7^ Ehd W V Ds: Wh Rp 7‡_DŽ F_j k EjWj SsZh5 W V k
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  • 124. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ dh^h5b ²I^R y
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  • 212. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ShˆD]h ?N_p k5 ! W Z ShˆD]hWs S_Z _sDsWp Jp S^ŽWp 9 _hWh b^Rsh5 _: 8a k5 SpWh5 hN° Ds: XR ^ŽS 7XWhaj bDh] D° W Es k5 Zs_ k5 W SsPŽ ^sPŽWp ia mS iWapUWs D^ah W Xha k5 W iac]Wp Zj ^ Sp _9 K k5 W EsNŽ Us SjWh Uhah D^ah aFp^ aFp^ Z ShˆD]hWp Y S aZIha hN° Wˆe XR dˆ ] Jp S^X PŽ hN° aX^h] Jp Z  j dUŽTj d_hWs ShˆD]h ahX^ŽWp XsShWh k Ws Wp Iaah Laah Wp SpWh k 5l 5l [hF_h XhPŽ SpWh ;X^ S ehd_ D^ŽWp 9 _hWh b^Rh5 _: 8aah hN° ahX^° Jp Z Es 5k D^ahWp WqiSDSh 7Wp l ]s dhTp Ds: d5ZV WTj ? Y S 9 _hWp aVh^ah hN° 5 7Wp Sp D^Sj aESp XsShWp ZIah hN° Jp 8Fhj _h:Ph5 eap 8XRp Ks 5k ShˆD]h d aSs iaˆPB d] 7aVj P²V
  • 213. k ^s iaˆPB 7e Ks: bDbs KWWSZZZRXWXEHFRPZDWFKY .(-RN Page 72 of
  • 214. - v1----------------------------------- Page 73 of
  • 215. - v1----------------------------------- Page 74 of
  • 216. - v1----------------------------------- Page 75 of
  • 217. - v1----------------------------------- Page 76 of
  • 218. - v1----------------------------------- Page 77 of
  • 219. - v1----------------------------------- Page 78 of
  • 220. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ . 8Fhj _h:Ph5 eap 8XRp Ks 5k Jp S^X PŽ d aSh iaˆPB d] 7aVj P²V
  • 221. k ^s iaˆPB 7e Ks: bDbs KWWSZZZRXWXEHFRPZDWFKY GE,U:MJN Page 79 of
  • 222. - v1----------------------------------- Page 80 of
  • 223. - v1----------------------------------- Page 81 of
  • 224. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ . Page 82 of
  • 225. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 83 of
  • 226. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ShˆD]h W Z dsF5U _:Wp Es k 5 Zs_ 5k hd Eh 5k Uh k Xj 5k k hWp SsPŽ ^sPŽWp ia m S iWapUWs D^ahWj D: XR Es k 5 D^ 5k XsSp Ds:DWs ibDh^ esahWs Ps` D^as ShˆD]h N 8Xp Jp Z XsShWh ZIha 7Wp 9 _hWh Yh]Uh hN° 9 _h dhTp ˆU_Tj aYhUh^ ^eŽWp k k XsSp d_hW esahWs 9WDh^ D^ahWs 7Wp V½ JsPahWj XR ?D d_hWWp N Jp 5l Z ah Sah5 9 _hWh id h5Ssh5 Th]_j Jp S^X PŽ Jp SpWp ^R li k 5 k5 k _Ph: Dtb ] R S^ŽD° Ws U^Ks 8Xahh5 8ap Jp 7Wp GRj aES SpWp k ^aj^Sh dhed Vq]½ 7Wp a ]hFTj XR ehW FRahh5 8ap Jp ShˆD]h Z Zj k ¿k W E ia hWs? D° 7 0 7 k _he 7_ k Zj
  • 227. 7Wp eŽU k k k ˆUW ZjW 7_7^Zj
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  • 229. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ShˆD]h W Z ‰KehU ;X^ ZWhap_j ?D 7^Zj Dh lWj Šk SDhh5 KRh k5 Jp D° Dh W k hN° 9 _hWj Ih^ k ] bh`hB? VFKRROV RI ODZ
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  • 231. _Ep Jp ´ k ?N_p Jp S^X PŽ ?Ws k S_Z D° ?D VhiD ]s h hN° ; 7Wp Xˆ^ lR½ k Jp ? Jp S^X PŽ k 5 W D° ND^ha 5k Dh^R D° ND^haWh l` ES^hTj ZIjWp Jp S^X PŽ h^h S ehd_ D^Ž bDh] 7Wp XsShWp k TWh^h d5[iaS DdhWTj XR ZIj bD° ´ Z se U XpFZ^? ]hUFh^ GscRh D^Ž eSj D° 5 k ?N_p Jp S^X PŽ Page 85 of
  • 232. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ShˆD]h ²ia^sVh[hcj 8]hSs W k ^hWWh ia^sVh[hcj 8]hSsWj dhTp ShˆD]hWj ]h ]h D° aj ^ŽSp D^aj Z ]hW la½D ah5IWh^ Ds:XR ]Š S k ^hWWh ia^sVh[hcj 8]hSsTj 7 R W ^eŽ bD° Ehd D^ŽWp aj ^ŽSp bh5iS 7Wp deWbj_ShWj 8]hSsWj _Fs_F ˆe„dh D 7Wp 7deWbj_ShWj 8]hSs Jp Z _Ph: 7Wp bh5iSWj 8]hSsWh Zh^hh5 8Ub½ iaIh^Vh^h ? Jp D° K]h^° k k d_hWs DKs^ es] 7Wp _ Sjh5 es] ]h^° bh5iS 7Wp deWbj_ShWj 8Ub½ahUŽ ahSs D^aj 7Wp Spaj ^ŽSp SpB? aS½ 5k XR K]h^° SpB K Sk bŠ Sbh`Ž es] ]h^° _Ph: 7Wp iaK]Wj 8]hSsh5 KRh ]h hRp GhSD k_s D^as ShˆD]h Z eUŽd se U XpFZ^Wh ;XU° bs 7Wp D 8Vhˆ^S ?D 5 W _sDi ] Šk _ De°aS hRp ZWj bD° Ss ehTTj Z`Tj ‰KehU _Paj Wˆe Ss k ZhWTj _Paj Ih^ D^ŽWp 7Wp Ks ? XR W Th] Ss ˆU_Tj D° XsShWh :^hUhBTj _Paj Z eUŽd Ks Ds: Dh D^ah hN° Sp bXT _jVj es] 7Wp XhJ`Tj Zj k 5 D5: dh 5k _hFp Ss Sh^° bXT SsPŽWp dh 5k es] ? D^ k5 k Z ShˆD]h ? Fp ^ d_hW hN° ?D iWŒ ] 7Wp k S ES^s Jp Page 86 of
  • 233. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ k5 ShˆD]hWp D°aj ^ŽSp B`E ! ShˆD]hWh aX^hbWp WjIp KRhap_ W k ] k hTj B`Ej bDh] W5 k s W5 k s dhpah`h dhp esib]h^Ž ahX^aj XsSp ibDh^ esahWs WhND D^as ]hSWhBWs EsNh Uhas D^as S ]s dhTp Jp PJhP D^ŽWp k KaR ;[j D^aj dShRjWs WhND D^as $ FPZPŽ Y°_haj dhpah`hWs ah5D DhQas Nh` k5 k d S Wj h5FRj D^aj WDh^Ž U° k5 S[pUsWs Yh]Us _pas V½ k5 7Xe^R T k5 ]Š SFS k_s D^as ;X^ KRhap_ k hBWp d aSs ?D WhWs iaˆPB 8F`Wj _h:Ph5 Ks 5k 8Fhj _h:Ph5 eap 8XRp Ks 5k ShˆD]hWp B`Eah hN° « k ?D D 6LOHQW
  • 234. iaˆPB d] 7aVj P²V
  • 235. k ^s iaˆPB 7e Ks: bDbs KWWSZZZRXWXEHFRPZDWFKY 738R7[MF0 Page 87 of
  • 236. - v1----------------------------------- Page 88 of
  • 237. - v1----------------------------------- Page 89 of
  • 238. - v1----------------------------------- Page 90 of
  • 239. - v1----------------------------------- Page 91 of
  • 240. - v1----------------------------------- Page 92 of
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  • 242. - v1----------------------------------- Page 94 of
  • 243. - v1----------------------------------- Page 95 of
  • 244. - v1----------------------------------- Page 96 of
  • 245. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 97 of
  • 246. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ . Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF W ShˆD]hWh k ]sFWh 7 D UhE_hB Page 98 of
  • 247. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF W _F[F ZVh d5bsVWDh^s 7Wp ia hWs SpK DsN ? XR Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWh TSh aX^hbWj W V _jVj Jp k 7 D UhE_hB k hB
  • 248. dSX5TWj ThXWh dSX5TWj ThXWhWs e° k5 ShˆD]hWj UUTj ˆe„ k BWp d_hW k ZWhah k 5 Jp SpWh5 Dh^Rp _sDs ˆe„ k B`E ^hEjWp Vj^° Vj^° 9 _hj ThBWp ah^ 7XWhaj bD°
  • 249. ˆe„ k VhiD k SDsWp N D]h½ 7Ta½ apU FjSh ^hR ah5 k ] ˆe„ k VhiD k SDsWp k N D]h½ D‡_ Fh5 k ^hWWp 7Ta½ apU S^ŽD° e°^ D^ahh5 8 ]s ˆe„ k BWp iS k k D^ŽWp SpWp d_hW ZWhaahWj dsIj d Ih_ eSj Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
  • 250. ˆe„ k U° asWh 7aSh^Wp k W N D^ah ² V 7aSh^ Ud 7aSh^ D DŽ 7aSh^ aFp ^ ˆe„ k U° asWh 7aSh^Wp N D^ŽWp Sph5 9 _hj S as dhPŽ UŽUh ]h^ ZhU ? k5 Ohdhahh5 8 k5 D° Ks së Ks:Ss es] k Ss 9 _hWs FjDh^ D^as XP°
  • 251. 9 _hj S asWp ˆe„ k U° asWh Whs 7Xh]h eL^S 7_j k5 Wh iW D_5DŽ Wh^h]R ZjZj YhiShWp 8 ] bŠ S se U XpFZ^Wp 5 h :h bheWp hWs 7aSh^ :h bhe Zhah k5 Wh :h bhe eh^hK aFp^° aFp^° Ks dSX5T IsEs esS Ss bh hN° 8ah hD Wh ^hEah XPÈh! Page 99 of
  • 252. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
  • 253. ˆe„ k iaiVB W N D^Ž ˆe„ k VhiD iaiVBWp ?aj ^ŽSp N D^ahh5 8aj D° Wh TDŽ _sDsWj ˆe„ k V½ ;X^ 8 Th BJŽ T: ] KWs: ;S^haahh5 8aj PUhBWp k ˆe„ k BWj Zh`ahWp ZU_p UhNahWj Th b D^h: aFp^ aFp^°
  • 254. ˆe„ k BWj 8 ThWp N D^ahh5 8aj Fh]Wp ^ahTj aF½ `p F5Fh WUŽ 5ˆU^s liS l h Rs aFp^Wp bhiXS ZShajWp _sDsWh WTj ;Sh^Ž U° ahh5 8 ]h aFp^ aFp^ ah5Is V 7aSh^ FjWhW SpajK ^ŽSp FjWhWh ? k5 XR ZShahh5 8 k5 Jp D° k X T^ X k 7Wp mëWp lKah Wˆe Ks k bs Ss dahXs^ ˆUad IPbp ]h5 _Fj JhSj X^ X T^ _:Wp Y^bs SpTj 8 RpWp lKah Wˆe 8aj ^ŽSp _sDsWp P^hajWp ˆe„ k VhiD ^ŽS ^ŽahKsWp Xh`Sh Z5V D^h ]h Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
  • 255. ˆe„ k VhiD [Š S [KWsFjSsWp W N D^ahh5 8 ]h Wa^h jh5 FahSj F^ZjWp Xe°_j ae°_j N D^ahh5 8aj k as Xj^ d m ŽW _pEjS F^Zj FjWhW
  • 256. K S l^Ž 7Wp sjW IpShhRj aj Jp S^hRj ahSh½ B ^Iahh5 8aj k W K S ^Ž ² _sDsWp dSX5T S^Y 8Dc½ah 8 ahSh½ ^Iahh5 8aj W sjW IpShhRj ²:h 7Wp dSX5T V½ ;X^ b5Dh D^° 7Wp Uds U W 8Xp Ss Sp _sDsWp SpWh De°ahSh E^hZ Xˆ^RhsTj P^haah hN° ahSh½ ^Ij Page 100 of
  • 257. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
  • 258. W ˆe„ k BWp SpWh l`Tj ;EPŽ DhQahWs ] W hF DhDh 7Wp :h bheWh a5bK dq ]U ah_jj]h? D JWh Rp Xh5IPhBWj Sh yz xyy€Wh ?D d[h Zs_hajWp DDXh ìhiSWh _sDsWp h RsWh k ehTp ˆ ]h D^ah X^ iSZ5V DahWs 8U° b 8 ]s k
  • 259. SpajK ^ŽSp aeŽa5IhB X^ iSZ5V DŽWp SpWj Xhdp XsShWh Xˆ^ah^Wj W V W D^haahWh 8U° b Zeh^ XhPÈh
  • 260. 8 ZVh 8U° bsWs l` e° k5 _sDsWp SpWh ˆe„ k l`Tj k Uh D^ahWs ] W eSs Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
  • 261. W dWhSWj WpShBWp ZUWh D^ahWs X5I ShˆD]hWj ?D ^RWjiS hRp dWhShWjBWj ˆeSWj ahS D^ahah`h _sDs dhp S W EsNh ]Š SFS 8ëpXs D^ahh5 8ap Jp UhE_h S^ŽD° Wh^h]R ^h ? _ jWh^h]R d5 Uh] ThXahWj ZWhaNŽ ahSh½ a k hˆeSj hN° k B ZZZUHDOSDWLGDUFRPVHULHV 6HULHV SpK d5S BVa^h ˆe S[h: ^pb[h: aFp^°Wh dhp XR ePePSh EsNh X aj DhQ°_h k ëpXs D^° Jp eh_h5 :q_s dSX5TjB D° Jp Sph5 aX^hSj [hch? Ss dhh‰KD iaapDWj ZVj e s Xh^ D^Ž UŽVj Jp Z dSX5TjB h^h dWhShWj WpShBWp ]Š SFS ^ŽSp ;Sh^ŽXhPah DsibbWs k ] e° k5 dWhShWj WpShBWp ZUWh D^ŽWp SpWj d Ih: 7Wp :hWUh^Ž X^ dah_ lDŽ U° as Tj dSX5T ia k D^° k5 SpWh Dh X^ 7 R _sDs b5Dh D^° Z dWhSWjBWp ZUWh D^ahWs e° k5 _sDsWp k KaRh5 k DŽWp dWhSWj WpShBWh Dh ]p _sDs k 5 hW B 5 D^ah k 5 XR Jp Page 101 of
  • 262. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
  • 263. dWhSWj WpShBWp ZUWh D^ahWs W X5I Z XR dSX5TjB SpWj ^RWjiSWj 8P 7d^Tj ZIj W bðh Sp k 5 Es k 5 K_UŽTj _sDs dhp 8aj F k 5 7Wp SpWh5 Dh^Rp dSX5TWs iac] _sDsh5 FSs ^ s dWhSWj WL^Tj 8 ahSTj SpWp GRj UU `Ž 7Wp _sDsWp dSX5T ia k _Pah hN° [pFh D^Ž bðh Z 8 XR dSX5TjB 8 ^RWjiS ahX^° Jp XR dWhShWjB k [h ]bh`Ž Jp D° SpWp DdhW TahWp ZU_p Yh]Us T: ^ s Jp Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
  • 264. WFP5 S id h5Ss ;[h D^ahh5 8ap W Z SpWh Wah XF_hBWp ahKZj O^haah hN° eh_Sp Ih_Sp Wah id h5Ss Zeh^ WjD`Ž 8ap Jp Z eRh ?D Was id h5S XpUh T]s Jp 8 id h5S Jp Waj IsXPŽB Zeh^ XhPahWh XF_h5Wp ]hKZj O^haah hN° ;X k S Dh^Rs XpUh D^ah 8 Was id h5Sh5 ? De° Jp D° d_hW ^h B? dSX5TWj VhiD k SDs ZU_j WhEj eSj ?N_p k SpWp XhJŽ ZU_jWp l` k SDs ^ k D^° Jp Z ah Sah5 Ds:XR Šk _ ^h ? dSX5TWh dhˆe ]s dhTp Ds: ZU_ha WTj D^h ]h DDXh ìhiS? ˆe„ k ^h BWj S^ŽD° 8 V½Wp dDPs ac Xh ]s dhˆe ]s ZU_ah X^ Ds: Ks^ Wes k5 Z [h^Sh5 ˆe„ k B hN° B^5 FLpZTj aVh^° ^ Ds: XR d_hW ^h WesSs ?D k Zh k ?ah B^5 FLpZ XhdpTj hR X `ahWj Ij Ij ahSs D^° Jp Ss Zj Zh k SpWh5 ah5 Šk _ ^h B? k SDs ZU_j ?aj ˆP„Fs h^° Jp Page 102 of
  • 265. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
  • 266. WFP5 S id h5Ss ;[h D^ahh5 8ap W Z [h^S 8LhU T k 5 ?Wp ~x ac½ T]h Sp Xe°_h5 zxx ac½ pKs? ^h ] D k¿ ?N_p Jp _h z~x ac½h5 Ss Ds: K ^Ž WseSjWp! Ks d_hWs? k k k dhˆe ]s ZU_j Wh ]h eSh5 Ss z~x ac½ Vj D° XhJh l` dhˆe ]s W _: 8 ]h Z eh_h5 De°ahSh Wah dhˆe ]s Zeh^ XhPÈh Sp Xe°_h5 :h bheWh Dh`TjK dSX5TWh dhˆe ]s Ds: XR Y°^ Yh^ aF^ Ih ]h Z 8 Z k 5 lIap Jp D° ShˆD]h ahX^ŽWp WFP5S Wah id h5Ss XpUh D^° Jp Xe°_j WK^h5 [_p dhIh _hFp XR K^h Ps iaIh^ D^Ž? Ss d Ih: dhp 8aj ] Jp Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
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  • 268. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^hRh dSX5T h^h ShˆD]hWs ]sF
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  • 305. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DDXh ìhiSh5 h5iSWj 7d^ iW Y`ShWh Dh^Rs ²
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  • 313. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^hRh dSX5Th5 7bh5iS Sˆ^D _Ph:B DsN½ D°d ²
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  • 316. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^hRh dSX5Th5 7bh5iS d aW D^ahWh iW Y` ]hds
  • 317. W Z Xj^hRh dSX5Th5 U^s U^ KFPh Ih_Sh eSh ]h^° ?D K_h_bheŽ dq ]U Zhah 7eU 7_j EhDŽ? Xj^hRhWh des ]sWp Y^ŽTj _Eah k5 Dh b k D ¿k Z 7eU 7_j EhDŽ? :h bheWh a5bK 7b^Y bhe ZhahWh ah^dUh^ esahWs Uhas D] SpB :h bheWj FhUŽWh djVh ; ^hiVDh^Ž W esah JSh5 SpB? Xj^hRh dSX5TWh aSh :h [FahW k ia Ws yxs 7aSh^ esahWs XR Uhas D] Z k k [FahW ia Ws yxh 7aSh^Wh ah^dUh^Wp eˆ^a5bj S^ŽD° hWahh5 8ap Jp ?N_p 7 D dSX5TjB SpWp e^Ža5bj dq ]U S^ŽD° hWah _h ]h eSh Z Xj^hRh dSX5TWj FZPSj eh_STj SpB ahD°Y eSh 7Wp SpWh ;Xh]h5 SpB? ShˆD]hWs ]sF D^ah k5 b D SpB? dhˆe ]sh5Tj 7^Zj b Us DhQŽWp ˆe„ k b Us Dah k5 WïŽ D ¿k k ¿k Z apUs ^hRs k ^hW Zh:Z_ k5 k k 5 ìhW _j k5 7Wp d5 mS [hch X^ k a p`aj _j 5k Z SpB? GRj k SDs JhXj h5 dSX5TjB k5 Ud 7aSh^ Wh k5 k SD k ] Jp Xj^hRh dSX5Th5 7bh5iS d aW D^ahWh iW Y` ]hds
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  • 319. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Xj^hRh dSX5Th5 7bh5iS
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  • 321. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WaiWiS ShˆD]h W k O li %DFNJURXQG
  • 322. Z y{x 7Wp yx a IpWh TsPhK Uh]DhBh5 D JWh :h bheŽ XhNŽUh^sWj Z kSj V^haSh dSX5Tj Fhsh5 bhWUh^ Xˆ^aS½W T]h5 Z Fhp Fh X^5 X^hFS dSX5Tj k Wh EhWh BWj Zh k h5 Wah5 iW]iS ˆe„ k _ jWh^h]R 5ˆU^s Z5Vh]h Z d5 ]hh5 _sDs dSX5T JsPah _h ]h ? Xj^hRhWh D^She^ShB hN° Z k 5 sNŽ ‡I„ShWs iac] eSs Z 8 d]p d U WbjWWs Uhas D^Wh^ b k ŽW EhDŽ XsShWp Xj^ 7Wp Xh :hWs k ] 7iVDh^Ž esahWs Uhas D^Ss eSs SpWp XhJŽ ShˆD]hWj ^ŽS Xh`ah k5 b D^Ž UŽ k5 Z 8Fh; _h:P Tj h5 KRh ]h hRp dSX5TjBWp :h bheWs a5b k ^s T: F]s esahWj EZ^ WesSj Spah _sDs V ia hd ^hEjWp SpWp hWah _h ]h Z XsShWh XhNŽUh^ i sWj UU _:Wp XsShWh k Wh i XN° _ D^dW 7^KR Jh[q]hWp DhDh Wj FhUŽ X^ ZpdhPŽ UŽVh WaiWiS ShˆD]h WaiWiS ShˆD]h
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  • 324. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WaiWiS ShˆD]h WaiWiS ShˆD]h
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  • 328. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WaiWiS ShˆD]h l` B`EWp NDhaaj ²
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  • 332. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ˆe„ k VhiD WpShBWj liDh Z W ShˆD]hWj UUTj ac½ h5 dq ]U 7eU 7_j EhDŽ 9 _hj Vh^RhBWp apˆUD S as dhTp KsPahh5 ?N_h dY` ^ h D° ˆe„ k ehd[h? dSX5TWp b5Dh k S e°^ D^ŽWp apˆUD V½ e°^ D] Z yx Tj zxxx a IpWh Uh]Dhh5 dSX5TjB h^h ShˆD]h ahX^ŽWp dh k d5p_Ws XR 8]s S D^ahh5 8 ]h 7Wp Sph5 SpWp eU bp dY`Sh XR `Ž Z ]h^ XJŽ 7iaI_Uhd eh^hK ah 7 D ˆe„ k VhiD WpShB? Xj^hRh dSX5TWp ?D ˆe„ k X5T S^ŽD° k e°^ D] Z XR ˆe„ k WpShB? De°ahSh hR X s 7 D b^Ss Wp 8VjW 8 ]h eSh Sp b^Ss eSj D° Xj^hRhWh k d5Ih_Ds? X5TWp ˆe„ k V½ S^Y ah`as 7Wp dSX5TWp 9 _h S^Y KSh5 7NDhaas Z XR ˆe„ k VhiD WpShBWp Xj^hRh h^h ShˆD]hWh TSh ]sFWj R W esahWj l^° l^Ž d5[haWh U° Eh] Jp ah Sah5 ˆe„ k WpShB ShˆD]hWh ibDh^ T]h Jp ? k5 Is k5 U° Eh: 8ap Jp Z 8Wh Dh^Rp DhDhWs Z p Xës dhTp dh^s d5ZV K`ah: ^ s ˆe„ k B SpWh DhWp Xd5U D^ah5 _h ]h 5 7Wp SpWp dhT 8Xah _h ]h ]h^° Zj Zh k dq ]U k _hWsWp EZ^ eSj D° DhDh ShˆD]hWs ]sF D^Ž ^ h Jp ?N_p eh_Wj Xˆ^Š TiS TsPh ˆUad hN°K Jp K]h^° ˆe„ k B k5 UZhR B 5 T: Kbp ]h^° SpB XhJh 9 _hj l` S^Y a`Ž Kbp 7[hDDXh dhKWj ;Uh^Sh 7Wp SpWj dhTp UFs W 7[hDDXh dhKWh dU ]sWj _hFRjWs k [ha Page 137 of
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  • 334. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7[hDDXh dhK dhTp UFs dhK ;X^ X^së iW]5 R W k Z XR dSX5TjB? I ^h:Tj ?D ^RWjiS ZWhaj 7Wp SpWh hRp Vj^° Vj^° 7[hDDXh dhKWj dhK d5 ThBh5 XF Xpd^s D^Sh F]h K_UŽTj D° j] dhK 7Wp Fh S^Wj dhKsh5 XR ; I es hB [sFaah _h ]h Z cP]5 ?N k5 k 5 e k5 D° dhKWh dWhSWj WpShBWj ShDhS 7Wp DKs^ŽWj W V _pahSj Z dWhSWj WpShBWj DKs^ŽWs Yh]Us _:Wp SpWh E^hZ d]h5 SpWp UU D^ŽWp SpWp XsShWh b]h5 _: _pahh5 8aSh Z SpWj b]h5 8ap_h dWhSWj WpSsB SpWs ia^sV Wˆe D^Ž bD° ? RjWp dSX5TjB Xˆ^Š TiSWs Yh]Us _pah _h ]h 7[hDDXh dhKWp WZ`Ž D^Ž U° ahWs SpWs Xs Dh]½ Is^Ž XjTj 8F` aVh^ah _h ]h Z Xˆ^Š TiS ?N_j E^hZ T: F: eSj D° dhK 7Wp dhKWh WpShB dWhSWj WpShB X^së ^ŽSp dSX5TjBWh iW]5 Rh5 8aj F]h 7[hDDXh dhK dhTp UFs k I ^h: [] Ih^ W Z 7[hDDXhdhK ;X^ iW]5 R V^haSh dSX5Tj WpShB epbh Xj^hRh dSX5T 7Wp SpWj d5 ThB dhTp aYhUh^ ^ h Z 7[hDDXhdhK WZ`Ž TSj F: XR Zj Zh k dSX5TjB? Xj^hRh dSX5TWj d5 ThBh5 VhiD 7Wp dh‰KD FiS D^Sh F]h K]h^° Zj Zh k 7[hDDXhh5 k ZpO°_h SpWh hRds? dWhShWjBWj FiS 7NDhaahWh l^° ^h ]hds D^Sh ^ h Z dhK k 5 iW]5 R p` ]h ZhU SpB? dhK 7Wp V½ k Uh esahWs Was id h5S ;[s D^ah5 _h ]h dhKh5 U^° D ]Š SWp Ds: XR V½ Xh`ahWj N Jp Spaj ahSs D^ah5 _h ]h Z 8 id h5SWh UUTj dhKh5 Ds:Wp XR VhiD k hB ;XhPah WesSh U° ahh5 8aSh dSX5TjBWp Ks: k5 e k5 Sp `ah _h k5 8 D^ahTj dWhShWjBWj XhdpTj SpWj VhiD Ih^s ‡I„ShB 7Wp ahSs ^ k D^ahWs 5I XR JŽWaj _jVs Page 139 of
  • 335. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7[hDDXh dhK dhTp UFs k I ^h: [] Ih^ W Z ^RWjiS Z k 5 d^` eSj dhKh5 Ds: XR ]Š SWp Ds: XR V½ Xh`ahWj N Jp ?aj ahS I_hajWp dhKh5 V½ hN° l ] 7aDhb [s D^Ž U° as Z Dh^RD° dWhShWjB Xhdp 8K Vj V½ k 5 k ] ThW W e k5 _sDs VhiD k k hB X^ k : ] 7Wp Ds: XR VhiD aheh5 [`Ž ] Spaj ^ŽSp DKs^ ZWj ] Z K]h^° dhKh5 8 DKs^Ž aVj ] ]h^° dSX5T V½Wp _sDs dhp k DŽWp SpWp dSX5TWh aheh5 [`Sh D^Ž U° ah 7[hDDXh dhK dhTp UFs Ih^Wj 7d^ W Z I ^h:Tj ZWhap_ ^RWjiS 7Wp sXF5Ph Dh D^Ž F k5 dWhSWjBWh ˆeSWj ahS D^ah k ah`hB UZhah5 8aSh F]h dhK 7Wp V½ k Uh Jp ?aj ahSs DeŽWp GRj aES dWhShWjBWp dhKh5 Zs_ah XR W U° ah k5 Z dWhShWjB Xhdp XsShWj ahS ^ k D^ah hN° Ds: 5I W ^e°ahWh Dh^Rp SpBWh Wh5 sV ZpIqWj 7Wp Wh^hKFj ;D`ah _hFj Z Zj Zh k dSX5TjB Xhdp XsShWh VhiD ; p bsWp Xh^ XhPah hN° SpWj d5 ThB Sq]h^ eSj SpWj UUTj XsShWh VhiD Dhs ^h D^Sh ^ h VhiD k h X^ dWhShWjB k _F[F pëD S^ŽD° ^eŽ F]h Z _sDs dWhShWjBWh ˆeS k 5 Dh D^Sh Sp k 5 WsZ` SsPah hN° SpWh dhp EsNŽ Xs_jd Yˆ^]hUs 7Wp EsNh DsN½ D°ds UhE_ D^ahh5 8aSh Page 140 of
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  • 363. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ dh^h5b Z Zh Xˆ^Š TiS 7 k X SpB XsShWj B`E ZU_j WhEp GRj W aES DDŽPhWj ^5 F ZU_jWp ˆe„ k U° Eha D^bp 7Wp 7jZhWj Dh^ ZU_jWp ˆe„ k BWh ^ŽS ^ŽahKs hT½WhB 7Wp X^5 X^hB XR Xh`bp Z 8 dSX5TjB ZVj Zh k Tj d5XPh: F]h Jp ?N_p dSX5TWs ]hF D^ŽWp Zh ˆe„ k U° Eha 7XWhaj _pb Rp ˆe„ k V½ ajDh^Ž p _jVs es] Z 8ah d5KsFsh5 SpWh X^ ia hd ^hEas 7d5[a Jp SpWj ahSs 7Wp D X^ [^sds lDŽ bDh] WeŽ dh^5 b B`E dhˆe ]s 7Wp W Z 8 Xˆ^Š TiSh5 Rah aj e aWj ahS ? Jp D° Xˆ^Š TiS 7 k k ` dSX5TjBWj h SpWj d5 ThB aFp^ R k hBWj 8d Xhd Y]h½ ^hEbp :h bhe eL^S 7_j D° iW D_5DŽ Wh^h]R Xj^hRh Š TS :h bheWj U^Fhe W V [ia ]h5 SpB Whs ZU_bp Wah ]h ]hW ;[h D^bp dhˆe ]s ZU_bp ShˆD] Xh`bp k XR SpWj B`E ;X^ KRhap_ R UhBWj 8d Xhd Y]h½ ^hEbp Z dSX5T ;X^ WK^ ^hEahah`hB? ;X^ KRhap_ R k sWp ]hWh5 ^hEah XPbp Page 156 of
  • 364. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ?D ˆe„ k Wj XjPh W ?D ˆe„ k Wp 9 _h S^Y KSs Ks:Wp Sp k 5 W XjPh] XR dSX5TjBWp [pFh ^hEp Ss Zj 5 ˆe„ k BWp DdhW XesIhPŽWp a k SD_jY 8Xp k DDXh ìhiS? dSX5TjBTj Jp Ps YhPŽWp BJh k DdhW ah`s ^ Ss 7XWh ]s 5HDO 3DWLGDU ZZZUHDOSDWLGDUFRP PDLO#UHDOSDWLGDUFRP ZZZIDFHERRNFRPUHDOSDWLGDU Page 157 of
  • 365. - v1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This page is intentionally left Page 158 of