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Group 1 - Happy Christmas Friendly Dragon
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Group 1 - Happy Christmas Friendly Dragon


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An electronic story of Happy Christmas Friendly Dragon by the children in L6 at The High School of Dundee

An electronic story of Happy Christmas Friendly Dragon by the children in L6 at The High School of Dundee

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  • 1. Happy Christmas Friendly Dragon By Ron Maris
  • 2. “ It’s Christmas Day tomorrow Mrs Robin!” “ Of course Mr Robin I know that!”
  • 3. Santa Claus lives with Mrs Claus in a big stone house high up in the mountains. It is Christmas Eve and time to pack up the presents for children everywhere. Rebecca and Bruno have come to help.
  • 4. “ I’m just going out to get the sleigh ready,” Rebecca and Mrs Claus stuff Santa’s big sacks, even Bruno does his bit!
  • 5. “ There must be more to life than this!” “ Never mind Santa keep digging anyway!” As far as the eye can see, there is snow piled high.
  • 6. “ Oh please can I help Santa Claus Mrs Clause?!” “ I’m sure you can Rebecca!” “ Come on reindeer! It’s time to go to work!” At last Santa is able to make his way through the snow to the reindeer stables.
  • 7. But there is a bad surprise inside. “ Oh dear! The reindeer all have the Flu! What shall I do!” “ I don’t know Mr Claus we haven’t much time!”
  • 8. Rebecca knows exactly what to do. “ Who will pull the sleigh, Mrs Claus?” said Santa. “ I’ll ask the heating engineer.” Rebecca said.
  • 9. “ Hello! What can I do for you?” said Santa. “ Can you help us friendly dragon? Said Rebecca.
  • 10. “ I’ve told Friendly to clear the runway.” “ I’ve got it! Friendly can pull the sleigh!” Everyone gets to work.
  • 11. “ Faster, Friendly, faster!” “ Fly safely, Friendly Dragon!”
  • 12. “ Here we are and down we go!” “ Mind that spire Friendly Dragon!”
  • 13. Santa Claus climbs into the very last chimney. “ Don’t get stuck this time Mr Claus!”
  • 14. “ Hush little dog don’t wake them up!” “ Hello! It’s Santa Claus!”
  • 15. “ How are you now, Reindeer?” “ Much better thank you Friendly Dragon.” Friendly Dragon brings them home.
  • 16. “ Hello, Rebecca. We’re home again.” “ A dog’s life isn’t so bad!”
  • 17. Happy Christmas everyone! Happy Christmas, Friendly Dragon!!!
  • 18. By Karyn, Duncan, Angus and Catherine