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[Rakuten TechTalk] Microsoft Azure (August 20, 2014)
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[Rakuten TechTalk] Microsoft Azure (August 20, 2014)


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Microsoft Azure Technical Overview Session at "Rakuten TeckTalk" in August 20, 2014.

Microsoft Azure Technical Overview Session at "Rakuten TeckTalk" in August 20, 2014.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Rakuten TechTalk Microsoft Azure SATO Naoki August 20, 2014
  • 2. About me •SATO Naoki •Azure Technologist, Developer Experience & Evangelism, Microsoft corporation • •Twitter @satonaoki •
  • 3. Why the cloud?
  • 4. Why the cloud? Rapidly setup environments to drive business priorities Scale to meet peak demands Increase daily activities, efficiency and reduced cost.
  • 5. On Premises Youscale,makeresilientandmanage Infrastructure (as a Service) Managedbyvendor Youscale,make resilient&manage Platform (as a Service) Scale,resilienceand managementbyvendor Youmanage Hosting models Software (as a Service) Business model Applications Scale,resilienceand managementbyvendor Why the cloud?
  • 6. Azure
  • 7. Azure footprint 16 regions worldwide in 2014 Data Centers
  • 8. Fortune 500 using Azure >57% >300k Active websites More than 1,000,000 SQL Databases in Azure >30TRILLION storage objects >300MILLION AAD users >13 BILLION authentication/wk >3 MILLION requests/sec >1.65MILLION Developers registered with Visual Studio Online
  • 9. Partners
  • 10. .NET Support2014 Offline Sync Mobile Services Networking Visual Studio & .NET Virtual Machines Memory Optimized Disk Optimized Resource Manager Portal VSO GA XamarinPoint-to-site VPN Web Sites SMB File System IBIZA Remote Debug VM Management SQL Database Puppet Chef Docker Powershell and DSC Capture / Deploy Autoscale Dynamic Routing Subnet Routing Static IP Storage Autoscale Traffic Mgr Web Jobs Backup Java Support ASP.NET MVC 5.1 ASP.NET Web API 2.1 AD support Powershell Automation Node.JS project support Remote Debugging Kindle Support BD’s up to 500GB 99.95% SLA Self Service Site Recovery Active GEO replication HDInsight Hadoop 2.2 YARN support .NET 4.5 .NET Foundation Azure Redis Cache API Management Site Recovery Remote Apps Cordova VSO Open Api’s Event Hub
  • 11. How we differentiate with Azure Enterprise Grade Hybrid Hyper-scale
  • 13. Connect every on-premises server to the cloud StorSimple Backup Hyper-V Disaster Recovery VMWare Disaster Recovery SQL Server Always On Active Directory Orchestration as a Service ExpressRoute Networking Azure On-Premises Datacenter
  • 14. Cloud OS Network hosting and service providers
  • 15. Support for Open Source Languages CMS Devices Databases / Apps Operating systems Management
  • 16. Trust through transparency 16
  • 17. Compliance:
  • 18. Azure Services
  • 19. Microsoft Azure Services Clientlayer (on-premises) Tablet Phone Games consolePC On-premises databaseBrowserOffice Add-in On-premises service AD Multifactor Authentication AccessControl Layer Integration layer Service Bus CDN BizTalk Services Traffic Manager Virtual Networks Express Route Application layer API Mgmt Websites Cloud Services VM Mobile Services Media Services Notification Hubs Scheduler Automation DataLayer Storage Blobs Tables Queues Data Machine Learning HD Insight Backup and Recovery SQL Database Caching StorSimple
  • 20. Demo: Azure Portal
  • 21. Getting started >_ REST API Virtual Machines Management portal Scripting (Windows, Linux and Mac) Select image and VM size Extra Small Small Medium Large X-Large New disk persisted in storage Cloud Blob Storage Comprehensive Networking Windows Server Linux Boot VM from new disk
  • 22. Microsoft Azure Certified
  • 23. Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Orchestrated disaster recovery to a second site or to Azure Communication and Replication Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Communication Channel Replication channel: Hyper-V Replica Primary Site Windows Server Recovery Site Windows Server Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Primary Site Windows Server Automated VM protection and replication Remote health monitoring Customizable recovery plans No-impact recovery plan testing Orchestrated recovery when needed
  • 24.  Game sessions hosted using Azure  Hosted using >100,000 Azure Virtual Machines
  • 25. • SQL Server database technology as a service • Fully Managed • Enterprise-ready with automatic support for HA • Designed to scale out elastically with demand • Ideal for simple and complex applications • Full support for TDS and ODBC • Familiar language and framework support • Cross Datacenter failover and backups to support disaster recovery scenarios SQL Database
  • 26. Big Data Insights Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Mashup sophisticated intelligent algorithms Enables data scientists and developers to efficiently embed predictive analytics into their applications Elastic, pay as you go with low operating costs Extend with Power BI, Hadoop and cloud hosted data Microsoft Azure HDInsight Microsoft instance of Hadoop distribution running as service Support existing ecosystem from Hive, Pig, etc Extended to support Excel and BI tooling Integration with diverse sources of data
  • 27. Microsoft Azure Web Sites Create new sites in seconds Easily manage and scale your sites Automatic load balancing and shared storage across instances Scale out or up to reserved instances for improved performance and scale Built-in web jobs support Use ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, Java or Node.js SQL Azure or MySQL databases Start with open source apps and frameworks Develop with VS and WebMatrix Supports any Web development tool on any platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) Rapid deployment for quick iteration Integrated source control with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Git Built-in monitoring of perf and usage data Quick access to request logs, failed requests diagnostics and diagnostics Office Blog ASP.NET
  • 28. • Full Portal Integration • Not just for Microsoft shops Visual Studio Online Agile Build Test Deploy InsightsCode
  • 29. Demo: Azure Preview Portal
  • 30. • Synchronize your corporate and 3rd party identities • Integration with O365 • Support modern protocols • OAuth 2.0 • OpenID Connect • WS-Fed • SAML 2.0 • Identity and Access Mgmt Permissions • Users • Groups • Applications Microsoft Azure Active Directory 3rd party clouds/hostingMicrosoft Azure AD You
  • 31. • On Demand Media Services • Video-on-demand • Ingest • Encode • Package • Encrypt • Delivery • Live Streaming Support • Office 365 Integration Azure Media Services Live video encoding and streaming Web + Mobile 100 million viewers 2.1 million concurrent HD viewers during the USA vs. Canada hockey match Olympics NBC Sports
  • 32. Mobile Services Storage Authentication Logic Push Scheduler • Provides essential services to support client development • Client Support • iOS • Android • HTML5/Web • Xamarin • Windows • Windows Phone • PhoneGap • Sencha
  • 33. • Dev / Test • Full test and dev environments in minutes • VSO integration • Lift and Shift • Take existing work loads and run then in a certified instance • Storage • Archive key data in inexpensive cloud storage • Big Data • Process key data into business intelligence using Hadoop or Machine Learning • Identity • Synchronize all your identities through Azure AD to control access to Apps, Data and Services • Web Apps • Take your web apps to the cloud using inexpensive Web Sites Key Scenarios to get started with Microsoft Azure
  • 34. Activate your MSDN Benefits… 89 Countries 33% off Dev/Test VMs 25% off Other Dev/Test 3 VMs for 16 hrs a day 80 VMs for 20 hour load test Up to 100 web sites + DB + $150 per Month Upto
  • 35. Get started today at
  • 36. Azure Case Studies in Rakuten