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Adverting notes

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Adverting notes

  1. 1. SATNAM SINGH Page 1 Adverting & sale Promotion Adverting: Any paid form of non-personal presentation all ideas good and services by an identify sponsor “American marketing asstiotion” Or Adverting consents of all the activates Involve in presentation to an adonice a non-personal sponsor identified,paid for massages about a product or an organization “William j.stapon” Characteristics& features 1. Paid form of communication 2. Information pursued 3. Non personal 4. Goods , ideas , services 5. An identified identified sponsor 6. Selected target market Objective & purpose of adverting  To inform  To persuade [suspect –prospects-buyer ]  To Remind  Support middleman
  2. 2. SATNAM SINGH Page 2  To support company’s sales force  To expand the market  To sale direct to customer  To ensure success of sales promotion schemes  To expense the market  To announce a change  To Seles diverted to costumer  To company Adverting Personal selling: Personal selling is contractive prospective buyers personally to sale a product or services. Personal selling is an oral presentation in conversation with one more prospective purchase for the purpose of making sale “American marketing asstiotion” Features of personal sellingCharacteristics  Personal selling is a process  Personal selling is a mode of direct selling  Personal selling is a goal ordinated activity  Personal selling is a paid form of commination  Personal selling is a basically art  Personal selling is an imported important element of marketing promotion mix  The role of sale man crucial in it  In Personal selling an oral Presentation is made to prospective buyers
  3. 3. SATNAM SINGH Page 3  Personal selling is also a form of business selling Process of Personal selling Objective of personal selling  To keep customer informed to changes in the product line  To assist the customer in product line in taking purchasing the behavior  To serve existing the customer  To provide technical assistances and advise customer and middleman  To search out and paten new customer  To collect and report make information or interested matters to company management  To surer mantel customer cooperation in stocking and promoting product line Advantage of personal selling I. Personal selling reduce the cost product II. It minimizing wastes III. It help to reduce marketing cost Prospective Geo approach Prsutative Heading objective o o Closing salesFollow up
  4. 4. SATNAM SINGH Page 4 IV. it carries advantage flexibility V. It fasciitis costumer VI. It is a two way communication VII. It is help to nitrogen Nero product to the marketing VIII. It goods to actually IX. It cared sweet and familiar relation which customer Limitation & disadvantage of personal selling Personal selling accommodate any a limited number of customer at a given time It is quite expensive It is specify on retiled level as pure image in the eyes of number of buyer Limited applicability Good and competed Seles parson are not easily formed Public relation Public relation is a Delbert planned and sustained effort to establish a matter mutual understanding b/w organization and its public Or Public relation is an organizing bored over all commination effortsinterval to influencesversosgroups attitudes to toward that organization (W.J. stantal) Or Public relation involve a verities of a protect or programs decision to promote or a company images or its indelible product
  5. 5. SATNAM SINGH Page 5 Characteristics & nature of Public relation It is a two way commination b/w and origination and its public ( employ, suppler ,governments , intermediaries, finical, community ,and local community) It is a method of establishing and its public It is an impotent promotion mix tools It is a social responsibility of each bushiness Public relation actually can be targeted to a small speculation audiences if the right media achieve in used It us not only an art but science also It is help deadening faunal an images of an origination and its product among it is voeiouse public The furcation of the public relation department is to assist top management in executing police and developing and good relation which the various public Tools of public relation Audio visual mattered speeches Postenlibits Public service activities Events Ransareship Photography Printed material
  6. 6. SATNAM SINGH Page 6 Sales promotion techniques Sales contests Sales training manuals Demonstration Sales meetings Packet with promotion materials Advantages of sales promotion Increase in sales Chang of attitudes Brand switching Reduced cost Competing advantages Demand creation for product Probing life cycle of product Increase goodwill of firm Target audience Disadvantage of sales promotions Short term Decrees in brand loyalty Price sensitivity Hidden cost – sales force cost
  7. 7. SATNAM SINGH Page 7 Sales promotion technique Costumer promotions technique Middleman promotions technique Sales force promotions technique Price reducing or rebets Trading stamps or ticket Copen’s Primes or gifts Fairs and exshubasion Money refrainsoders Force trails Catalog Product demotion Product warranties &garrnetis Rode shows Contents & swept Costumer services Free samples Exchange offers Special discount Sales assesses treadles Point of parching display Trade shows Delares contest Froe goods Adverting allowances Buy back allowances Count & recount allowances Slotting allowances Forward dating Sales contest Sales training monades denostolo Sales meting Packet with promotion materies
  8. 8. SATNAM SINGH Page 8 Trading stamps or ticket: collect and store and attest collection of a specified number of ticket or stamp buyers can get some product agent this ticket or stamp Contents & swept:winner are determine by drawing form all entry form Slotting allowances:product pays fess to retailer make believed the spec on shelf for their new product Forward dating: the retailer the parching goods at retailer price during the promotion prides how aver the goods are shipped at a titter date Advantage of sales promotion Increasing sales Change of attitude Brand switching Reduce cost Competitors advantage Demand creation for new product Life cycle of product Increase goodwill’s fire Target audience
  9. 9. SATNAM SINGH Page 9 Disadvantage of sales promotion A. Short trams B. Decrying brand loyalty C. Price sensitivities D. Hidden cost Scope of Adverting  Massage  Media  Merchandize  Adverting function  Advertises Message:a message is should be Objective:as in cringed sales creation owners when interest intruding a new product Activities: as mass commination carrying message etc. Art and since: art due to creative a billeted of adverting The five players of adverting  The advertiser  The adverting agency  The media  The target adverting Printing Electronic a Goods Service s
  10. 10. SATNAM SINGH Page 10  The suppliers (an assets adviser adverting agency, media, this are consular self-employee purpose, song writer, photographer, printers, market relation etc.) Function of adverting Communication with consumer Persuasion Persuasion by customer by a product series Contribution to economic growth Stimulate demand Developed brands profaners Steaghensee other promoted mix elements Innovation Growth up media Computation weapon Brand image building Advantage of adverting (1) Advantage to manufacture  Increge sales  Study demand  Lower cost  Growth  Qick tusked & sampler invites  Supplicating salesmen  Erengment to better performs  Creation of goodwill  (2) Advantage of costumer  Facility of portion  Imperilment in quality  Elimination of venncesseyinternoliere  Time saving
  11. 11. SATNAM SINGH Page 11 (3) Advantage of middleman  It garnet quick Seles  It in to an a sates ran  It make possible retail price maintnegeer (4) Advantage of society  Encouragement to rescreen  It promoter media  Glimpse of national life (5) disadvantage of advertising  Misrepresentation of factor  Increased cost  Deferred ravine entendeture  Unnecessaey product preotiferotire  Barriers to entry  Wastage of national restores  Managerial difficulties Importance of adverting in modern marketing  Economic Importance  Social Importance  Psychological Importance Process of advertisement / 5’m of adverting Mission-Setting adverting objectives Money - establishing adverting budget Message-choosing designing message Media-rlanning selecting schedule Measure-evaluation control of adverting
  12. 12. SATNAM SINGH Page 12 Role of adverting in economy development in India  Effect of adverting on product quality  Increase in economic activity and employment  Effect on business cycles  Financial support to redial  Increasing innovation  Effect on standard of living  Effect on competition  Effect on consumer choice  Effect on production cost distribution and price Types of advertising (1)Advertisingbased on financial matters It is two types (a)Commercial advertising :-it seeks profits it is the prices at publicizing a product or services or trying to sales a product by drawing people atteineson regaled the particularproduc Importance Commercial advertising Interest customer Boost up business Strengthen national economy Help in survival and growth of product Make product known (b)Non-Commercial advertising:-it is used around the world by govt. and non-profit organization to seek deletions volunteers support to change consumer behavior [ e.g. polio ]
  13. 13. SATNAM SINGH Page 13 Role of Non-Commercial advertising Poplars social Couse Communicate paltical view point In to public attitude Cleanliness of the city Protection against disease Avoiding incroodment an footpath Rehabilitation of beggars and liperts etc. (2)Advertising based on demand influence level (a)Primary demand advertisingit refer to generic products like TV beverage salt milk magazine etc. this is type of Advertisingintend to promotes the danend of a product and not simple on particular brand of the product (b) Selective demand Advertisingit is done whit the objective of stimulating the demand of specific brand in which the advertiser deals for e.g. surf, caleget ,sumsungpeapsi, hero ect. This is type of advertising is employed when a predator is becund the into decry link cycle stage and is competing formerket share whit several other brands (3) Advertising based on objective (a) Institutional advertising: - it is intended to focus and enhesa the images of the institution. It does not attempt to sale a particular product it benefits the organization as a hale big companies like reliance. L.N.T, TATA, BAJAJ etc. do this type of advertising it is also known as pressing or corporate advertising
  14. 14. SATNAM SINGH Page 14 Objective of institutional Advertising 1. To make the company known 2. To make the its products / services known 3. To make the achvament known 4. To make the value known 5. To make social political / economic / morale statement (B) Public services advertising (PAS) it is done as part social responsibility by the advertiser P.A.S communicates a message on behalf of some good cause, such as stoppingdrunk driving or preventing child abuse P.A.S is usually doing for by adverting professional and the media after done etc. The space and time Some significant issues daft with P.A.S  Pollution control  Literacy control  No tobacco, educated your children  Some water  Pay taxes  Girl child not a burden (c)Product advertisinga lone no. of advertising for under this category .the purpose of this advertising in to stimulate the demand of the product being adverted includes discretion of the product size, quilt, benefit user etc. Advertising based on audience (a)Consumer advertising:- most of consumer goods producers engage in consumer product advertising . Such advertising is done for the ultimate user of product by appealing directing to the buyers or consumer foe e.g. toothpaste cold drink soap mobile etc.
  15. 15. SATNAM SINGH Page 15 Following point should be taken in to consideration in case of consumer adverting  Most of the businesses are in competitive field and engaged in advertising  Non-durable are frequently bought  Bath rational as well as ideational applies are used  Use of celabrement endorsement in hoary  Majoredchunk of adartising business come from here (b) Industrial advertising or B2B (business 2 business) the manufacturer of industrial good such or row material machinery eqceotment , supplies etc. do industrial advertising .such advertising is done through bride general , magazines ,direct mail etc. Following point should be considered  Sonaller percentage as compared to consumer advertising  Elaborates buying process is involve  Seeks to build the corporate image  Raisional applied is used here  Trade generals are the most sought after media figures  Mail objective of this class are to inform get orders to stimulates queries , to empaneled the marketers name and the buyers paned of sources (c) Performers advertising there are certain product for which consumer them Seles do not tack the buying diction perforation lick doctors engineers architects advocates, dentists, teachers etc. enert considerable influence and consumer purine purchase decision. Theseprofessionals recanted or prescribe the pradvets of these manufactures to altimeter buyers
  16. 16. SATNAM SINGH Page 16 (d) Trade advertising this category includes all such advertisements that are dived to retailer’s wholesales and suppliers of consumer goods for e.g. Trade general and magazines etc. Advertising based on geographical coverage (1)National Advertisingthis Advertising is spread throughout the country e.g. Brooke bond reliance (2)Local Advertising this companies with limited resources production target market do local penetrate the local market (3)Global Advertisingfirms such as IBM Sonygeneral electric , product &gamble etc. advertise globally through interaction media Response based advertising (1)Direct action advertising :- the objective of direct advertising is to abstain the immediate response own short period of time such advertising eueswoeets link hurry discount offer is valid for limited prided rudest consumer to bay now etc. (2) Indirect action advertising :- Indirect action advertising is designed is stimulate demand o long period of time by building brand recognition & acceptance . it class net attempt to buying about an inmmdiale behavior response (3)Negative advertising :- this type of advertisingdissuades target audience formpurchasing such product /services which would net only then but also this society (4)Subrogates advertising :-it is done when on promotes on product on services the hope of selling another Other advertising (a)Interacts advertising :- it is delineated to indirdule consumes who hall access to compaction & the internet advertisement or delivered via web pages advertisement
  17. 17. SATNAM SINGH Page 17 (b)Financial advertisingit refers advertising issued by financial institution like bank mutual funds & other companies offering sale of shares /debententd to public purposes of this is to provide imermaston about investment opportunities (c)Comparatives advertising:- it company a specified products attributes with empetotors band the overtimes puts the competitor’s name highlight the goods /services by company them whit the goods /services of another advertiser Importance Comparatives advertising  Demonstrates merits of product  Product transparency of market  Facilitate consumer decision marketing  Strong weapon of marketers Example Comparatives advertising  Microsoft - apple  Pepsi - cock  Horlicks - complain  Nestle - Cadbury Classified advertising:-it is a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers online and other periodicals public captains or other printing news information of ten lane sections of classified advertisements classified advertising is called such becomes it is generally whit in the publication under headlining classifying the product or services being affirmed 4 e.g. real state, legal natiaes lost and found
  18. 18. SATNAM SINGH Page 18 Objective of Classified advertising  To attract buyer for second hand vehicle like car truck motorcycle etc.  To attract buyers for property like plot household goods commercial property  To Suk experienced and talented candidates to fill up  Other goods or people labs and found legalnatices funeral notices tender natiese etc.  Matrimonial adds. Display advertising:-display ads are those adds. Which can appear an any page throughout a publication unlike the classified ads? Which have their own section display ads. Are housthat are designed to standout form their surroundings to catch the eye of the consumer display adds. In newspaper magazines and online typically conation bath and graphics Type of display advertising (1)Print media display advertising: -display ads. In newspapers magazines (2)Onion display advertising: -display ads. On internet whit out asking users to pay for the use of in side (3)Outdoor display advertising: -it includes transits poster billboards
  19. 19. SATNAM SINGH Page 19 Unit 3 Planning advertising campaign: -an advertising campaign includes series advertisement a place in varicose media that are designs to meet objective and are based an analysis of marketing and communication situations Step in advertising campaign Advertising situation Product-market variations Up grading a product Special affairs Change in the brand name New application user or benefits of product Competition Distribution and savvies Seasonal product Raising capital Recruitment Membership and programmers Appraisal of ads. Opportunities Analyze & define target market Set ads. Objective Determining ads. Budget Decide media & creative strategy hh Crated ads.Per test release ads. Evaluate final results (post testing )
  20. 20. SATNAM SINGH Page 20 Advertising media: - advertising media is a means or that vehicle which is used to carry out advertising message from sender to the intended receiver Or Media refers to the channel of communication that carry the message from adverted to audience (wills. burnett) The communication channel through which a massage moves from reds is called media (Philip. Kotler) Advertising media planning: - media planning is the process of determining how to us time and space to achieve to audience (Wells. burnett) Sources of information in media planning Marketing sources Creative source Themes Message Research Marketing source  Distribution  Market sales  Rivals pattern Media source  Popularity of media  Profiles  Cost of forecasts Media planning
  21. 21. SATNAM SINGH Page 21 the media planning process Marketing plan communication strategies Adverting plan/ strategy Direct marketing plan/ strategy Sales promotion plan/ strategy Marketing public relation plan/ strategy Other Media planning Target audince analysis Media objective Selection buying media Budgeting Evaluation Tactics Scheduling Creative planning Creative side of advertising Creative pint advertising Creative broadcast advertising
  22. 22. SATNAM SINGH Page 22 Problems in media planning  Insufficient information  Inconsistent terminologies  Time processes  Difficulty in measuring effectives Factor influencing advertising Media decisions i. The objective of advertising as to introducea new product to expound in the market to remind to remove misunderstanding to counter competitors advertising campaign etc. ii. Nature of the market local market – local newspaper iii. Nature of product PLG FMCG industrial goods iv. Nature of massage long vegan massage v. Characteristics of buyers illiterate age, language vi. Media cost cireedtation , coverage of massage vii. Image of the media viii. Media use by the competitors ix. Media anaibalslity x. Size & nature of business enterprise xi. Distribution strategy direct selling mail advertising wholesale retails TV show xii. Market requirement xiii. Life of the advertising radio TV short life magazine long life xiv. Media circulation xv. Compilation study of defiant media advantage, limitation of media should be studied xvi. Budget
  23. 23. SATNAM SINGH Page 23 1. Print media: -advertising in newspaper, magazines, journal, etc. can be called as print media. it includes print advertising 2. Newspapers:-more 10,000 newspapers are published in India growth of literacy reading habits paved the way of this media Type of newspapers I. On the basis of period /time – daily, weekly, monthly, II. On the basis of addition - morning, evening, Sunday III. On the basis of circulation – local, state level, regions, nation, interaction IV. On the basis of language –Hindi, English, Gujarati, Panjabi, V. On the basis of size- tabloid broadsheet, standard Media of advertising Print media Outdoor media Other media Electronic media Direct mail media Newspaper Magazines Journal Radio TV Cinema Cable TV Internet Cassettes Audio Video DC’s Poster Signboards Vehicular Wall panting Electronic Displays Sky writing Balloons Sand which man Handbills Stickers Sale letters Circular Letters Clothes Brooders Falters Pricelist Specialty ads. Directories Loudspeakers Winter display Counter display Trade fairs & Exhibition
  24. 24. SATNAM SINGH Page 24 Advantages of newspaper flexibility Range of market coverage Cheaper Effecting as by inserting local ads. Timeliness Choice Disadvantages of newspaper  Short time span  Only literate can use  Lack of visual  Motion / demonstration  Clutter Magazine: - it offers specialized information to special audience Type of magazine  General Magazine competition success  On the basis of demographic factor  Specialized magazines – commerce for business  Special issues as directories annual etc. Advantages of magazine  Long life span – as TV guide nation geographic  Visual quality – printed on high quality papers  Target audience – fast company  Pristing –  Format  Colorful pictures and imperative type
  25. 25. SATNAM SINGH Page 25 Disadvantages of magazine  High cost  Limited flexibility  Competition & clutter – due to competition clutter arises  Limited range of frequency  Long lead time – luck of immediate information Electronic media:- audio visual/ audio or broadcast media .it transmitters the information electronically A. Radio :- radio advertising are normally broadcasted align whit the popular programmers of music or news the advertiser can also sponsor programmers Advantages of radio I. Best for illiterate people II. Spoken words are more effective than writer words III. Selectivity IV. Cast efficiency V. Flexibility VI. Mass coverage VII. Rating can be earning Disadvantages of radio A. It is non-visual B. Detailed advertising cannot be anointed C. Caatter D. People many switch afraid change program whil ads.
  26. 26. SATNAM SINGH Page 26 E. Massage an radio are of short duration therefore perishable Television: -television is the fasted growing media of advertising become of the phenomenal expansion of electronic media for communication action sound color emotion for and demonstration batter than any other median Advantages / merits of television  Creativity & impact  Coverage and cost effectiveness  Captivity & attention selectivity and flexibility  Influence  Fast repeat Disadvantages / demerits of television  High cost  Clutter  Limited viewer attention  More suitable for large firms  Similar to radio advertisement TV advertisement are also perishable
  27. 27. SATNAM SINGH Page 27