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ClubdeAngel is a membership organization that was founded by Dato Dr. Alvin Chang in China.  CdA is one of the alliance members of the Asian Division ofWBAA (World Business Angel Association)  and was founded under guidance ofACEF (Angel Capital & Education Fund).Since its inception, CdA has successfully subscribed a full-capital operation and established a referral marketing center, thus linking angel investors to promising new business ventures. 

ClubdeAngel (CdA) - India is currently being established as a membership club in India.It's goal is to open a door to new and high tech business to India investors. 
business center - http://Angelrc.com
info center - http://Angelrc-India.weebly.com
see more details at -- https://www.facebook.com/pages/SatishNigam/271044402973166?sk=app_282538741771764

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"EARN UP TO $7000 PER DAY" at Angelrc.com

  1. 1. The USA Microsoft - Bill gatesJapan Softbank – Masayoshi SonHong Kong Cheung Kong Group Li Ka ShingChina Giant Interactive - ShiYuzhuLenovo Group – Liu Chuanzhi …And so on
  3. 3. In other words......Doing the rapidly growing Angel Investment. Is the secret of rapid wealth accumulation
  4. 4. Angel investment is the investment made by individuals with idle capital in enterprises (projects) with huge development potential at their business initiation stage Angel investment  Investment at seeding stage  Investment at business initiation stage IPO  Investment at expansion stage Selling company stocks Buying back shares Business model of angel investment
  5. 5. In 1998,recommended by their professor David Cheriton, 2 Stanford undergraduatesLarry Page and Sergey Brin told Sun Corporation Co-founder Andy Bechtolscheim about theirdream of a new business. They met in David’s backyard. Short of time, Andy did not hear outtheir full proposal, but after a simple demo of their search engine, he quickly wrote them acheque for USD100,000. The cheque could not be honoured then because the company hadnot been formed yet, so it stayed in Brin’s drawer in the hostel for weeks before it was finallydeposited. The monies, together with some other initial investment money, propelled Page andBrin from the hostel into the internet market, the legendary search machine Google was born. The story about the cheque is true, being captured in the profile section of the Googlewebsite. David Cheriton and Andy Bechtolscheim reaped enormous return on theirinvestments. In August 2004, their stocks separately hit USD300 million. The market value forGoogle shares was about USD58/share then, but now each Google share has reachedUSD625, which means each of their stocks are worth USD 2 billion by now.
  6. 6. Baidu.com raised a working capital of USD 1.2 million atthe end of 1999. Robin Li used the fund to recruit his firstbatch of staff and developed his first product. In May 2000,baidu.com had its first customer. At the end of year 2000,DFG and IDG jointly invested USD 10 million in baidu.com.In mid 2004, baidu.com raised capital for the third time.Google, together with 8 other venture capitalists investedUSD 10 million in baidu.com. On August 5th 2004 baidu.comwent public and became an instant legend.It is happened that alibaba.com had 3 rounds of capitalraising too. In 1999 Jack Ma first round of funding of USD 5million was mediated successfully by Gao Sheng, GoldmanSachs Group. During the second round, Softbank led 6 otherVCs to invest USD 25 million in alibaba.com in 2000. In thethird round, Softbank invested USD 82 million.
  7. 7. Grand Introduction CNL Ventures Group Bank of America Center, 700 Louisiana Street, 39th Floor, Houston, TXTesheb casimer CEO Founded in 2005 Focus on investments on budding new enterprises. It invested hundreds of thousands of USdollars to tens of millions of US dollars in its initial ventures and the Pre-IPO project. CNL Ventures is in a long term strategic partnership with CNL Securities(founded in 1986). CNLhas a group of professional fund managers who are well-versed with Asian investment climate,especially that in China “Investing in tomorrow’s leading Business”
  8. 8. The Strategic Partner :-CNL Securities Corp.CNL Securities Corp. CNL Securities Corp. is a national leader in raising capital from the broker/dealer community. Formore than 20 years, the company has delivered a broad spectrum of real estate investment solutionsto financial advisors and the clients that they serve. Since its inception in 1986, CNL Securities Corp. has raised more than $11 billion in private andpublic offerings through the broker/dealer and institutional investment communities. Together, CNLand its affiliates have paid more than $11 billion in distributions including distributions fromoperations, return of capital and liquidity events. A member of FINRA/SIPC, CNL Securities Corp. has developed a strong presence in the financialservices community, with a well-established distribution network of close to 500 broker/dealers andrelationships with more than 24,000 registered company representatives.
  9. 9. CNL’s strong financial back-up-CNL Financial Group CNL Center at City Commons 450 South Orange Avenue Orlando, Florida James M. Seneff, Jr. Group President & CEO CNL Financial Group is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. A leading privateinvestment management firm. It provides global investment opportunities in real estate and other rapidly growingsectors. Since inception in 1973, CNL and or its affiliates have formed or acquiredcompanies with more than USD 24 Billion in assets.
  10. 10. Recent investment
  11. 11. legends of immense wealth from the internetPersonality Enterprise Personal assets Robin Li (1968) RMB 50 billion Ma Huateng (1971) RMB 30 billion Jack Ma (1964) RMB 10 billion Andrew Mason (1981) USD 2 billion
  12. 12. SNS News Instant chat E-commerce Search engine & entertainmentSNS:transform your human networks into the motive power of wealthIN THIS INTERNET AGE, INTERNET ACTS AS A MEDIUM TO TRANSFORM HUMAN NETWORKING RESOURCE INTO WEALTH,“SNS SOCIAL PLATFORM” IS A MORE EFFECTIVE AND PRECISE TOOL.
  13. 13. Income trend of the USA SNS advertisement Year 2012 Year 2011 USD 2.52 billion Year 2010 USD 2.09 billion Year 2009 USD 1.68 billionUSD 1.34 billion RESEARCH DATA OF CHINA INTERNET, DCCI SHOWED THAT USERS OF SNS, CHINA WILL REACH 170 MILLION BY YEAR 2011. HUMAN NETWORK IS THE FOUNDATION OF WEALTH.
  14. 14. Looking at the brilliant success of FACEBOOKetc , CNL has decided to invest heavily on
  15. 15. Uniquecharacteristics of
  16. 16. Main profit spinner is
  17. 17. Facebook, a similar website, is estimated by SharesMarket, a online private stockexchange, to be worth more than USD 80 billion while calculated on a conservativebasis of 30 times P/E ratio, its market value is approaching that of baidu.com. Company P/E Ratio Alibaba 106 Baidu 85 Yahoo 60 Google 58 IT PROVED THAT INTERNET STOCKS ARE THE FASTEST GROWING SECTOR WOOED BY MOST ANGEL INVESTORS AND VCS.
  18. 18. TARGET LISTED IPO 2013 13 Sept 20114 april 2011 1 july 2011 Listed for APO. UNWALL listed in Listed in INTERNATIONAL INC / QPRJ Issue U shares STRATEGIC PARTNERS MARKETING Concentrated funding SURPORT
  19. 19. 1. Log on to www.angelrc.com and buy its Angel package & register asAngel Club Member.2. Acquire private U shares of Greaton Technology ( www.unwall.net )given out free by CNL Ventures3. Perform U-share real time transactions throughwww.sharesmarket.com, online private stock exchange.4. Angel Club Members will reap immense stock profits through thelisting of Greaton Technology ( www.unwall.net )
  20. 20. Henry Blodget Jun.28, 2009, 9:40AM 3,178No companies go public anymore, so entrepreneurs, employees, and VCs need anotherway to cash out. Or that’s the thinking behind SharesPost, SecondMarket, XpertFinancial(XChange), SharesMarket, and other private-market stock exchanges that have launchedrecently.This is an excellent idea with an obvious value proposition: If shares in Twitter, Facebook,Tesla, etc all, were freely tradeable, lots of folks would trade them – in addition to theinsiders who might shovel some out the door. xpertfinancial
  21. 21. U Shares was listed on SharesMarket was founded in 2005. Until today, it has become the platform for more than33,000 individuals and companies, with private transactions worth more than USD 1 billion. Its main objective is to make private equity more liquid. Through a temporary second tradingmarket, it allows holders of stock option to trade openly. SharesMarket listing requirements: must be for over 5 years, the company estimated at tens ofmillions of dollars, the companys annual profit of more than half a million dollars. SharesMarket is a modified version of the Escrow Process, a type of trading safekeeping system.When a buyer and seller agree on a certain transaction, the e-agreement will be submitted to U.S.Bank for safekeeping. Every transaction must be completed in accordance with SEC and FDICregulations.
  22. 22. private stock exchange >>>>
  23. 23.  Initiated by Angel Capital Education Foundation(ACEF) in America, CdA is anAsian subsidiary of WBAA. Its main objective is to promote angel investment inAsia, especially in angel investment policies, and to do business related to venturesfunding and fund management Supported by the local government, it is a wholly private enterprise to promoteangel investment and new business development through its effective cluboperation concept
  25. 25. NEWS AND MEDIA
  27. 27. CONTENT
  28. 28. Angel Package Sponsering Packag Share Matching Reward AMF MAX Rank U Dollar Reward e Price Unit (AMF) Per Day (ARF) 100 Pre - MG 10% AD - - 5% USD 100 Angel WG 10% 1000 SILVER 500/average MG 10% USD 1000 AD 1 7% Angel price WG 10% 2000 GOLD 1000/average MG 10% USD 2000 AD 2 8% Angel price WG 15% 5000PLATINUM 2500/average MG 10% USD 5000 AD 5 9% Angel price WG 15% 10000 VIP 5000/average MG 10% USD 7000 AD 10 10 % Angel price WG 15%  You may upgrade to a higher rank by topping up the difference within 30 days  U Dollar will be caculate based on the average current price velue insharesmarket.com
  30. 30. ANGEL REFERAL FEE VIP 10,000 /AD AD- Angel Dollar SG- Strong Group E MG- Moderate Group WG- Weak Group A D Platinum Basic 5000 AD 500 AD B C Silver Gold 1000 AD 2000 ADARF= 500 x10% + 1000 x 10% + 2000 x 10% + 5000 x 10% + 7000 x 10% = USD 1550
  31. 31. ANGEL MANAGEMENT FEE ▆▇█ 5000 AD A SG (A)BASIC AMF: MG 10% ▇█ 3000 AD Non Flush WG 10% B MG Infinity AMF max: USD500day ▅ 2000 AD C Real WG Time AMF = 10% x(3000+2000)= USD500AD - Angel DollarSG - Strong GroupMG - Moderate GroupWG - Weak Group
  32. 32. ANGEL MANAGEMENT FEE A ▅▆▇█ 10000 AD SG (B)Silver AMF: MG 10% Non Flush B ▇█ 6000 AD WG 10% MG Infinity AMF max: USD1000day C ▅ 4000 AD Real WG Time AMF = 10% x(6000+4000)= USD1000AD - Angel DollarSG - Strong GroupMG - Moderate GroupWG - Weak Group
  33. 33. ANGEL MANAGEMENT FEE A ▅▆▇█ 16000 AD SG (C)Gold AMF: non flush MG 10% B ▇█ 8000 AD WG 15% MG Infinity AMF max: USD2000day Real C ▅ 8000 AD Time WG AMF = 10% x8000+15%x8000= USD2000AD - Angel DollarSG - Strong GroupMG - Moderate GroupWG - Weak Group
  34. 34. ANGEL REFERAL FEE A ▅▆▇█ 40000 AD SG(D)Platinum AMF: MG 10% non flush B ▇█ 20000 AD WG 15% MG Infinity AMF max: USD5000日day Real C ▅ 20000 AD Time WG AMF = 10% x 20000 +15% x 20000 = USD5000AD - Angel DollarSG - Strong GroupMG - Moderate GroupWG - Weak Group
  35. 35. ANGEL REFERAL FEE A ▅▆▇█ 60000 AD (E)VIP SG AMF: MG 10% non flush B ▇█ 40000 AD WG 15% MG Infinity AMF max: USD7000day Real C ▅ 20000 AD WG Time AMF = 10% x 40000 +15% x 20000 = USD7000AD - Angel DollarSG - Strong GroupMG - Moderate GroupWG - Weak Group
  36. 36. ANGEL LEADERSHIP FEERank Qualification Weak Group must achieve 30,000 AD for 2 consecutive months 3 Direct EA Group 3 Direct DA Group 3 Direct BDA Group
  37. 37. ANGEL LEADERSHIP FEE VIP PA GA 30,000 AD Group Sale EA EA 2% 2% 90,000 AD Group Sale CA 8% DA DA 4% 4% 270,000 AD Group Sale BDA 6% 810,000 AD Group SaleALF = (30,000 x 8%) + (90,000 x 6%) + (270,000 x 4%) + (810,000 x 2%) = USD 34800