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Satish Deshmukh_international entertainer, trainer and renowned corporate mater illusionist in India.

He is also producer, director and designer / manufacturer of large scale illusions _ recipient of the Ten Outstanding Young Indians Award ’95, (Some of TOY are PT Usha, Sunil Gavaskar, Geet Sethi, Pankaj Udhas and others)

SAARC Award’88 and nominee for The Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award ’96 in Japan for contributions to children and world peace. (Some of the TOYPs of the world are Jackie Chan, magician David Copperfield, Steffi Graf, Orson Welles and others).

After being recognized as an educator and renowned corporate master illusionist with a difference at the age of 25, He has set a world record for training over 20,000 prospective magicians and performers through his famous Magic Workshops and over 18,000 through other projects. He has conducted more than 150 projects with overwhelming success in India, abroad and performed for world’s top 200 esteemed clients which include Ford Motors, Sun Microsystems, Novartis, Lundbeck, Unichem, Apollo Hospitals, Bajaj Auto, King Of The OMAN, biggest business house Zawawi group of Muscat, P&O Ned Lloyd, Cybermedia, and many others.

As a trainer, India’s many talented magicians and other performers such as actors, actresses are either his students or past coordinators who learnt tricks and trade from him through his famous project first of his kind in last two decades.

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  1. 2. A world that defies Logic… Where laws of nature don’t apply… A place that captivates the imagination…
  2. 3. Imagination rules the world!
  3. 4. Lord of Illusions
  4. 5. One of the Ten Outstanding Young Indians Selected by Indian Jaycees along with P.T.Usha, Sunil Gavaskar, Geet Sethi, Mallika Sarabhai, Dr.Yusuf Merchant & Pankaj Udhas
  5. 6. Nominee for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Of The World Awards’96 in Japan Some of the TOYPs of the world are Jackie Chan, David Copperfield, Steffi Graf& Orson Welles
  6. 7. World Class Entertainer Performed for Product Launches Stadium Events Client Meets Theater Award Ceremonies Conferences
  7. 8. Strong Stunning Surreal t r u l y s p e c t a c u l a r
  8. 9. No camera tricks! Everything live Levitation Magical appearances Escapes Productions
  9. 10. Illusion with Glamour Magic with Romance
  10. 11. Production of live shows in India / usa / uk World tour Corporate only for fix agents/clients Production of Feature film Television Serial One man Show Broadway Show
  11. 12. International Large Scale shows
  12. 13. some of his clients
  13. 14. Bajaj Auto Motorbike produced within a ‘ Blink of an Eye’
  14. 15. Prime Minister of Israel
  15. 16. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
  16. 17. … Omar Abdullah
  17. 18. Lundbeck _ Trade Commissioner of Denmark
  18. 19. Ford Motors
  19. 20. Sun Microsystems Produced three Servers from nowhere
  20. 21. For Hungama Television Workshops in 11 cities
  21. 22. Novartis
  22. 23. Cadbury Schweppes
  23. 24. For….Marico Industries Soap Launch in Multi cities
  24. 25. Maximum Mast line Coverage
  25. 26. Cover Stories
  26. 27. Special Coverage
  27. 28. Interviews
  28. 29. Highest paid illusionist
  29. 30. Trained 20 thousand students
  30. 31. Used Magic For Crime detection
  31. 32. Defying Logic
  32. 33. Comments “ I remain incredibly impressed with you as a performer and your simplicity.” Prime Minister of Israel
  33. 34. Comments MD, Apollo Hospitals "Satish Deshmukh does Magic, but he does it with style & grace.”
  34. 35. Comments CEO “ You have a special gift that shined throughout your presentation” -Ashok Jain,
  35. 36. Ordinary person but extra ordinary personality Satish Deshmukh