Why B2B Marketing is like the Oscars


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"Tonight we set aside petty differences, forget old feuds and start new ones" said Bob Hope famously, hosting the Oscars in 1971. Year after year, for 84 years, the Oscars have been all about honoring the best in the world of cinema. As for the show, in its long run, it has reinvented itself many times over to keep audiences engaged and entertained. Is there a lesson here somewhere for us B2B marketers?

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Why B2B Marketing is like the Oscars

  1. 1. Why B2B Marketing is like the Oscars
  2. 2. A good story always wins A silent film. A black and white film. A film set in the 1930s... But all that mattered was that „The Artist‟ told a story that resonated with the audience.Do you have a good story to tell?A story that will help you build an emotionalconnect with your prospects andcustomers?
  3. 3. Keep it simple, silly 45 seconds. That‟s it. Your Oscar acceptance speech. Shortest acceptance speech ever? “This is an honor and privilege. Thank you very much.” Joe Pesci, 1990Clarity and simplicity in yourmessaging is of utmost importance.Make it easy for everyone to understand.
  4. 4. Sparkle, sizzle and shine Bold colors. Basic blacks. Vintage couture. Trendy bling. Sparkles, sequins, beading and embroidery. Every star is out to stun on the red carpet.Design is as important as your story.Your website, collaterals, campaigns, contentassets – dress them up to winyour prospect‟s attention.
  5. 5. Keep experimenting Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, hosts 2010 – wildly successful. James Franco and Anne Hathaway, hosts 2011. Bought on to revive the declining viewership and connect with younger audiences. Widely panned. Understand your target audience. Learn what they want. Use A/B testing and keep experimenting with your campaigns.
  6. 6. Ignore social media at your own risk Television viewership – 39.3 million Social activity during show - 4.2 million Red Carpet coverage - 3.9 million hits For an 84 year old event, they sure knew how to work the new media!B2B social media marketing is efficient,cost effective, has greater reach andtremendous viral potential.
  7. 7. A good host makes all the difference Bob Hope. Steve Martin. Whoopi Goldberg. Billy Crystal. Singing, dancing, playacting, joking – they have done it all to keep the audiences entertained. A marketing champion is important for your success - ability to lead, adapt to change, clear communication, creativity, confidence and humor.
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