Preference Of FM listeners in trichy(tamilnadu)
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Preference Of FM listeners in trichy(tamilnadu)



i have done a survey about preference of FM listeners in trichy to 1500 i derived how the listeners are listening through different quesstionnaires..if `you have an`y queries please ...

i have done a survey about preference of FM listeners in trichy to 1500 i derived how the listeners are listening through different quesstionnaires..if `you have an`y queries please contact me



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Preference Of FM listeners in trichy(tamilnadu) Preference Of FM listeners in trichy(tamilnadu) Document Transcript

  • SURVEY RESULTS CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION AND DESIGN OF STUDY 1.1 NEED OF THE STUDY 1. To know the preference of FM station in Trichy 2. Which FM station is mostly preferred by the people 3. Do people prefer various radio Jockeys 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM During this project we had some problems they are: Some respondents don’t like to share their views so that they avoid answering the questionnaire. So those samples were left out. This project is a very descriptive project, so that we collected a lot of respondents in many areas and we spend lot of time. 1.3 OBJECTIVES 1. To know the age category of FM listeners 2. To know the work of the FM listeners 3. To know the how many hours listeners are hearing the FM 4. To know the clarity of FM stations’ signals 5. To know the songs preferred by the FM listeners 6. To know the preference of advertisement
  • 1.4 SCOPE OF THE STUDY TO THE FM STATIONS This project is very useful to FM stations because they will know about the preference of FM listeners; it will help them to improve in their programming which helps in yielding lots of revenue. TO THE RADIO JOCKEY To the employee of FM station this project is much useful they know about the preference of songs and they put according to the respondents views. TO THE INVESTIGATOR From this project we learned lot of things like chatting with respondents, practical knowledge about field work, practical exposure from the company. 1.5 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY LIMITATIONS From the question number 17 most of the respondents are gave that to put less advertisements but advertisements are the main source of capital for the FM stations, so that from this study FM stations are required to put less time advertisement From the question number 17 some people are requested to implement variety shows but most of the FM stations doesn’t provide this type of shows. From the question number 17 least people are requested to conduct contest it is to develop communication between listeners and FM stations.
  • CHAPTER-2 2.1 COMPANY PROFILE ABOUT SURYAN FM Sun TV Network, India’s second largest television network has power packed Twenty TV channels, Forty Five FM Radio Stations, Two Daily Newspapers and Four Magazines in several Indian languages. Suryan FM 93.5, also popularly called "93.5 S FM", is one of the private radio stations owned by one of the huge Media owners Kalanidhi Maran. Most of the programs are musically connected even though other programmes are still available. The top slot is a result of a carefully planned thoroughly enjoyable, round-the-clock, wholesome entertainment- oriented package and there is a substantial localization of content to retain the regional flavour. Suryan fm is operating over 45 FM stations and are broadcasted in over 45 states in India under Sun TV Network and their few operating cities are as below Chennai : Coimbatore : Tirunelveli : Madurai : Tuticorin Pondicherry : Tiruchy : Vishakapatinam : Bangalore : Gulbarga : Hyderabad : Warangal : Jaipur : Bhubaneshwar : Pune : Aurangabad : Nashik : Nagpur : Tirupati : Lucknow : Bhopal : Vadodara : Rajkot : Ahmedabad : Kozhikode : Indore : Vijayawada : Varanasi : Gangtok : Suliguri : Guwahati Shillong : Aizwal : Asansol : Jamshedpur : Rajahmundry : Kanpur : Thiruvananthapuram : Kochi : Thrissur : Mangalore Mysore : Kannur : Allahabad : Jabalpur
  • Sun TV Network has got a reach, frequency and patronage that other groups covet but can't compete with. Sun TV Network believes in giving you wholesome fare. Be it news or entertainment, we are there first. If it is happening south of Vindhyas, it’s on Sun TV Network. And you are a part of it. With Twenty channels in four Indian languages and Seven FM Radio stations. The response to our programmes and the viewership of our news has been phenomenal. The fact that we touch so many hearts gives us great pleasure. Every single South Indian channel that boasts of a No. 1 slot among its viewers belongs to the SunTV Network. We have come a long way. And its heartwarming to know that you were, and are, with us every step of the way. The response to our programmes and the viewership of our news has been phenomenal. The fact that we touch so many hearts gives us great pleasure. Sun network bags best Tamil television channel award CNBC “Business Excellence Award Outstanding Businessman Award World’s Young Achiever for Creativity India’s Best Entrepreneur Award The marketing department is wholly responsible for the advertisement sales of the in-house productions of the Sun TV Network Channels. With it’s team of dedicated professionals, it is today one of the highly appreciated professional marketing unit among satellite televisions. Apart form offering the available advertisement time in the most effective way, it offers the best follow up service. The deals, that are made, are mutually beneficial and uniform. It functions with the motto professionalism, efficiency and dedicated service.
  • 2.2 ABOUT TRICHY Tiruchirappalli, situated on the banks of the river Cauvery is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu. It was a citadel of the early Cholas which later fell to the Pallavas. Trichy is a fine blend of tradition and modernity built around the Rock Fort. Apart from the Fort, there are several Churches, Colleges and Missions dating back to the 1760s. The town and its fort, now in Trichy were built by the Nayaks of Madurai. This city has given great Tamil scholars whose contributions to the Tamil literature have been very significant. The most famous land mark of this bustling town is the Rockfort Temple, a spectacular monument perched on a massive rocky out crop which rises abruptly from the plain tower over the old city. It was one of the main centers around which the wars of the Camatic were fought in the 18th century during the British-French struggle for supremacy in India. The city is a thriving commercial centre in Tamil Nadu and is famous for artificial diamonds, cigars, handloom doth, glass bangles and wooden and clay toys, Now the population in trichy is7,46,062.
  • CHAPTER-3 3.1 RESEARCH DESIGN The type of research was descriptive research, this study is an attempt to obtain a complete, and accurate descriptive of a situation. A quantitative method the result can be generalisable to the whole population. So this method was adopted for this study. COLLECTING OF DATA Primary source have been used to collect data regarding preference of FM listeners in trichy using a questionnaire as an instrument of data collection. SAMPLE POPULATION Trichy is a city with 7, 46,062 population living in different parts of the district. Out of these, the sample taken for the study is 1500. So the margin of error will be less for this research which helps in generalisabilty. SAMPLE DESIGN It is a plan for obtaining a sample from given population. It refers to the procedures or technique, the research would adopt in selecting items for the same in the study For this method, purposive sampling method was used. 1500 samples who were the radio listeners are chosen. Since the survey is about the FM listening and its reach, only the people who have their radio sets and who used to listen to the radio are asked to answer the questionnaire. Each question was explained and translated clearly into Tamil language for the respondent’s better understanding. This survey is conducted in various geographical areas of the Trichy district.
  • 3.2 DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION The data collected from the respondents are used for the analysis. STATISTICAL TOOLS APPLIED Statistical tools are the mathematical techniques used to facilitate the interpretation of numerical data secured from groups of individual or groups of observation from a single individual. The research applied statistical tool is percentage analysis.
  • CHAPTER-4 4.1 ANALYSIS: 1. Age Age (Years) No of Respondents Percentage 5-15 249 16.6% 16-25 316 21.07% 26-35 312 20.8% 36-45 376 25.07% 46-55 247 16.46% Total 1500 100%
  • • A frequency test was done to know the age level of the samples taken for this Study. • Little more than the four-fifth (4/5th) of the teenagers belong to the age group of 16. • Little less than one-tenth (1/10th) of the respondents are 15 and 17 years old .
  • • As the students are all from the eleventh standard, the maximum age group level is 16 to the least 17 and with 7.8 percent of the students aging 15 years 2. Occupation Work of People No of Respondents Percentage Student 640 42.66% Government 184 12.26% employee Private Employee 204 13.6% Own business 273 18.20% Home maker 199 13.28% Total 1500 100%
  • Work of the Respondent 60% 50% 42.66% 40% Percentage 30% 18.20% 20% 12.26% 13.60% 13.28% 10% 0% Student Government Private Own Home employee employee business maker -10% • Among 1500 respondents most of them are students. • 43 % of respondents are students • 12% of the respondents are working in government organization. • 14% of respondents are private employees. • 18% of the respondents are into own business.
  • • 13% of respondents were home maker and these were women. 3. Do You Have Fm Instrument? Have FM sets No of Respondents Percentage Yes 1500 100% No 0 0% Total 1500 100%
  • Have FM Instrument 120% 100% 100% Percentage 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 0% Yes No • Though the research was on FM listeners. • We would like to know whether they have radio sets are not. • Cent percent they all have their own radio sets.
  • 4. Which Instrument do you use? No of instrument No of respondents Percentage FM Radio 846 56.4% Mobile 357 23.8% Setup box (car) 165 11% I-Pod 127 8.47% Others 5 0.33% Total 1500 100%
  • Type of Instrument 70% 60% 56.40% 50% 40% Percentage 30% 23.80% 20% 11% 8.47% 10% 0.33% 0% FM Radio Mobile Setup box I-Pod Others (car) -10% • A frequency test was done with the variable “Insrument used for hearing radio” and the result shows 56 % of the respondents have their own FM radio set. • 24% of the respondents used to listen using their mobile phones. • 11% of the respondents are listening to the FM using setup box (car). • 8 % of respondents listening using i-pod. • 0.33% of respondents are listening by other instruments.
  • 5. Which FM do you prefer? FM Channel No of respondents Percentage Suryan FM 801 53.4% Hello FM 614 40.94% Trichy FM 60 4% Kodai FM 25 1.66% Others 0 0% Total 1500 100%
  • Interpretation. • An interesting data was observed with a variable Preferred FM Channel for listening. • 53 % of the respondents are hearing and preferring the Suryan FM. • 41 % of the respondents are hearing the Hello FM. • Only 4% of the people prefer to hear Trichy Rainbow FM. • And nearly 2 % are hearing the kodai Rainbow FM.
  • 6. How many hours do you prefer listening FM in a day? No of Hours listening No of Respondents Percentage 0-1 hr 424 28.27% 1-2 hrs 434 28.93% 3-4 hrs 296 19.74% 4-5 hrs 94 6.26% 5 hrs and above 252 16.8% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • No of Hours listening to the FM in a day 70% 60% 50% 40% Percentage 28.27% 28.93% 30% 19.74% 20% 16.80% 10% 6.26% 0% 0-1 hr 1-2 hrs 3-4 hrs 4-5 hrs 5 hrs and -10% above • To radio for 3 to 4 hours a day. • While only 6% of the people will listen for 4 to 5 hours. • Interestingly17% of the people are tuned upto FM radio for 5 hours and more in a day. • The variable which tested was “Number of hours You Listen to FM Radio in a Day”. • 28 % of the respondents used to listen to radio for an hour and less. • 29% of the people listen for more than one hour and their listening extend upto two hours. • 20% of the respondent have the habit of listening
  • 7. Which FM do you hear clearly? Clarity (Signal) No of Respondents Percentage Suryan FM 681 45.4% Hello FM 614 40.94% Trichy FM 165 11% Kodai FM 40 2.66% Others 0 0% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • • This above chart shows that 45% of the samples says that suryan FM’s signal is clear. • And nearly 41% of the respondents are happy with hello fm’s clarity. • 11% of respondents say Trichy Rainbow FM’s signal is clear. • Nearly 3% of respondents are Kodai FM signal is clear compared to others.
  • 8. Which type of songs would you prefer listening to? Genre of Songs Preferred No of Respondents Percentage Old songs 286 19.06% Classic songs 149 9.94% Devotional songs 148 9.87% Pop songs 237 15.8% New songs 680 45.33% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • • A descriptive analysis was done with a variable called “Genre of songs you Prefer in your FM”. • 45% of them prefer to hear new songs. • 19% of respondents prefer old songs. • Almost 10% of respondents prefer classic songs and devotional songs. • Nearly16% of respondents want pop songs.
  • 9. Which time band would you prefer hearing the FM most? Listening Time No of respondents Percentage Morning 384 25.6% After noon 121 8.08% Evening 217 14.46% Night 674 44.93% Mid Night 104 6.93% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • • 26% of respondents hear at morning time. • 8% of respondents like to hear at the afternoon time • 14% of respondents hear at evening time. • 45% of respondents hear at night time. • 7% of respondents wish to hear at mid night
  • 10.Reasons for listening FM? Reason for Listening to FM No of Respondents Percentage Information 712 47.46% Songs 387 25.8% Self-interest 47 3.14% Voice of RJ 278 18.54% Others 76 5.06% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • Reason for listening to FM 70% 60% 50% 47.46% 40% Percentage 30% 25.80% 18.54% 20% 10% 5.06% 3.14% 0% Voice of Songs Self-interest Information Others -10% radio jockey • Out of 1500 respondents most of them listen to the programmes for the voice of RJs’. • 47% of respondents are listening to a program for the voice of a RJ. • While 26% of respondents are listening to the program for songs. • 3% of respondents are listening to the program for their own interest. • 19% of respondents are listening the program for gathering information. • 5 % of respondents are listening the programs for other reasons.
  • 11. Do you want news? Want NEWS in FM? No Of Respondents Percentage Yes 1346 89.73 No 154 10.27% TOTAL 1500 100% .
  • • Most of samples i.e. 90% would like the FM to broadcast news. • 10% of respondents don’t want News in FM channels.
  • 12. Which FM provides you lot of songs? Lot of songs playing FM No of respondents Percentage Suryan FM 751 50.06% Hello FM 634 42.27% Trichy FM 85 5.67% Kodai FM 30 2.0% Others 0 0% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • • 50% of the samples say Suryan FM is playing lot of songs. • 42% of respondents said Hello FM happens to play more songs. • 6% are saying Trichy Rainbow FM provides lot of songs. • 2% of respondents are in favor of Kodai fm.
  • 13. Which type of advertisement do you prefer? Type of advertisements No of respondents Percentage Preferred Chatting 320 21.33% Songs 437 29.13% News 48 3.02% Jokes 677 45.14% Others 18 1.2% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • • Advertisement is an important source of income for many FM Stations so, a question was asked to know in which way they would like the ads to be communicated. • The variable is ‘Which type of advertisement do you want’ 21% of respondents wants the ad in a chatting format i.e. in a conversation pattern. • 29% of respondents would the advertisements to be songs. • 3% of respondents want advertisement as news that is they would like it to be information. • 45% of respondents want the advertisements to be jovial and humorous. • 1% of the people are not sure or they would like the ads to be in a different format.
  • 14. Which Type of programmes you expect more? Expected Programmes No of Respondents Percentage General Knowledge 831 55.4% Employment News 460 30.67% Share Market 209 13.93% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • • Though there are lots of programmes to hear but there are some Expectations from the respondents’ side. • They expect certain types of programmes. • 55% of respondents prefer general knowledge based Programmes. • 31% of the respondents would like to have employment news. • 14% of respondents expect share market news from FM channels. 15. Which fm programmes do you prefer (SPECIFY THE FM)? Favorite FM Programmes No of respondents Percentage Kittumama Susimami 304 20.27% (Suryan)
  • Chinnathambi Periyathambi 163 10.86% (Suryan) Pallankuzhi (Hello) 292 19.47% Diary (Hello) 438 29.2% Thenkinnam (Trichy) 48 3.2% Kalai thendral and iniya iravu 255 17% TOTAL 1500 100% • An open ended question “Which programme you like the most in FM?” was asked. • 21% of respondents likes Kittumama Susimami programme and 11% of respondents are fond of Chinnathambi Periyathambi of Suryan FM. • 19% and 29% of people likes Pallankuzhi and Diary shows of Hello FM. • 2% of the respondents prefer thenkinnam of Trichy Rainbow FM.
  • • 17% of the samples have their own choices of likelihood towards other programmes. 16.who is your favoriteradio jockey? Radio Jockey No of Respondents Percentage Sagar (Suryan) 332 22.14% Saranya (suryan) 317 21.13% Raja (Hello) 212 14.14% Saga (Hello) 412 27.46% Sudhakar (Trichy) 187 12.47% Others 40 2.66% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • • Radi Jockey preferred by the people, the variable was subjected to frequency test and the result shows • 27 % of the samples like the Hello FM RJ Saga. • 22% are fond of Sagar, RJ, Suryan FM. • RJ Sharanya of Suryan FM is said to be the favorite RJ of 21% of the samples. • While 14% of the people like RJ Raja of Hello FM.
  • • Nearly 13% of the people like Sudhakar of Rainbow FM. • Also 3 % of the respondents like various other RJs of various FM Stations. 17. Do you like to give any feedback to improve the programme? Feedback No of Respondents Percentage Less Advertisment 896 59.74% Variety Shows 528 35.2% Contests 76 5.06% TOTAL 1500 100%
  • • The respondents are asked for the Feedback of the FM stations for their betterment and good service. • The result shows that 60% of respondents want the FM stations to lessen the advertisement. • 35% of respondents are asking for variety shows.
  • • 5% of respondents would like the FM Channels to run contests. SUGGESTION AND CONCLUSION 5.1 SUGGESTION • From the question no 13 most of the respondents are preferred to put advertisement as a joke • From the question number 17 most of the respondents are preferring to put less advertisements in FM stations but advertisement is a main income for FM stations, so FM stations are to put quality advertisements with more entertainment. • From the question number 10 most of the respondents are hearing FM for the information purpose so FM stations have to tell more information • From the question number 11 most of the respondents are asking to put news in FM stations but most of the private FM stations are not putting news, so that FM stations have to put current news.
  • 5.2 CONCLUSION • From the question number1 most of the respondents are belongs to the age of 36-45 hearing FM. • From the question number 3 all of them are having FM instruments. • From the question number 4 most of the listeners (56.4%) are using FM Radio. • From the question number 5 most of them (53.4%) are preferring Suryan FM. • From the question number 6 (28.93%) are preferring to listen 1-2hrs in a day. • From the question number7 most of the respondents (45.4%) are preferring the clarity of Suryan FM is best. • From the question number 8 among 1500 respondents most of them(45.33%) are interested to hear new songs. • From the question number 9 most of listeners (44.93%) are have a time to hearing at night time. • From the question number11 among 1500 respondents (89.73%) are want news in FM
  • • From the question number 12 Suryan FM provides lot of songs(50.06%) are preferred by listeners. • From the question number 14 most of them(55.4%) are expected to wanted general knowledge programs in Suryan FM. • From the question number 15 (21%) of respondents like Kittumama Susimami of Suryan FM. • From the question number 16 (22%) of respondents are preferring Sagar as a favorite RJ of Suryan FM.