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Eigg mod23.1

  1. 1. The aim of the project is to monitor energy meter reading, the cost of the electricity usage, intimate power cut before shutdown and also to indicate current theft by sending SMS to users by using GSM modem and Zigbee system.
  2. 2.    The energy meter monitoring and taking of the readings need man power. No communication between Electricity board and users Chances of power theft.
  3. 3.  Automatically calculates the energy consumed without using man power.  It intimates shutdown time in advance.  Avoids power theft by other users.  provides communication between user and EB
  4. 4.      In this system the PIC microcontroller is used for efficient energy meter monitoring system. This system is connected to energy meter with load. The IR receiver is used to count the reading of the energy meter. The value of the IR receiver will be given to the microcontroller. This value is transmitted to the EB section through ZIGBEE.
  5. 5. The EB section uses GSM modem to send details of energy consumed with charge to be paid.  If not paid before due date, EB section sends DISCONNECT command to home section via zigbee. Thus relay gets disconnected.  The power shut down details are transmitted to the home from the EB section using the ZIGBEE. 
  6. 6.         PIC16F877A IR sensor Energy meter GSM Modem MAX232 LCD. PC Mobile
  7. 7.   KEIL Compiler Flash Magic
  8. 8.    The developed system reduces interaction between the user and EB personnel. The system can be modified by using latest SPI metering ICs which will provide more parameters. Power factor improvement options can be added in future.
  9. 9.       [1] Yujun Bao and Xiaoyan Jiang, “Design of electric Energy Meter for long-distance data information transfers which based upon GPRS”, ISA 2009. International Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Applications 2009. [2] Bharath P, Ananth N, Vijetha S, Jyothi Prakash K. V. ,“Wireless automated digital Energy Meter”, ICSET 2008 P.K. Lee and L.L. Lai, Fieee, “A practical approach to wireless GPRS on-line power quality monitoring system”, Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2007 Li Kaicheng, Liu Jianfeng, Yue Congyuan, Zhang Ming. “Remote power management and meter-reading system based on ARM microprocessor”, Precision Electromagnetic Measurements Digest,2008. CPEM 2008. Conference on Digital Object identifier. M.P Praveen, “KSEB to introduce SMS-based fault maintenance system”, The Hindu News on 26/06/2011, http://www.hindu.com. H.G.Rodney Tan, C.H. Lee,V.H.Mok, “Automatic power meter reading system using GSM network”, The 8 Conference (IPEC 2007).International Power Engineering
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