Research - write - publish: tips and tools to get you through
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Research - write - publish: tips and tools to get you through

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Presentation to Fisheries Centre (November 16, 2007)

Presentation to Fisheries Centre (November 16, 2007)

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  • 1. Research  Write  Publish Tips & tools to get you through Sally Taylor, Woodward Library University of British Columbia
  • 2. Research: Google Scholar
    • Easy
    • Ranking
    • Full text searching
    • Grey literature (e.g. reports)
    • Cited reference searching
    • http://
  • 3. Research: the other databases % in G.S. are complete records only. % in parentheses also include [citation] records. Other reasons? field searching, syntax, results e.g. fisheries ctr SAME univ british columbia % in G.S. # results fisheries and poaching 5340 Google Scholar 92% (96%) 25 Web of Science 36% (57%) 28 BIOSIS 43% (58%) 111 ASFA
  • 4. Research: email alerts or RSS TOC alert Saved search alert Citation alert Workshop at Woodward! December 4 th 9:30-11:00am
  • 5. Research: locating documents
    • UBC eLink (tip: Scholar Preferences)
    • Journals database
    • Library Catalogue
    • UBC Document Delivery
    • DFO Virtual Library
  • 6. Write: citation management
    • Download, manage, format & share
    • RefWorks (tip: Scholar Preferences)
    • EndNote Web
    RefWorks workshop next week! November 21st 9:30-11:30am Koerner Library, rm. 217
  • 7. Publish: things to consider
    • Subject area
    • Research community
    • Journal impact
    • Access to your publication
  • 8. Publish: measuring impact Fishery Bulletin ICES J Mar Sci Dis Aquat Organ Aquaculture Res J Fish Biol Rev Fish Biol Fisher Mar Freshwater Res T Am Fish Soc Aquaculture Nutr T Am Fish Soc Fish Shellfish Immun J Fish Dis Fish Res Fishery Bulletin Fish Oceanogr Dis Aquat Organ Fisheries Can J Fish Aquat Sci ICES J Mar Sci Rev Fish Biol Fisher Fisheries J Fish Biol Rev Fish Sci Aquaculture Can J Fish Aquat Sci Fish Oceanogr Fish Shellfish Immun Aquaculture Can J Fish Aquat Sci Fish Fish Eigenfactor (EF) Article influence (AI) JCR impact factor
  • 9. Publish: access to your article
    • Digital format
    • On the web
    • Unrestricted/freely available
    • Increase your readership!
  • 10. Publish: Open Access (OA)
    • “ Open access is the condition where access to the fishery is unrestricted”
      • – OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms
    • “ Open Access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.”
      • – Peter Suber
    • Two roads to achieve Open Access…
  • 11. Publish: OA publications
    • OA publications, e.g. FCRR
    • OA journals, e.g. Fishery Bulletin
    • Hybrid journals, e.g. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
    • Directory of Open Access Journals
    • [click “For authors”]
  • 12. Publish: self archiving
    • Depositing a copy of your article on the web that is freely available to others
    • Copyright Transfer Agreements
    • SPARC Canadian Author Addendum
    • Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine
      • http:// /
  • 13. Publish: publisher policies
    • http://
    • green: pre & post-print
    • yellow: pre-print only
    • blue: post-print only
    • pre-print: before peer review
    • post-print: after peer review with corrections made (usually final draft)
    • The fine print:
    * from Web of Science Fisheries Centre Top 10* Mar Mammal Sci Bull Mar Sci Mar Policy Mar Ecol – Prog Ser J Fish Biol ICES J Mar Sci Ecol Model Rev Fish Biol Fisher Fish Res Can J Fish Aquat Sci
  • 14. Publish: digital repositories
    • cIRcle
      • http://
    • Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD)
    • Aquatic Commons
  • 15. Contact me
    • Email/MSN:
    • [email_address]
    • Phone:
    • 604.822.6638
    Fisheries Subject Guide