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The automatic hydroponics system with myDAQ


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The automatic hydroponics system with myDAQ

  1. 1. The result : Conclusion and discussion The automatic The result of the automatic hydroponics 1.Get new innovation of the automatic hydroponics hydroponics system system with myDAQ.system with myDAQ by transform the 2.Get the automatic hydroponics system with with myDAQsolution concentrate of fertilizer solution myDAQ efficiently.and test working control quantity of wa-ter and fertilizer by using EC sensor as 3.Be able to take the automatic hydroponics system with myDAQ apply in teaching activity.the table: The result of EC Experiment observing value Step 1 Water pump doesn’t 0.5 work but fertilizer Testing solution pump work EC value at until EC value is 0.5, 0.5 by us- the system will stop ing buffer working. solution at 0.35 Step 2 Water pump works, 0.25 fertilizer solution Testing pump doesn’t work EC value at until EC value is 0.25, 0.25 by the system will stop using buffer working. solution at 0.35 Step 3 Water pump and fer- 0.35 Mr.Chaleam Bausing, Mrs. Jongol Bausing and tilizer solution pump Mr.Satapisat Kraisee, Testing don’t work until EC Kanthararom School, Si Sa Ket Province, Thailand EC value at value is Tel +6645651143 Fax +6645651532 0.35 by using buffer 0.35, the system will solution stop working. at 0.35
  2. 2. B ackground Materials StartDisaster from Flooding in lately 2011 in AThailand caused many damages in hu- Microcontroller Set, Water pump, Time Set Check (x)man life especially products on agricul- Rubbers tube, Bucket, Sprout, Fertilizer falseture. Because of Flooding for a long N P K according to type of formulatime we need to keep up with flooding planting, Equipments to create EC sen- Forand adjust to situation that will happen sor, Temperature sensor, Power supply Time>xin the future. Hydroponics can control truefactors which effect to plant growing. As Read Tem,a result, we get good quality of product. Read ECThe procedure produces need proficiency tolook after. By the way ,we take myDAQ to Show Tem (0C) Show EC Meterapply to developed the automatic hydro-ponics system with myDAQ. It ‘s very Set ECuseful to agriculturists and to adjust to control levelflood condition taking for long time. true If EC Meter PUMP Water ONObjective Procedure to testing equipment > EC To design and create the false automatic hydroponics system If ECMe- true with myDAQ. ter < EC PUMP CAME ON To test the efficiency in work- ing of the automatic hydroponics false system with myDAQ. false If EC Meter between To take the automatic hydro- ponics system with myDAQ for teaching activity. true All PUMP OFF A Stop