Educate ngo 2020


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Educate ngo 2020

  1. 1. 2020: Education for theunder-privilegedEmpowering kids in slums to educatethemselves
  2. 2. Motivation• Education is empowerment• The more people get educated, the less they can bemanipulated• Social responsibility• Better quality of life for greater society, reduce crime• Titillate the young mind at the grass root level, create thehunger to reach bigger heights
  3. 3. Research• “Hole in the wall” experiment• Studies from around the world show young children canteach themselves fairly complex ideas without any guidanceusing online resources• Classroom model is obsolete• Dinosaur from the “Colonial” times which needs to die now• Children have the unique gift to teach themselves throughcuriosity (adults lack this)• Stress on English and Mathematics as core subjects, restcan be derived
  4. 4. Resources• We stand at an unique juncture• Open source is the new mantra• Free resources available which are getting better inquality day by day• Wikipedia, Khan academy, YouTube, Wolfram Alpha• Our job is to provide access to young minds
  5. 5. Bringing everythingtogether• Initial exposure to 20-30 kids per location• Installation of “SimpuComp”• Sharing of electric bill and internet connection by theslum community• Enough offline resources• Accessible to CHILDREN ONLY for 24 hours• Should be guarded by a responsible local guardian,preferably the 80yr old “grandpa” who believes in our goals• Electricity and internet connection
  6. 6. Finances• Crowd-sourcing for the initial stages• Enough pool collected to provide 20 SimpuComps• Indiegogo project to be floated after initial success toraise further financing• NGO incorporation after the first substantial cheque
  7. 7. Our commitment• Initial briefing for the children and parents• Setting up our installation• Who pays the bills? Electricity, Internet• Providing direct mobile contact• Visiting once a month to address issues• Format and re-install if they manage to break the system• Open source is the mantra• Engage one educator in each location for regularclarification – can be a high school student as well• Should be responsible and aligned with our goals
  8. 8. Initial goals• Kolkata and Mumbai• 10 locations in each city – spread as far apart as possible• Believe me, these machines will be like child magnets,drawing them from a 100 sq. km area• 20 rudimentary computers• 400 students• Only English tuitions
  9. 9. 5 year plan• All Tier-I cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata,Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore, Lucknow,Ahmedabad, Jaipur• 100 locations per city• Minimum 50,000 BPL students influenced per city• All subjects
  10. 10. Take away• Empowerment of society• Investment in human capital• Some students will succeed in their small ventures• Some of the students will go further ahead and createemployment• Each student will titillate others, creating a domino effect• They will be indebted to us for getting this opportunity• Personal Motive:• Being a part of a powerful NGO that shapes the future• Funded by CSR grants from heavy-weight corporates