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Question 4

  1. 1. Question 4 What kind of mediainstitution might distribute your media product and why?
  2. 2. Media InstitutionsBaller – Kerrang, Heat, CloserBBC worldwide – Radio times, Easy cookCondle Nast – Vanity fair, GQDennie Publishing.Future Publishing - MAC Format, PC format Hachetter Filipacchi – Elle, Red, Inside soapH Baller – Bella, Take a break Haymarker consumer media – What car IPC media – Soaplife, Woman and Home National Magazine – Cosmopolitan bride, zest, good housekeep, Reveal
  3. 3. Research on IPC MEDIA. Taken from the “About IPC” on IPC Media produces over 60 iconic media brands, with print alone reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men – almost 26 million UK adults – while our websites collectively reach over 20 million users every month (Omniture).IPCs diverse print and digital portfolio offers something for everyone, with a focus on three core audiences: men, mass market women and upmarket women.As I am looking at music magazines, IPC publish NME and UNCUT. They publish over 60 magazines. This is showing that they are very successful. They have been running since 1853, their first magazine “The Field.” They are a very succesful media institutions but I don’t feel that it would be very interested in publishing my product as the genre does not fit in with its style of magazines it already publishes. For example Woman and Home does not in much way relate to I.AM a Urban hip hop music magazine. Neither does Woman Weekly.If I chose a different style maybe older music, perhaps something like mojo? Or a genrealy radio times. I think they would be interested. They focus on all ages all gender, not a biased genre in anything (overall.)
  4. 4. From research Bauer is a media institution that distributesSmash Hits, Heat and Q. (Just focusing on magazines that relate to my product.) Considering I used Q as an inspiration for my magazine I feel that my product would be looked and it would appeal hopefully to a media institution that publish magazines like my own. It would challenge there usual genre as mine is more focused specifically on urban, grime and r&b but I feel itwould fit in well and would be successful as I enjoy smash hits, q , etc. and I created this magazine so hopefully people like me would be interested!
  5. 5. History Taken from Bauer website Bauer Media is a division of the Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. Bauer Media joined the Bauer Media Group in January 2008 following acquisition of Emap plc’sconsumer and specialist magazines, radio, TV, online and digital businesses. Collectively, the Group employs some 6,400 people. Bauer Media is a multi-platform UK-based media Group consisting of many companies collected around two main divisions – Magazines and Radio - widely recognised and rewarded as being industry innovators. Our business is built on influential media brands with millions of personal relationships withengaged readers and listeners. Our strategy is to connect audiences with excellent content throughour broad multi-touch point brand platforms, wherever and whenever and however they want. Our wide portfolio of influential brands gives us advantages over pure play magazine or radio competitors.
  6. 6. These radio plays Urban Music. This fits inwell but in comparison to the magazinethere is a whole in there product list thata magazine with that certain culture andvibe isnt there, and minde would fit well!
  7. 7. It would offer a monthly update on things going on in the year and certain artist that are doing different things. Photos and posters people would want to have and offers for my targetaudience. It would have a high selling rate and it would benefit them and I.AM
  8. 8. Q I.AMMy inspiration was from one of there types of magazines. But itchallenges it as it had a different genre. It fits the style they like but itwouldn’t just be a repeat as it focuses on one targert audience.Which I feel they should take a risk and try