Conclusions of the 4th cartoon museum conference 2012


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Conclusions of the 4th cartoon museum conference organized by the European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem

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Conclusions of the 4th cartoon museum conference 2012

  1. 1. Conclusions of the 4th Cartoon Museum Conference 2012 1. Participants: see attached file. 2. ConnectingThe theme of this year conference was about ‘connecting through cartoons’. We did askall cartoon museums to send us in advance their own success stories about ‘connecting’.You can read the stories on: the beginning of the conference we shared stories behind the objects that allparticipants did bring which were relevant to them and their museum. 3. DreamThe participants did dream together how the cartoon museum of 2025 shouldlook like:
  2. 2. How do we achieve to win the prize of the ‘Museum of the decade’ in 2025: By working together, sharing ideas and exhibitions and by being all one museum, working together By bringing the collection to the people, people who can decide by themselves what they get to see in the museum By making the museum a virtual museum, with every day a new curator and debates between cartoonists and the possibility to make 3D-prints, so that everyone can have an original cartoon in their own house By making it a place where children learn about cartoons By allowing the world to read the only remaining newspaper, one with cartoons onlyThe common elements in the dreams can be summarized in 5 topics: Technology Collaboration and cooperation Participation/Interactivity and being closer to the public Growth and expansion Stability 4. ActionsFor each topic actions were proposed by the group:Technology - no physical borders - sharing knowledge - another way of presenting -> show more - what with authorship, what is original/uniqueness - makes copyright difficult - exhibitions with parts of each museum to stimulate the visits - increase democracy/peaceCollaboration/cooperation - universal language/improving communication - exhibition exchange - sharing our networks of artists and fans - a hub for information - unite to improve the social perception of the art form - international cartoon art museum union - provide a support network for artists / shared philosophy of rights of artists - ongoing exchange of updates, news and ideas in cartoon museums of most important events - residences and cartoon ambassadors - start small - reach out to other cartoon institutionsParticipation/Interactivity/closer Public/visitors:public - celebrity - active role of public - turning mill - publishing Artists - personal presence
  3. 3. - educational role - promoter Other museums - experience - professionalism - knowledge archive - taking actions - go over bordersGrowth/expansion - perseverance and patience - variety in program and workshops - Action Jackson! - superactive, interactive, playful website - diversity in volunteers (background, age, places, …) - aim or blame fameThe group decided on these most favorite actions: 1. (Virtual) International Cartoon Museum Exhibition 2. Cartoon Exhibition exchange 3. Diversity in the museum teams (background, age, places ….) 4. Active role of public/visitors 5. Playful websiteAnd which ideas and actions do we take back home to our own cartoonmuseums? Virtual world cartoon museum gallery with rooms for each museum Common platform In situation of lack of money and space, a long term planning is necessary, also cooperation and contacts with others Invite youth/students to participate Curating by the public or other cartoonists Digitalizing the collection (help from others), but live arts does have to stay! Prove that we are one community Dedicating a part of the museum to the collection of the museums (copies) Organizing the same exhibition, at the same time in all museums I will brief my colleagues in my museum in detail about the conference Virtual exhibition salon Cartoon Museum Day (3th of April, Atila Ozers birthday) Exhibits in Toonseum about world cartoonists Exchange program for cartoonists Organizing own cartoon competition Using social media as PR, as well as regular media Museum as a professional advisor for your town/city Use of each other’s archives Screen in museum with information about the other museums
  4. 4. We already did agree to work about:Exchange of Exhibitions o European Cartoon Center: Exhibition ‘Cartoons from Belgium’ – prize winning cartoonists (60 works) o Anadolu University: Exhibitions of Turkish cartoonists about different themes o Cartoon Museum of Warsaw ‘The ball is in the play’ (soccer) (200 works) o Atila Ozer Cartoon House: Virtual exhibition with work of Atila Ozer on the 3th of April o PortoCartoon: exhibitions on different themesCollaboration on Exhibitions o European Cartoon Center: World War I remembrance in June 2014 (use of collection and simultaneous exhibition) o Israëli Cartoon Museum: Participation in new exhibition March 2013 – the Peace Pigeon o Toonseum: ‘how the world sees US’ – looking for works about the themeOther projects o Fayoum Cartoon Museum of Egypt: residency for cartoonists (room and atelier) o European Cartoon Center: web pages on ECC’s website with calendar of activities of all cartoon museums o Anadolu University can use the museum archives for educational reasons o PortoCartoon: offering the platform for a virtual world cartoon museum gallery
  5. 5. List of participants:Name First Name Organisation CountryAygun Sadettin Anadolu University Museum of Cartoon Art TurkeyDonmez Recai Anadolu University Museum of Cartoon Art TurkeyCil Deniz Atila Ozer House TurkeyOzer Vicdan Atilla Ozer House TurkeyMuradov Vugar Azim Azimzadeh Cartoon Museum Azerbeidjan AzerbijanVerheggen Jan European Cartoon Center BelgiumGheysens Rudy European Cartoon Center BelgiumAbla Mohammed Fayoum Caricature Museum EgyptAbla Christina Fayoum Caricature Museum EgyptBoneva Galina House of Humour Gabrovo BulgariaTsankova Tatyana House of Humour Gabrovo BulgariaReijnders Wim Markiezenhof - Spotprentenmuseum The NetherlandsFranken Mireille Markiezenhof - Spotprentenmuseum The NetherlandsMasaracı Kamil Milas Turhan Selçuk Cartoon House TurkeyRuhan Şelçuk Milas Turhan Selçuk Cartoon House TurkeyZaradkiewicz Zygmunt Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw PolandZaradkiewicz Joanna Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw PolandBeugeling Niels Persmuseum Amsterdam The NetherlandsHumberto Marcos Luis Portocartoon PortugalHumberto Marcos Julia Portocartoon PortugalGalit Gaon The Israeli Cartoon Museum Holon IsraelKruglova Svetlana The Surgut Fine Arts Museum RussiaKruglova Daria The Surgut Fine Arts Museum RussiaWos Joe Toonseum USANajhold Branko Zemun Serbia