Sustainability in Action, Better Paper, Better world...Double A: 21 Nov 2013

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By Thirawit Leetavorn, Senior Executive Vice President, Double A …

By Thirawit Leetavorn, Senior Executive Vice President, Double A

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  • 1. Sustainability in Action Better Paper, Better World Double A By Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn Senior Executive Vice President – Double A (1991) PLC
  • 2. Sustainability in Action
  • 3. Environmental Wellness Double A is self-sufficient in short fiber raw materials, renewable biomass power, and water
  • 4. Environmental Wellness PAPER FROM KHAN-NA (PFKN) Our innovative and sustainable source of fiber. KHAN-NA: The vacant strips of land between rice paddies.      100 Paper trees/plot mature in 4 years 3 cycles no fertilizer no impact on rice
  • 5. Environmental Wellness KHAN-NA is transformed into a productive resource that provides • additional income to Thai farmers • sustainable fiber to Double A Before After
  • 6. Environmental Wellness Paper from KHAN-NA: - Reduces carbon dioxide, - Preserve natural forest; no tree logging! - No land clearing takes place to farm the trees, - Farmers are in charge of their own land, and - Neither planting nor harvesting destroys animals’ habitat
  • 7. Paper from KHAN-NA Stringent procurement process to ensure wood quality and sustainability of the source Double A High quality saplings Technical know-how Sustainable livelihood Tree Saplings Harvest KHAN-NA – vacant strips of land between rice paddies Trees mature in 3-5 years Distribute to 60 Thai provinces Over 1.5 million farmers KHAN-NA Farmers Farmers earn up to 8% additional income
  • 8. Environmental Wellness SUFFICIENT RENEWABLE BIOMASS POWER Waste turned to power! Our No-Waste Production Cycle Log Waste from pulping - wood chips, tree barks and black liquor are used as renewable biomass electricity. Bark Wood chips Raw materials Wood chip mill Fuel Fuel Bark Sold to utility authority for community use Power Plant Strong Black Liquor Pulp Mill Paper Mill
  • 9. Environmental Wellness OUR OWN RAINWATER RESERVOIR Emerald Lake, Double A’s own rainwater reservoir Capacity: 36 million cubic meters Supplies water to Double A and neighbouring industrial zone
  • 10. Social Well-being ENRICHING FARMERS AND LOCAL COMMUNITIES Paper from KHAN-NA is an inclusive platform where: - Farmers become an active member of Thai economy - Income is distributed to the community - Family ties are strengthened
  • 11. Farmers’ Reasons for Planting Paper Trees
  • 12. Satisfaction and Happiness Over Income Farmers are happy and satisfied because of two things: - Debt repayment - Children education
  • 13. How Farmers Spend Additional Income
  • 14. Community Programs Annual Blood Donation Campaign • Campaign began in 1996 • Double A employees have donated 4.2 million cc of blood since 1996 to Thai Red Cross Association Mobile Medical Unit • Bringing physicians and dentists to the communities in Prachinburi six times a year • Donated X-Ray mobile car to help diagnose community members with breast cancer
  • 15. PFKN Overseas Expansion Expansion in neighbouring countries: Cambodia, Bangladesh and Laos. Bangladesh 10,539 farmers. Demand for paper tree 2,218,109 Laos 55,977 trees forecast for 2013 Cambodia 1,091 farmers. 1,101,797 Trees planted
  • 16. Human Wisdom Paper trees are donated to selected rural schools for them to grow.
  • 17. Human Wisdom Schools’ planned spending of funds Educational Equipments -Computers -Digital Camera -Exercise gears -Musical Instruments School Activities -Feeding programs -Incinerator instruction -Improvement of school surroundings -Other facilities
  • 18. Nationwide School Projects
  • 19. The Unique Quality of Premium Double A Paper
  • 20. The Unique Quality of Premium Double A Paper Double A Paper-Tree has the highest fiber count per gram among other hardwood species commonly used in making paper.
  • 21. Double A’s Outstanding Properties Thanks to Double A‘s high quality and sustainable fiber from KHAN-NA! 100 80 60 40 20 0 Uniformly distributed fiber Even and smooth surface High quality print and excellent copy Opacity Opacity (%) Formation (Index) Formation 96 94 92 90 88 86 Can print on both sides
  • 22. Double A’s Outstanding Properties Smoothness 250 Roughness (ml/min) 200 150 Roughness Top 100 Roughness Bottom 50 0 Double A Australia Malaysia China 1 Hong Kong China 2 USA Smooth paper surface that you can feel. Double A’s smooth surface makes for effortless copying, especially in high speed machines.
  • 23. Global Presence Over 120 countries and growing.
  • 24. Marketing and Branding Campaigns
  • 25. Marketing and Branding Campaigns Double A stand at Paperworld Middle East and Frankfurt Promoting its sustainable paper in global trade events like Paperworld Middle East and Frankfurt.
  • 26. Marketing and Branding Campaigns
  • 27. Better Paper, Better World