Driven: The Formula for Sustainable Success

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By Saengchai Lee

By Saengchai Lee

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  • 1. Sustainability Through Motivation
  • 2. Tips or Strategies  Create your strong branding  Understand today’s customer landscape  Plan for success  Surround yourself with experts  Grow your customer base  Create low budget marketing strategies  Evaluate your business structure
  • 3. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • 4. Motivators – Factors for satisfaction • Work itself • Recognition • Advancement/Growth • Sensibilities Herzberg’s Motivators- Hygiene Theory
  • 5. Hygiene factors – Factors for dissatisfaction or just keep going • Salary • Company policies • Work condition • Security Herzberg’s Motivators- Hygiene Theory
  • 6. “Leader style depends on the maturity of the person or group you are leading” Situational Leadership Theory
  • 7. Situational Leadership Theory
  • 8. Fact/Work People/Feeling IntuitionSensing Compliance (Thinker) Dominance (Director) Steadiness (Relater) Influence (Socializer) How to Identify Behavioral Styles
  • 9. How to Identify Communication Styles Fact/Work People/Feeling IntuitionSensing Compliance (Thinker) Dominance (Director) Steadiness (Relater) Influence (Socializer) Talks about: Hard values, oneself, bottom line, goals Talks about: Oneself, people, team-spirit, good things, future Talks about: One’s team, proofs, principals, agreements, Talks about: Analyses, details, facts, Instructions
  • 10. How to Identify Behavioral Styles Fact/Work People/Feeling IntuitionSensing C D S I • Appears reserved & shy & quiet • Likes rules & regulations • Studies detail carefully • Not comfortable with physical contact & familiarity • “What’s the bottom line?” • Appears in a hurry/impatient • Aggressive/Demanding • Is direct • States opinions as facts • Interrupts others • Talks about people he/she knows • Talks a lot , Open & friendly • Animated • Doesn’t focus on detail • Inattentive listener • Likes physical contact • Easy-going/amenable • Not easily excited • Asks specific questions • “Let me think about it” • Change new ideas make him/her uncomfortable
  • 11. Motivate our people to manage our success and sustainability plan.