Arch 100 house studies


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  • Some houses are very easy to find. Make sure you’ve set Musagetes Library as the limit. Just type in the name, e.g. MaisonTropicale, Dymaxion House, Schindler House. Note the Location”Full record will find references to your search keywords in any part of the record, e.g. 20th C Houses
  • Details tab will show you more information. Does the person who has the book have name release? If not, recall the book.
  • Person who has the book will receive e-mail message with revised due date. It will be due back in 7 days. If there’s another copy of the same book in another library, it will be faster to request it instead.
  • Gray was an architect and designer so there are books in 2 different sections
  • Use “Exact Phrase” when you want to keep words together.
  • Interesting that Peter Pfau is not mentioned at all
  • You can pick up snippets of information or decide if you need to look at the entire book. We have many of these titles in the library.
  • 4 page article with all the graphic info you need. Not available to read online so you must check the catalogue to see if a print copy available and if not, order it in.
  • Beware!! 3 pages have been dropped.
  • On average takes 2 weeks for a request to come through. You’ll get an e-mail when it arrives.
  • Not finding enough in the Avery? Go to Proquest home and search across databases.
  • Some citations can be read online. Others will need to be requested through TUGdoc or RACER
  • Arch 100 house studies

    1. 1. ARCH 100House Case Studies
    2. 2. Researching your house Your Assignment: Document your assigned dwelling using text and graphic information Resources: Reference Books Library Catalogue  Primo Google Books Journal databases  Avery Index to Architectural Journals
    3. 3. Reference Books
    4. 4. Primo search
    5. 5. Details tab
    6. 6. Recalling a bookRecall=book is on loan Hold: book is on shelf
    7. 7. AuthenticateSign in to verify your UW status
    8. 8. Recalling a book
    9. 9. Choose a pick up locationArch Circ Desk
    10. 10. Search by Architect or FirmCheck the index/table of contents for your house name
    11. 11. Check the TOC or Index
    12. 12. Search by House TypeVacation, Portable, Prefabricated, Container, Modulor, Treehouse, Cabin etc.,
    13. 13. What if I can’t find a book?Not enough info or no book at all Contains only 1 photo of his “Primitive Hut”
    14. 14. I Google Books Quotation marks search the words as a phrase
    15. 15. Is this your lucky day?
    16. 16. Ta-Dah!You don’t always get this lucky
    17. 17. Follow the leads Webb was a member of Archigram
    18. 18. Find Journal articlesAvery Index to Architectural Periodicals
    19. 19. Avery Index Musagetes Library does not have all the journals listed in the Avery Most architectural journals have not been digitized Most architecture journals available online do not include images
    20. 20. Search the Avery IndexChoose keywords carefully; Play around to get results
    21. 21. Review the citations Note the spelling of Jones’ first name Note the number of pages
    22. 22. Do we have the journal ?Check in Primo or Trellis Page numbering has changed
    23. 23. Check Trellis for a print issue
    24. 24. Order the article through RACERRACER is the library’s Interlibrary Loan system
    25. 25. RACER request formMake sure the information is accurate and complete Add the missing page numbers
    26. 26. Choose a Pick Up locationLogin= Watcard barcode Password= your last name
    27. 27. Not enough info in the Avery?Try a cross database search Search more databases
    28. 28. Find citations in other databases
    29. 29. Find citations from other databasesThis is from the Thesis database
    30. 30. Find citations in other databasesDoes the library have this journal?
    31. 31. Does the Library have this journal?Search Primo or Trellis Trellis is the preferred choice
    32. 32. Available locationsChoose Waterloo
    33. 33. Holdings statementDoes the library have the volume you need? [v. 37 issue 2, Oct. 98] Request a photocopy of the article
    34. 34. Request a copyChoose TUGdoc and fill out the form
    35. 35. Wrap Up Reference books - Floor plans Primo – search by house name, architect/firm, or house type Google Books Avery Index/Proquest – journal articles Architecture Guide – this PP