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Ap environmental project 1

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Land use planning + cleigaie

  1. 1. Land-Use Planning :PERIMITER MALL<br />Sashay Narcisse<br />Nia Oliver<br />Kirsten Winston<br />Britnie Stapleton<br />
  2. 2. SURVEY QUESTIONS <br />Did you live in this area before the shopping center was constructed?<br />38 NO 12 YES<br />If so what was the area like before the shopping center was built?<br />38 NO 10 SAID IT WAS FARM AREA AND 2 SAID IT WASA NICE AREA<br />What problems do you notice that are associated with the shopping area (traffic noise etc)?<br />5 NO 22 TRAFFIC 14 NOICE 5 POLLUTION 3 CROWDED<br />Is the shopping centers interior aesthetically pleasing to you?<br />47 YES 3 NO<br />Is the shopping centers exterior aesthetically pleasing to you?<br />9 NO 41 YES<br />Do you feel crime in your neighborhood has changed with the construction of the shopping center?<br />33 NO 5 YES 12 DID NOT KNOW <br />Were you consulted in any way before the shopping center was built?<br />50 NO<br />If so in what way and by whom?<br />50 NO<br />
  3. 3. Analysis<br />Estimate the total area of impervious (e.g., concrete surfaces, parking lots, buildings, etc.) surfaces where water cannot seep into the ground.<br />
  4. 4. Estimate the number and average height of trees in the shopping center.<br />Steps to measure height of tree<br />Distance from you to tree: ____cm<br />Measure your eye level (also in cm)<br />Use clinometer to measure top of tree: ___degrees<br />Plot your degree on your protractor<br />Draw straight line from protractor across the graph<br />Plot distance from tree on the graph<br />Draw line perpendicular to the distance point<br />Determine the height of the triangle<br />Add height at eye level<br />720 feet 60 degrees<br />
  5. 5. How are the trees planted? In boxes, in beds, or in areas filled in with wood chips?<br />The trees and shrubs in the area we picked were a mixture. There were 7 shrubs in pots ,5 trees, and 30 regular shrubs. All of them were covered by wood chips.<br />
  6. 6. Estimate the percentage of the parking lot that is filled with cars.<br />We did an estimate by counting the rows and the number of cars in the the rows and came up with 98% of the parking lot was filled with cars. <br />98% of the parking lot was filled with cars. <br />
  7. 7. Where does all the water that falls onto the shopping center drain into?<br />All the water that falls onto the shopping center drain into the sewage drain .<br />
  8. 8. Questions<br />1. Did your respondents seem to feel positively about the mall?<br />Yes, most of our respondents were positive.<br />2. What were some of the major problems respondents cited about having the mall in their community?<br />The most problems they talked about was the traffic problem and the noise.<br />3. What environmental problems did you see that were associated with the mall (e.g., water runoff, aesthetics, wildlife, loss of habitat, traffic)? <br />We saw pollution water runoff and traffic.<br />4. What functions does this mall play in this community?<br />This mall plays as an hang out spot it is not only a place for people to go shopping but it also has many different attractions like restaurants and hotels.<br />5. How can the negative environmental problems associated with malls be minimized?<br />One way for us to minimize the big problem(traffic) would be to urge people to carpool .<br />7. If you were designing a mall, what important factors would you incorporate that weren't included in this mall? <br />We would include a parking deck because that would cut down on traffic and also less pollution.<br />6. Are several small shopping centers better than one large one? Why or why not?<br />No because that give people more reason to cut down more trees and also cause more pollution and runoff.<br />
  9. 9. Is the area aesthetically pleasing to you? Why or why not?<br />The area was very pleasing to us inside and out.<br />Were the roads leading to the mall there before the construction of the mall? Were additional roads built to accommodate the additional traffic? Were existing roads widened? The roads leading were there before but there were other roads constructed to accommodate the additional traffic. Also some existing roads were widened .<br />What type of wildlife is present at the mall?<br />At the mall we saw a lot of birds<br />Is there evidence that large trees were removed for the shopping center? If so, how could they have been incorporated into the design of the mall, rather than being removed?<br />Yes there is evidence because some of the trees add them around the mall or incorporate them before building the mall<br />Is there evidence that the mall was constructed where a farm, residential area, or open fields used to be?<br />Yes, because one of the people we interviewed said that previous to the mall a farm land was located there.<br />What types of stores are in the mall? How many stores (total) are there?<br />There are 167 stores located in the mall, some of which include shoe, clothing, food jewelry cosmetics and ect.<br />