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Question 4- How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation?
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Question 4- How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation?


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A2 Media Coursework

A2 Media Coursework

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Question 4- how did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? By Sasha Sefuke
  • 2. Da Font • Da Font is a website which hosts downloads for a variety of fonts, which I found very useful when it came to editing my print production pieces, rather than using the universal fonts provided by Photoshop.
  • 3. Facebook • Facebook allowed me to create an online focus group, in which I made to get audience feedback for my coursework. • I was able to upload posts and videos and get my friends I invited to the group to talk about it. • It allowed me to be interactive with my potential audience.
  • 4. YouTube • • • • • • YouTube was a useful piece of technology when it came to researching and planning my music video. I used it for many things, such as: Looking up past A2 music videos for inspiration. To look up songs that do not have a music video. Looking up official music videos of artists in the same genre as my chosen genre to see what key conventions they used, and other genres of music videos in case I wanted my music video theme to be entropic rather than redundant. To look up clips from films or music videos to help me decide whether I wanted to use intertextual references in my music video. When I was researching music videos to see if the lyrics and the visuals were illustrative, amplifying or contradicting.
  • 5. Blogger • Blogger was useful to me because it abled me to document and present all my coursework easily in one place • I was able to post videos, write information about my progress and post my research and planning. • Blogger also has a handy app for smartphones, which made it easier to post any of coursework anytime and anywhere
  • 6. Timetoast • Timetoast helped me create a timeline for the planning of my coursework • It abled me to be organised and to plan what to do and when. • In addition, it can be posted on blogger, which was helpful, rather than having to go onto timetoast and find it on my account.
  • 7. Premiere Pro • Premiere pro is what I used to edit my music video • This editing program made life so much easier when it came to editing, as you could edit any part of your video on the timeline, unlike in the past when they had time machine linear editing which didn’t allow you to edit bit by bit, you had to put whatever you had into the machine and that was it. • Unlike some editing programs, Premiere pro doesn’t have premade/default effects, you are in control of how much of the effects you want and make it your own. • Tools that I found useful were the mirror and the horizontal flip effects which was located in the transform option, and the trim function helped me split and trim down clips on my timeline.
  • 8. Nikon D60 • The Nikon D60 is a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, was used to practice taking pictures for the planning and final print production. • The functions that came in handy were the auto focus portrait which helped me change the shallow depth of field in the background and focus on the main object, the zoom, the ISO helped me adjust the exposure, the shutter speed function helped me keep the pictures in focus and create different effects with the camera.
  • 9. Panasonic Full HD Camera • The Panasonic Full HD Camera was used to film the final production. • The functions I found useful where the lighting change option to match the lighting of the surroundings I was filming in. • The zoom helped me create close ups rather than filming up close.
  • 10. Google • Google was exceptionally useful for many reasons: • For doing my research and planning, whether it was looking for inspiration, pictures and videos for my research, to looking up the history of music videos and tutorials for Premiere Pro and Photoshop when it came to editing my video and print productions.
  • 11. Pinterest • I found that using pinterest was because it helped me create a moodboard of pictures from any website on the internet. • It has a default layout that is easy to look at and presents the pictures in a online portfolio, therefore it helped me avoid making my moodboard look too busy and presentable.