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User Centric Web


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Its about how next generation web which might be user centric can be developed

Its about how next generation web which might be user centric can be developed

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  • Let WebSites register with user ! Let Websites conform with user apis and protocols !
  • Transcript

    • 1. Watch this video before you go ahead ,if you are not sure who HE MAN is :) , Yes you read it right He Man and the Masters of Universe
    • 2. Fictional planet ...Eternia The Internet ..
    • 3. Prince Adam ... User of the Internet
    • 4. Castle of GraySkull is ........ Our Identity , Privacy and Data
    • 5. The Evil Skeletor You know them all ... Proprietary Platforms ;)
    • 6. Lazy , over eating feline companion of the Prince Adam , Cringer ... --- Our Current Browsers , sorry for that
    • 7. The Sword of Power We need desperately at the moment ....
    • 8. BattleCat , large green tiger, with yellow stripes who serves as He-Man's fighting mount A new mozilla app or make over for firefox ....?
    • 9. Web 2.0 Pic Courtesy :
    • 10. User Centric Web Pic Courtesy :
    • 11. How to achieve this ?
      • Integrate API's to give unique experience using programmable web API's
          • Example
      • Or Flock browser kinda experience ?
      Would be solving the wrong problem
    • 12. Quick Patches, but not Solution
    • 18. Lets try to fix it .... Instead of site specific API's or service specific API's how about the other way round ?
    • 19. User Specific API's & Protocols ?
    • 20. Whats the temperment ? Think the other way ! Turn everything upside down !
    • 21. User Specific APIs* & Protocols..
      • Standardise User Data and give API's for Service providers
        • Profile
        • 22. Contacts
        • 23. Blog write ups
        • 24. Videos , photos ..what not ...
      • User Specific Protocols
        • Activity Streams ( picking up ..)
        • 25. Authorization ( we can reuse openid ,oauth ..)
        • * This is not same as some server giving user data api's like google user data or microsoft's contacts api but its the other way round.
    • 26. Browser is the best place to start with ...... Weave looked like taking baby steps towards it but its roadmap seems to be different and its motto too.
    • 27. Demand is showing that here lies an opportunity for a social client-server app running on an open standard. Functioning much like an email client which acts as an interface to your mail via SMTP or IMAP, This will be the one centralized location for all your networking, messaging, blogging and personal publishing needs.
    • 28. Lets put pieces together...
    • 29. User Centric Web Lets claim our Identity , data & privacy from proprietary platforms ! Thank you Sashank Dara
    • 30. Credits All the pics are taken from Wikipedia and google images He man is protoryed by John Erwin in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe