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  • 1. 7 Things You Should Know About The Humboldt Squid
    • by Sasha Autry
  • 2. Did you know...
    • The average adult Humboldt Squid is about seven feet in length and weighs around 100 pounds. They only live 1-2 years, however, and must constantly eat in large quantities to grow to this size.
  • 3. Did you know...
    • Humboldt Squid are very inquisitive and intelligent, but are considered to be predatory and aggressive while feeding. They have been known to participate in cannibalism and attack human divers under provocation.
  • 4. Did you know...
    • They have eight arms and two retractable tentacles. They have about 1,200 suction cups with sharp toothed rings all along the arms. They use these in conjunction with a sharp beak to tear the flesh of prey.
  • 5. Did you know...
    • They can rapidly change their skin color from red to white using chromatophores (pigment containing, light reflecting cells), which some researchers believe is used as a complex form of communication.
  • 6. Did you know...
    • The Humboldt Squid is named after the Humboldt Current in South America, but have recently been expanding their home up the Pacific Coast as far as Alaska.
  • 7. Did you know...
    • Some oceanographers think this northern migration is due to global warming, while others feel it is related to the overfishing of the Humboldt ’ s natural predators.
  • 8. Did you know...
    • Humboldt Squid have three hearts. They have two branchial hearts (one to control each gill) and one systemic heart (to control blood flow to the rest of the body).
  • 9. Resources
    • Information: Documentary: Squid Invasion , by Christina Bavetta, 2008 Wikipedia.org - entries: Squid, Humboldt Squid bluelivingideas.com squid-world.com
    • Photos: bit-blot.com arkive.org bbc.co.uk cronodon.org elephantseals.blogspot.com archaeologica.org best-diving.org
  • 10. About Me: Sasha Autry
    • I am here to learn about the design and construction of websites. Someday I would like to combine this knowledge with other areas of study such as graphic design, communication, and psychology to create a creative and versatile career.