Facebook Timeline for Business


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This is a comprehensive guide to maximize your use of Facebook Timeline for your Business. Find Tip's and How-To Guide - Useful Apps to create engaging content. Walk-Through Videos of how to use our Multi-Tab Static HTML and iFrame App for Facebook Timeline Pages.

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Facebook Timeline for Business

  1. 1. Tips for Businesses Using Facebook Timeline Feature Email Questions towww.appaddictive.com sasha@appaddictive.com
  2. 2. We are moving from a web focused on content to anexperience centered aroundpeople and how they relateBusinessesare part of therelationship
  3. 3. Agenda:1. Timeline Change Policies2. Tips for your Business Page3. How to Use Apps to Rev Up your Facebook Timeline Strategy4. Awesome Timeline Pages
  4. 4. Get Ready… March 31 ALLPages will convert to Timeline
  5. 5. Timeline Layout – Take Advantage of theIncreased Visual Space We’ve seen clever use of the 810 pixel space and Application Library – users will see photos and top 3 applications and drop down menu for unlimitedNote: Fan and Non-fans will see your Full
  6. 6. How To Set Apps in Top 3 Boxes: Click on Drop Down Click on edit tab in the box you want to edit. Select the Top Apps. Your Costumers will see these, other apps will be under drop down menu
  7. 7. Next Change The Images: App Box increasedto111 74 Click on Edit Setting in the App Box Change Image and Upload an Attractive Picture – Some use Call to Action
  8. 8. See our Hack….
  9. 9. You can still put a real fan-gate on applicationsand content. We highly recommend you do this Multi-Tab Html for Timeline Pages Welcome Page Designer
  10. 10. Use AppAddictive Multi-Tab HTML Editor toupload Relevant and engaging Content Multi-Tab Html for Timeline Pages Click the icon to get Started!
  11. 11. About Section - predominately featured at thetop of your timeline. Update this section
  12. 12. Fan can now Messages your page! EnablePrivate Messaging on the Admin Panel. Werecommend that you activate private messages.
  13. 13. Timeline allows page managers to curate astory about your business or organization Add Milestones – Click on the Middle line • You have the ability to go back and add past events related to the history of your organization. • Simply go to where you would normally post an update to begin posting pass milestones. • This area will first require you to post a milestone about when your organization was founded.
  14. 14. Pin Important Posts for 7 days – These shouldbe a promotion or an engaging video/picture –testimonial from Costumers.
  15. 15. Check Out AwesomeTimelines for Ideas
  16. 16. facebook.com/cocacola facebook.com/benjerryfacebook.com/americanexpress facebook.com/1800flowers
  17. 17. We offer a Suite of Facebook Apps for Business Feature Apps in AppBistro! Visit: www.appaddictive.com
  18. 18. Thanks!Email Questions tosasha@appaddictive.com