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Feeds and Microformats – Optimisation beyond the site - Richard Baxter
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Feeds and Microformats – Optimisation beyond the site - Richard Baxter


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology

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  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Transcript

    • 1. Microformats
      SAScon – Manchester - 2011
      Richard Baxter –
      What are Microformats, how do they work and what can you do with them?
    • 2. You’ll recognise this
      Businesses and organisations can easily markup their addresses with hCard – there are really only a few key properties in hcard required to do this – here’s the documentation from Google
    • 3. And this…
      “Wow – I’m so delighted with my new Dualit toaster – arrived really quickly, too – thanks”
      Rated: 5/5
      Reviews are among the most popular types of data and they’re growing
    • 4. And, this?
      Matt CuttsPrincipal EngineerGoogle Inc+1
      You can mark up information in a webpage about a person using hcard, too. The additional attributes defined by the XFN properties (friend, contact and acquaintance) can be included, too.
    • 5. And this?
      Om nom nom
    • 6.
    • 7. The problem with information
      Post Code
      Even the most advanced information retrieval techniques can do with a hand recognising data
    • 8. Microformats
      Microformats, RDFa and Microdata all attempt to achieve the same goal – adding structure to data found on the web
    • 9. Reviews
      Oh? Implement hreview – just don’t expect anything to happen with your retail site for now. Use the reviews attributes in your Google product feed
    • 10. At least we have cake
      *May not be “Best Ever” banana cake – my girlfriend’s banana cake is the best, and she says it’s all about Nigella Lawson
    • 11. <div class="hrecipe">
      <h2 class="fn">Recipe: <a class="url" href="">Banana Cake</a></h2>
      <p class="summary"><strong>Summary</strong>: <This cake recipe is from the 1940s that was put together by the Women's Auxiliary in Alice Springs…</em></p>
      <div class="ingredients">
      <ul class="ingredients">
      <li class="ingredient">1 cup sugar </li>
      <li class="ingredient">1&1/2 cups self raising flour</li>
      <li class="ingredient">1/2 cup butter </li>
      <li class="ingredient">2 eggs</li><li class="ingredient">2 eggs</li>
      <div class="instructions">
      <li>Use a food processor Pre heat oven to 160C / gas mark 3 Add all ingredients and blend until well mixed Pour into lined loaf tin Bake for 1 hour Cool and enjoy If you are a nut lover, once ingredients are blended add 60g chopped walnuts and blend in to the mixture</li>
      <p class="duration"><span class="hrlabel">Cooking time (duration): </span><span class="hritem">90</span></p>
      <p class="yield"><span class="hrlabel">Number of servings (yield): </span><span class="hritem">8</span></p>
      Posting on SEOgadget: Mark-up Your Recipes Online With hRecipe
    • 12. class="ingredient"
    • 13. Seatwave got it right
      Markup your events with hCalendar:
      Using hReview for your review pages:
      Combining microformats is awesome – hreview-aggregate with hcalendar for the events
    • 14. span title="2011-05-19T1500Z00" class="dtstart"
      class=“url summary"
      class="location vcard"
      class="fn org"
    • 15. Microformats are everywhere
      • rel=“friend”
      • 16. rel=“me”
      • 17. rel=“nofollow”
      Perhaps the most well known microformat of all, rel=“nofollow” was found in 2.23% of all links in SEOmoz’s April Linkscape update of 41.3 billion URLs
    • 18. And can be used to get extra space in the SERPS
      For a while – this grey text was found by Patrick Altoft in a class=“fn org url” attribute
    • 19. But they can be lost
    • 20. THANK YOU
      Thanks for listening! Check out our blog at for more actionable guides and tips – or hire us for SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation and bespoke technology consulting.