SAS Employee Engagement Brochure


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SAS Employee Engagement Brochure

  1. 1. 1 Case studies LEFT LEFT LHT RIGHT RIGHT EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Engagement strategy | Communications | Enterprise social
  2. 2. The board are excited, 1 Introducing Case studiesSAS now for the bored. 2Getting your people marching in the same Contents For twenty years we’ve helped our 1 Introducing SAS clients to get their people joined-updirection takes both sides of the brain. The left 4 Case studies and moving in the right grasp complex strategy; the right for creative 4 GSK 6 Lilly This is what we’ve learned:that gets people out of bed in the morning. 8 BT Openreach The imaginative 10 KPMG – onsultants, reports and strategies C 12 The Coca-Cola make interesting reading for right-brain bit. CompanySo we put astute business minds (ours and 14 BT 16 Randstad the board and the people who No one gets out of bed on Monday wrote them. Nobody else gets morning to implement a businessyours), digital obsessives, and creative free 18 Solvay strategy – so even the smartest very excited.spirits in a room. management consultant can’t really – reativity can be powerful C change the way people think and work. and motivating. Great, creative ideas can and doThe result? – hings get interesting when T though. The evidence is everywhere. 3 we stop thinking about humanEmployee engagement that actually engages resources and start thinkingand motivates. about human beings. So today we bring three groups of people, skills and ideas to every A compulsion to understand engagement issue and build and move people. programs that the board love, That’s what has kept us interested – and the bored get excited about. inspired even – all these years. 1 Whether we’re persuading blue-chip investors or nudging telecoms engineers to work smarter, we aim to get under people’s skin. So across The grown-up left-brain bit. generations and industries and media we have one benchmark: will this piece In other words the strategic and digital of work make people feel something, know-how to see the issues and then do something? opportunities that you can’t and the credibility and confidence to get HR, internal communications and corporate communications people working as one. No refuseniks, no gaps for the good stuff to fall between and digital delivery that sends ideas forth with impact.
  3. 3. Clients 2 Introducing SAS Our specialists 3 Case studies Our team of experienced specialists know how to ask the right questions and see the important things faster. Engagement Strategy Activation Social and Research Engagement Jason Frank Leslie Rogers y ica nd l un s a cia ng eg ht ns ni r at m m o Joint Managing Director, SAS Consultant, SAS sig tio m for l S t en an St lo ign l In ia Co lat rna pm rie / Pl s nt ce ve pa pe ts d m Jason’s 14 years’ experience spans Leslie is a Consultant in our P te en Ex ven D e am a n om In di research, strategy and brand Brand and Talent practice, E C C Au expression with a particular leading insights into Employer emphasis on employer branding Branding and Engagement. and employee communications. Over the past 6 years she Having evolved SAS’s talent and has produced research for engagement offer over the last global companies in the seven years, his clients have energy, telecoms, fmcg, included KPMG, Freshfields, professional services and Coca-Cola, BP and BT. pharmaceuticals industries. Louisa Moreton Claire Herriott Head of Employee Recruitment Marketing Engagement, SAS Director, SAS Louisa is a Client Partner within Claire has worked within talent our Brand and Talent practice communications for 20 years, specialising in Employer Branding with expertise centred on and Engagement, leading SAS directing and developing projects for Lilly, Ernst Young recruitment marketing strategy and GSK. With over 10 years’ for leading global clients across experience, Louisa is a member of digital and social media, to ensure the UK Engage for Success ‘Guru they meet their recruitment and Group’ on employee engagement. marketing objectives. Dean Parker Rosanna Covacich Digital Consultant Strategy Consultant With over 15 years’ experience, Rosanna has extensive experience Dean leads our expertise in digital of developing global brand strategy and communications. strategy and employee Dean combines an intuitive communications, having worked knowledge of digital with with companies such as RBS, interaction design and user Deutsche Bank, Intercontinental experience, advising clients Hotel Group and Standard Life. on a wide range of platforms Her role is to formulate and advise and technologies. on strategic development of employer brand campaigns.
  4. 4. 4 Case studies Images Newsletter Exhibition stands Interactive exhibition screen Visual identityFostering Olympic spirit –from Brentford to BangkokGSK decided that its 100,000 employees Days – under one memorable ‘banner’. Results 2,067 ticketingwould benefit from its partnership with The ongoing engagement activity competitionthe Olympic and Paralympic Games and consists of an intranet site, travelling nominations received ominations in 83 Ninvolve, inspire and thank GSK people. exhibition, ticketing competitions, an countries First we devised a messaging ambassador programme, daily blogs 9,000 visitors to the 2 site in Februarystrategy which made a clear link between from the Games, online toolkit and a 8 volunteers to be 9the shared ideals, the sponsorship and monthly newsletter to name a few. champions for the programmeemployee engagement and involvement. We’ve seen strong participation with 49 teams from 42 2 Next we created an exciting visual tens of thousands of intranet site visits countries took part in the Gold Challengeidentity and name – ‘Team GSK’ – that and over 2,000 ticketing competition he fastest adoption rate Twould unite their vast range of Olympic nominations – and a global reach of they’ve seen amongst their corporate partnersrelated initiatives – from ticketing 98% of GSK employees. ver £169,000 pledged Ocompetitions to ‘Orange’ (Volunteering) in fundraising
  5. 5. 6 Case studies Images iant canvas letter G Employee engagement toolkitRe-invigoration throughcommunicationFollowing focus groups, interviews easy to use and, following trainingand engagement with the UK MD to sessions, employees at Lilly are nowunderstand Lilly UK’s vision, strategy, able to use the tools for themselves.and focus on the service value chain, we To get people talking we launcheddeveloped an internal communications the campaign with genuine thank youstrategy based on the importance of letters from the MD, customers andconnections. The aim was to raise the patients that focused on the positivebar on the current internal effects Lilly employees have on theircommunications, get people talking customers and end patients.and sharing experiences and engage These letters were reproducedthem with Lilly UK as a whole. as giant canvases and placed around The central theme was “creating Lilly House as well as being emailedconnections every day”. The toolkit is to field staff.
  6. 6. 8 Case studies Images Screensaver YouTube game Campaign posterAn interactive YouTube slightly tongue-in-cheek interactive “In an environment where “create your own adventure” series of there is lots going on andadventure for employees videos showing the importance of many different messagesOpenreach supports broadband passing work down the line efficiently. to communicate to a wideservices for numerous providers in the To help ensure the message got across, audience, getting the RFTUK, ultimately ensuring millions of employees could enter a competition to message heard andBritons have internet access. Doing this win prizes by answering key questions acted upon has driven ourjob requires a wide range of skills and about what happens in the videos. business success.”teams, all of which are interdependent Director BT Openreachon one another. With many workers on the road andwithout intranet access, Openreach andSAS made the bold move of using anexternal communication channel toconnect with employees outside the BTfirewall. We created an entertaining and
  7. 7. 10 Case studies Images romotional film stills P BrochureA global approach to globaltalent issuesOur work with KPMG’s Global People, The proposition emphasised the “The team at SAS are greatPerformance Culture team has professional, personal, commercial to work. The objectives werespanned almost every phase of the and cultural benefits of global mobility. met and the feedbackemployee journey. SAS developed a communications received within KPMG has The project featured here was a strategy that segmented audiences, been excellent.”key programme in helping the business ensuring that the messages, materials Senior Manager, Marketing meet its global growth objectives. and methods were relevant to each. The Communications, Global People, Performance Culture Group The challenge was to develop a programme encompassed face-to-face KPMG Internationalglobal communications programme communications, a presentation toolkit,that would increase employee awareness an intranet with rich interactive modules,of KPMG’s Global Opportunities printed guides and an online globalProgramme (GO) and change attitudes careers fair attended by more thanto global mobility across KPMG. 4,000 KPMG people.
  8. 8. 12 Case studies Images The formula Workshop guideFiltering the right talentfrom the less talentedThe amazing fame of its brands proposition “What’s your secret “SAS generated not only ancreated a recruitment challenge for formula?” came a recruitment site, engaging, relevant andThe Coca-Cola Company (TCCC): too on-boarding principles, all talent inspiring creative approach,many people applying for roles, too related internal materials and global but just as importantly afew of whom had the right attributes recruitment advertising guidelines. robust and carefullyto thrive there. considered strategy that We worked with the TCCC team sits behind it.”to develop a proposition that would Talent and Development Consultant The Coca-Cola Companyact as both inspiration and filter –leading the right candidates towards thebusiness, and causing others to pausebefore applying. Rallying behind the
  9. 9. 14 Case studies Images Brand book cover rand book: explaining B the values to employees Story winners compendiumChanging behaviour and reputation,internally and externallyBT knows that with a disengaged We’ve run workshops and storytelling “Our brand is our mostworkforce your brand withers; but with competitions, published booklets important asset, thereforeengaged, involved people it lives and and made full use of BT’s intranets, it’s vital that we trust ourbreathes. So the thrust of our three-year deploying the full arsenal of employee agencies to develop theengagement programme has been engagement tactics to great effect. brand. SAS have workedshifting the attitude that people bring with us for 12 years and havewith them to work. been a key roster agency for It began by launching their values 9 of those.”with a simple, memorable visual Head of Design BT Brand Teamidentity and progressed to a whole raftof campaigns helping BT people tounderstand that they, not the companyas a whole, were the brand difference.
  10. 10. 16 Case studies Images Web community PartyCreating a global online employeecommunityRandstad wanted to celebrate A community was created around the Results ncrease in intranet Itheir 50th anniversary in a way that ‘Club Gold’ and live Club Gold parties users from 8,000 towould motivate their 28,000 were held in 26 countries. 21,000 in 9 months .6 million page views 1employees worldwide. 26,000 employees attended the eventThe primary objectives were to engageemployees with the Randstand brandand increase participation on theglobal intranet.
  11. 11. 18 Case studies Images Forum Memo EventCreating an online communityfor senior managersFollowing the merger with Rhodia, An online community was created Results ore than 3 times MSolvay wanted to mobilise their senior with specific senior manager the average attendancemanagers around the ‘new Solvay’. generated content. for the conference .6 million pages views 1 26,000 participantsThe board wanted specifically toencourage collaboration betweensenior managers of the new groupand improve conference attendance.
  12. 12. SAS Telephone +44 (0)20 7243 32326 Salem Road Fax +44 (0)20 7243 3216London W2 4BU Website© SAS part of MSLGROUP