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Testing Writing and Rubrics
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Testing Writing and Rubrics

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This slide show is about enough information on Writing Test,

This slide show is about enough information on Writing Test,

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  • 1. What is writing:The act or art of forming letters and characters onpaper, wood, stone, or other material, for the purpose ofrecording the ideas which characters and wordsexpress, or of communicating them to others by visiblesigns.“Nobody in this world wants to read your diary exceptyour mother."(Richard Peck, writer of young adult fiction)
  • 2. A test or examination is an assessment intendedto measure a test-takersknowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, orclassification in many other topics.What is a test
  • 3. What is the testing writingA test or an assessment intended to measurewriting skill of students.
  • 4. Writing Skills1) Grammatical Skills – the ability to write correctsentence2) Stylistic Skills – the ability to manipulate sentencesand use language effectively3) Mechanical Skills – the ability to use correctly thoseconventions peculiar to the written language4) Judgment Skills – the ability to write in an appropriatemanner for a particular audience in mind, togetherwith an ability to select, organize and order relevantinformation
  • 5. The components of testing writingOr What to test• Grammar• Organization• Content/Substance• Fulfillment of purpose• Vocabulary/word choice
  • 6. The ways to test writing• Essay• Letter• Paragraph• Short story• Matching Items• Make a synopsis• Rearrange sentence into paragraph
  • 7. How a writing test should be• Clearly defined purpose and audience for writing• Restrict students’ answers• Test only writing ability, nothing else• Well-defined and authentic task• Ensure long enough sample• Appropriate scales for scoring
  • 8. Factors to consider in Developing WritingTasks• The type of writing• The function• The addressee• Process• Product
  • 9. Characteristics of writing tests• Authentic and communicative writing tasks placeemphasis on transmitting authentic/integrativeinformation in writing.• Current writing tasks reflect the kind of writing tasks thatthe students are required to do in the L2 oralcommunicative situations. Thus, there is emphasis on thetype, and function of writing as well as the addressee.
  • 10. • Since current teaching of writing emphasizes alsostrategies of writing, the process should getattention in testing writing as well as the finalproduct of writing.Characteristics of writing tests
  • 11. The way to scoreNo Criteria score1 Grammar 20%2 Organization 20%3 Content/Substance 20%4 Fulfillment of purpose 20%5 Vocabulary/word choice 20%
  • 12. Conclusion:Always bear in mind though that the difficulty of an item mayrelate to whether it has been covered in class or it may givean indication of how well it was understood. Such testanalysis can give us information about how effective ourteaching has been as well as actually evaluating the test.Evaluating tests carefully can ensure that the test improvesafter it is taken and can give us feedback on improving ourtest writing…...
  • 13. Thank you