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Chardham yatra 2012 pdf
Chardham yatra 2012 pdf
Chardham yatra 2012 pdf
Chardham yatra 2012 pdf
Chardham yatra 2012 pdf
Chardham yatra 2012 pdf
Chardham yatra 2012 pdf
Chardham yatra 2012 pdf
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Chardham yatra 2012 pdf


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As per old scriptures which are followed by the Hindus this pilgrimage tour Chardham yatra is must needed once in a life time which is the main gate way towards moksh. It includes the four religious …

As per old scriptures which are followed by the Hindus this pilgrimage tour Chardham yatra is must needed once in a life time which is the main gate way towards moksh. It includes the four religious places of Uttarkhand state .So contact us for quick booking so that You should get a chance to remove all your sins in your entire life.

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  • 1. Chardham Yatra is defined as the four pilgrimage centre tour .Chardham tour is mainly the fourholy pilgrimage centers of north India that is Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.These places are very much famous surrounded by the tourists attraction .This tour will leave amark in the heart of the tourists which will never forgot in a life time. These four holy places arehabitually situated at the foothills of Himalayas which is mainly on the Uttarkhand state.Email: - info@heritageindiajourneys.comCall Us: - +91 11 49814981, +91 11 49814982Follow us:
  • 2. The chardham yatra is based on four holy names like Yamunotri and Gangotri which is dedicated togoddess Yamuna and Ganga, third one is kedarnath which is dedicated to lord Vishnu and fourth one isBadrinath Yatra that is known as lord Shiva. With the Chardham Itinerary cover the haridwar Tour,Rishikesh Tour, yamunotri, barkot tour, gangotri tour, kedarnath, Badrinath, Rudraprag Tour.Haridwar Tour Rishikesh Tour
  • 3. Yamunotri Tour Gangotri TourBarkot Tour Rudraprayag TourKedarnath Tour Badrinath Tour Email: - Call Us: - +91 11 49814981, +91 11 49814982
  • 4. Chardham Tour Package 2012Chardham is a religious trip where we visit the temples of different God. It helpscommunity to know the universal truth of life.The tour starts from various city of Indialike Chardham Yatra from Delhi or else. If you consider that you should take a spiritualtour to Chardham, ascertain yourself by getting Chardham Tour Packages. Gangotri Tour: - This tour covers the haridwar, Uttrakhand, utter kasha. Gangotri is one of the most famous and beautiful place of Hindu pilgrimage destinations. From the history it was saying that river Ganga touches the earth first time on this place Gangotri. This temple is situated on the top of 3200 meters above the sea level and captivating the scenary of Uttarkhand. Yamunotri Tour: - This tour destination is Delhi, Hardwar, Syanachatti,Yamunotri,Syanachtti. Yamunotri is the source spot of The Yamuna which is located in the western Garhwal region in Uttarkashi of State Uttarkhand.Yamuna River is also considered as a divine mother of Hindus. Every year millions of pilgrims visit to this most holy place of India to seek the blessings of God. Kedarnath Tour: - This tour destination is haridwar, Rudraprayag, gurukund, kedarnath. Kedarnath tour is one of the most famous dham of this trip and the temple is devoted to lord Shiva. It was built with impressive stones which explain the attractive history of the past. Kedarnath is surrounded by snow capped peaks.
  • 5. Badrinath Tour:- The tour cover thedestination of Delhi , Hardwar , Joshimath ,Badrinath and Rudraprayag .Badrinath which is located on the bank ofriver Alaknanda. This place is essentiallydevoted to Lord Vishnu. Badrinath Templeis at a distance of 300 km from haridwar inUttarkand.Valley of Flower Tour: - This tourdestination cover the chardham withharidwar,barkot,harshil,gangotri,uttarkashi,guptkashi,govind ghat,valley of flower.The valley of flower is situated at a veryremarkable area, which is the conversionpoint of Himalayan This fairyland situatedin the sky-scraping altitude of Himalayas issheltered by snow-white mountains.Surrounded by the wonderful mountainranges and impressive glaciers, this positionunfolds the charisma and attraction of natureat its best.Hemkund Sahib Tour :-The chardhamwith Hemkund Sahib tour destination,Delhi,Haridwar,Barkot,Gangotri,Uttrakashi,Guptkashi,Govind Ghat,Gangaria,Rishikesh,Hemkund Sahib .The hemkund sahib was 10th guru of the shikh.This tour is mainly famous pilgrim place tothe shikh.the Hemkund Sahib Temple locatedby star shaped at his height of approximate4000 miter .sri hemkund sahib is veryattractive place in summer session .
  • 6. DO Dham Badrinath Kedarnath:-The Hindu people also believe thatKedarnath and Badrinath are also comesunder the category of Do Dham Yatra. Thisboth places are dedicated to lord Shiva andlord Vishnu respectively. You can also getvarious religious shrines and tourist placeshere which will make your journey so muchinteresting.Do Dham Gangotri Yamunotri:-Do Dham Yatra is one of the famousreligious circuit of north India which is verymuch famous among the Hindu peoples. Itwill main contains the famous two places ofnorth India that is Yamunotri and Gangotri.Both of these two places are dedicated tothe famous goddesses. Here you can get achance to take a holy bath in this sacred riveGanga and Yamuna.Punch Badri Tour: - This tourdestination is delhi, rishikesh, papal koti,Yogdhayn Badri, Bhavishya Badri, VirdhaBadri, Joshimath and adi badri.The Panch Badri mince five badrinathplaces .the badrinath are revered by all asthe apt tribute to lord Vishnu. Badrinathsfour subsidiary badries include BhavishyaBadri, Yogdhyan Badri, Vridha Badri andAdi Badri.
  • 7. Panch Kedar Tour: - The panch kedar which is devoted to Lord Shiva and has its own religious insinuation. It is believed to be Shankaracharyas holy place blemish with a spectacular temple, which is beautiful carved of plain stone. Four places where Shiva is worshipped take their appearance from different part of his body - the navel at Madmaheshwar, the arm at Tungnath, the face at Rudranath, and the matted hair at Kalpeshwar. Chardham Yatra By Helicopter : - Chardham by helicopter is the superlative and successful touring process of Char Dham destination. The Helicopter journey to Four Dham started out so as to make it simple yet occurrence for the visitors. The helicopter tour to Char Dham provides services from Agastya Muni to Kedarnath region, which is greatly pleasing or entertaining and fantastic tour. Chardham Yatra By Bus: - You can enjoy the religious tour Chardham Tour which will take you’re the four religious places of north India. If you want to visit all place to Chardham by Bus so you can talk with the tour operators they will arrange different kinds of buses like luxurious bus and budget bus for you. So that you will get god’s blessing with a proper enjoyment.Email: - info@heritageindiajourneys.comCall Us: - +91 11 49814981, +91 11 49814982
  • 8. Go Heritage India JourneysTM