Master of Negotiation 2010


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Master of Negotiation 2010

  1. 1. Principles of Master-Negotiation Must-Have Tools & Techniques for superior deal making 2-3 June 2010 - Budapest • Do you want to be sure that you secure the best possible deal? • Are you afraid of the ruining your business relationship with your best customer because of tough negotiation? • Do you seem to have to fight your corner aggressively, or ally with others, to win the resources you need? • Do you struggle to get what you want from people whose help you need, but over whom you have little direct authority? If so, you may need to brush up your win-win negotiation skills. Join Stamford Global’s inaugural Negotiation Masterclass and engage in practical dialogues with senior business professionals from across various fields.
  2. 2. Principles of Master-Negotiation Overview Effective negotiation helps you to resolve situations where what you want conflicts with what someone else wants. The aim of win-win negotiation is to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties, and leaves both parties feeling that they’ve won in some way, after the event. This programme explores the nature of negotiation and how skilful negotiation can be used to achieve sustainable and successful business relationships. It advocates the development of strategic thinking before a negotiation to reduce adversarial conflict and reviews the real merits of win-win outcomes. The programme looks at detailed preparation within the context of the business and the desired outcome of the negotiation. It considers the processes involved and advocates the use of a consultative approach to understand the underlying needs, concerns and interests of the other party. The programme reveals mechanisms to reduce conflict – inherent in most negotiations, and looks at techniques for managing difficult situations. Learning Objectives By the end of this interactive programme, participants will have: • learnt the negotiation process and how to manage each of its different phases • obtained detailed knowledge of proven negotiating techniques and how they can be applied in different situations (including cross-culturally) • learnt how to apply the methods of principled, win-win negotiation • benefited from the maximum opportunity given individually and in teams to practise and integrate these skills under the professional guidance of a negotiation specialist who is using the concepts and techniques proposed on a daily basis • learnt how to get the best possible deal/outcome available while maintaining and improving the relationship with customers and suppliers Course Focus • Apply techniques and skills to reach a win/win outcome • Appreciate the needs and interests of the other party to leverage the negotiation • Have mechanisms to develop and maintain a relationships • Develop solid communication skills to reduce misunderstandings • To be able to prepare adequately Target Audience This intensive and highly practical and interactive workshop is especially designed for mid and senior managers for whom the success of their organisation depends on their negotiation expertise. Particularly: • Managing Directors & General Managers, • Procurement Directors & Corporate Buyers, • Legal Advisors, • Project Directors & Managers, • Sales Directors and Managers, • Business Development Directors & Managers • Human Resources Directors & Managers • Strategy Directors & Planners and • Industrial Relations Specialists, Course attendees will benefit enormously from the hands-on approach whereby differences in language and culture are taken into account. This course is open to individual managers as well as negotiation teams who wish to practise in an international and cross-functional working environment. Whilst this course does not assume any previous knowledge of specific negotiating models and principles, it is a fast-moving and intensive programme that is suitable for experienced negotiators as well as those who are new to negotiating roles.
  3. 3. Principles of Master-Negotiation Course Agenda Day One Day Two 08.00 Registration and Welcome Coffee 08.00 Re-Registration 08.30 Welcome Notes 08.30 Negotiation Styles • Introduction of seminar leader and participants • Review of the main negotiation styles • Positioning of the programme and objectives • Strengths and weaknesses • Hopes and concerns • Analysis of own style 09:00 What is Negotiation? 09:15 Interest Based Negotiation • Exploration of the definition of negotiation • Leveraging negotiations by identifying interests • Pitfalls in misunderstanding the context of a negotiation • Value priorities • Exercise • Tradeables • Brief role play exercise 10:00 Networking Coffee Break 10:00 Networking Coffee Break 10:30 Negotiation Preparation • Analysis of the fundamentals of preparation 10:30 The Process of Negotiation • Negotiation range • The key steps of a good negotiation • Power analysis in negotiations • Behaviours and skills along the process • Benchmarking • Managing the process • Key issues 11:30 Role Play Exercise • Role play preparation 11:15 Dealing with Difficult Negotiators • Role play • Who is being difficult? • What to look out for 12:30 Lunch • Contributors to conflict • Managing tactical approaches by others 13:30 Role Play de-brief • Analysis of the role play 12:00 Lunch • Group discussion 13:00 Role Play Exercise 14:30 Trading and Conditional Bargaining • Role/Case play • Consideration of the principles of trading • Conditional bargaining 15:00 Networking Coffee Break 15:15 Networking Coffee Break 15:30 De-Brief of Exercise • Review of exercise 15:45 Communication Skills • Learning points • The impact of poor communication skills on outcomes • Re-entry into reality • Vocal delivery and influence • Body language 16:30 Review and Close • Action planning 17:00 End of Day One • Review and close of seminar 17:00 End of seminar
  4. 4. Principles of Master-Negotiation Seminar Leader Nigel is a founding member and director of Competiva, an international sales consultancy and professional training firm with offices in Switzerland and the UK. A recognised expert in the field of negotiation and sales leadership, he specialises in the development of people particularly in the Banking and Insurance industry, however he also has a broad experience of working in other industry sectors throughout the world. Aware of the structural factors that are now reshaping companies he has investigated the causes of success as organisations seek sustainable growth. Currently Nigel spends much of his time working with large organisations seeking to redefine their markets and create a differentiation from their competitors. Nigel McConnell Areas of Expertise Director Industries: Banking, Re-Insurance, Insurance, FMCG, Healthcare Competiva AG Functional: High level negotiations, complex sales, coaching Selected consulting and training experience • Consulting on live deals as an active member of the deal teams (mainly with major banks) • Sales and Negotiation consultancy and training in many financial services companies • Chief executive and executive coaching • Developing sales and negotiation strategies with clients throughout the world • Consultancy on reshaping the clients’ sales approach and increasing their sales effectiveness • Sales skills assessments and selection of high performance sales people Testimonials “I would be very interested to attend more courses run by Stamford Global. This course gave me a lot of tools and techniques on business best practices” Tetrapak “Nigel McConnell is spot on with his analysis on how to get what you want by exploiting the sustainable and successful business relationships.” Vice Chairman, America Online “Useful, practical oriented, very good subjects have been covered, very good and very well experienced trainer, well selected participants allowing to extend true networking and establish professional relationships.” ING Bank “Stamford Global provided outstanding curriculum, and exceptional quality of service. Both the essential business needs and every other small details was given due attention and fulfilled 100%.” Blue Bridge “I found the course extremely valuable. Not only will I find use on themes of the course, but I also admire and take on examples from the course leader’s presentation skills.” Rostelekom “Very useful information to re-consider new insights. Excellent energizer and driver for new ideas.” Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia “Sophisticated course in applied psychology that shows how you can change your behavior so you can sell your ideas, especially in sales situations and other negotiations. The most effective executives will find the result astonishing.” Member of Management Board, Dupont Corporation “Judging from this particular event, I have assumptions that the Professionalism is the same in any other activities. Great trainer, full of information, there was the highest quality of senior professionals in the team workshops.” GlaxoSmithKline
  5. 5. Principles of Master-Negotiation Please complete the form and fax to (36) 1 999 7481 2-3 June 2010 - Budapest Sales Contract If you are a member of the European Union DELEGATES PLEASE UNDERLINE THE DELEGATES SURNAME please indicate your EU Community VAT Identification Number Name Position Email PAYMENT DETAILS Please Debit my Mastercard/Visa/AMEX (please specify): Name Card Type: Position Name on Card: Email Card No.: Name Start Date: Expiry Date: Position Security Code: Signature: Email Hotel Accommodation & Airport Transfer Name Accommodation and Airport Transfer are not included in the training participation fee. To arrange accommodation at the conference venue, you will receive a reservation form with our Stamford Corporate Rate. Room reservation and airport transfer should be arranged directly Position with the hotel. Confirmation Details Email After receiving payment, a receipt will be issued. If you do not receive a letter outlining joining details 2 (two) weeks prior to the event, please contact The Executor at Name Payment Method Payment is required within 5 (five) business days of receipt of invoice. Position Email THE FINE PRINT: Please read carefully before registration ORGANIZATION Client means the registering organization Company Name Executor means Stamford Global LLC or its representative companies Street This registration form constitutes a legally binding sales contract between the Executor and the Client. All terms are mutually accepted and negotiated City in good faith. Country 1. Fees: Registration fees are inclusive of program materials, event organizational expenses (venue, speakers et.), luncheons and refreshments, but exclude accommodation and travel expenses. Postal Code 2. Payment terms: Following completion and return of registration form, full payment is required within 5 (five) working days. Payment must be received before the commencement of the event. Telephone Fax After registration all payment must be executed within the terms herewith irrespective of attendance. Should a portion of the Contract price be subject to state, federal, or local taxation, or VAT if Nature of Business applicable, the Executor reserves the right to add such charges to the final invoice or recover such sums from the Client at the time when they become due. Company Size 3. Cancellation/Substitution: Substitution is allowed by providing a written notice is given to the Executor, not later than 2 working days before the event. Otherwise all registrations carry How did you learn about this course? (please tick box) a 50% cancellation liability of the contract value immediately after an authorized registration form has been received by The Executor. By signing this registration form the client agrees that in Sales Call Brochure Internet case of any dispute or cancellation The Executor will not be able to mitigate its losses for any less than 50% of the total contract value. If, for any reason The Executor decides to postpone or cancel Advertisement Other the event, The Executor is not responsible for covering airfare, hotel or any other cost incurred by the clients. Any cancellation received in less than 10 working days before the event carries 100% payment liability. No refund, partial refund or any alternative offer shall be made. 4. Indemnity: The Executor reserves the right to change the event content, date, and venue should circumstances require. In such cases no penalty, partial refund or refund or alternative offer shall AUTHORIZATION be made. In the event of the Executor permanently cancels the event for any reason whatsoever, I certify that the above information is correct. I am aware of the prerequisites of the and provided that the event is not postponed or merged with any other event at a later date, the Client shall receive full payment returned in 14 business days after the proposed initial date of the event(s) for which I am registering and have met the necessary requirements. I have event. The client hereby indemnifies and holds the Executor harmless from and against any and all read and understand the enrolment policies. costs, damages, expenses including attorney fees, which are incurred by the Client. Name 5. Copyright: All intellectual property rights in all materials produced and distributed by the Executor is expressly reserved and any unauthorized duplication, publication or distribution is prohibited without written permission of the Executor. Position Signature Date +36 1 885 7900 Event Pricing EUR 2,195 per participant Book a table for 5 delegates and SAVE 20%