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Nitin b

  1. 1. The Riddler of IIMB!<br />Ladies and Gentlemen…Tonight’s entertainment…<br />Nitin Bandgar (NB)<br />
  2. 2. Asking dumbass questions is my birthright!!!<br />Question1: (In the mess)<br />Nitin: Hi!<br />Friend: Hey!<br />(Both are sitting next to each other & having food) Nitin: Kyakarrahe ho yahape?<br />Friend: What do you think I came here to do???<br />Question2: (In someone’s room)<br />Nitin: Which newspaper you read?<br />Guy: Mint<br />Nitin: Why not ET?<br />Guy: Bcoz it doesn’t come … I have not subscribed to it<br />Nitin: Hindu aatahai?<br />Guy : Nahi …<br />Nitin: Business Standard aatahai?<br />Guy: WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
  3. 3. The unasked question!!!<br />Why is Daddu lying so close to me?<br />Bandgar + Daddu… What a couple!!!<br />Ah…<br />Kitnasukoon mil rahahai<br />
  4. 4. But more than Daddu, I like her ;)<br />Term1: Anything for you Mata ooops … Madam …<br />Sec A Girl (you guessed who): I don’t know anything about Excel. Can you teach me its basics?<br />Nitin: Of course, I shall. Don’t you worry darling <br />
  5. 5. Woman Power<br />You are wrong …. Behind every successful man (Nitin at least) there are two women<br />Girls you are my chamakchallowhere you go girlI m gonna follow<br />PGP 2 Source of Inspiration<br />Nitin<br />PGP 1 Source of Inspiration<br />
  6. 6. The Secret of Night Canteen <br />Until Term 3: Chodoyaarkahajaate ho night canteen …. Itna door hai !! <br />Term 4 Onwards: <br />Ok … oyelekintutohpehlekabhinahiaatatha … wohbhiitnijaldi??<br />@12 AM Abe KP Night Canteen chalyaar<br />Haanyaarkyakaru … night canteen me hi woh 12 bajekeaaspaas hi aatihai .. .. Din bhar room petohrahti hi nahi<br />Saala !! Log pyaar me kyakuchnahikarjaate<br />
  7. 7. KhayalomeinWoh, KhwabonmeinWoh<br />Hatayaar ye project woject .. aajkyasahidikhrahithi who white salwaar me !! <br />Hay re merizindagi … kaisenamoone dost mile hai !! Maine to ummeed hi chodddihaiab !!<br />Aajmaineproj meeting me sabkobahutpeldiya<br />
  8. 8. Facebook Man<br />Awesome database about IIMB’s PGP1 Girls<br />Scenario 2:<br />KP: Hey who is she?<br />Nitin: Oh, she is from XYZ company. She is wearing a blue dress in her FB profile pic. Her parents are from blah blah….<br />KP: WTF? … ye to chaltifiratibandiyonki encyclopedia hai !!<br />Scenario1: <br />Sarthak: Hey a girl was asking about you<br />Nitin: Really, what was she saying?<br />Sarthak: Who the hell are you and why you added her on FB?<br />Nitin: Oh, I saw you as a common friend so I added her…<br />Sarthak: WTF???<br />
  9. 9. Is he married *(secretly)??<br />Term 1: Saba calls Nitin’s mobile and a girl picks the call<br />Girl: Hello…<br />(After hearing a girl’s voice, Saba thought she must be Nitin’s Mother)<br />Saba: Hello.. Can I talk to Nitin? <br />Girl(surprised):Who is this? Why are you looking for Nitin?<br />(Saba: why is she asking so many questions?)<br />Saba: Aunty, I am his friend and we are in a project group<br />Girl: What kind of friend? Which project group? <br />Saba: Aunty, we are studying together and doing a project <br />Girl: What? What kind of study and what is this project about?<br />(Again so many questions… What is this?)<br />Saba: Can I know whom am I speaking to<br />Girl: This is Nitin’s wife.<br />Saba: What?? When did he get married?<br />Girl: This year itself<br />Saba: Oh, I didn’t know that.. Sorry to disturb you. <br />
  10. 10. Come, hoosh me @ A Base and don’t ask any questions…<br />