Why do I need jesus christ?

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Who is this Jesus?
    • The Son of God.
    • The Person by whom God created the heavens and the earth.
    • God manifest/revealed in a human body.
    • Lived as a man.
    • Worked miracles.
    • Died on a cross.
    • Rose again from the dead.
  • 3. What did Jesus do for me?
    • Jesus died for you. He died in your place.
    • He took your sin on Himself and took it out of the way.
  • 4. What is sin and why does it need to be taken away?
    • Sin is the corrupting influence that controls the life of every human being.
    • It is a spiritual thing, which is in the nature of every person.
    • It causes people to live separately from the will of God and to “do their own thing”.
    • It makes us all self centred.
    • Sin is beyond our own control so we need help to deal with it.
  • 5. Why can’t I deal with it myself?
    • It is just too strong.
    • Sin is in the nature of everything we do, so however hard we try, it just spoils even our best efforts.
  • 6. Where did sin come from?
    • It came when the first man Adam disobeyed God and ate of what is called the “forbidden fruit”.
    • Adam was innocent in the beginning. His spirit was empty and ready to receive the life of God.
    • God had made Adam just ready for receiving His life.
    • God had purposely put the “Tree of Life” in the garden.
    • Instead, when Adam disobeyed God, the sin he had committed entered into his spirit and spoiled everything.
  • 7. Why have I got sin then?
    • It is passed on from generation to generation.
    • It is our spiritual inheritance.
    • It is just that, as we tend to look like our natural parents, so we are like our spiritual parents in nature.
  • 8. Why was Jesus any different?
    • He was the Son of God.
    • His birth was different.
    • His conception was by the Spirit of God so the inherited sinful nature was not passed on.
    • He was the first of a new generation of people.
    • God was his Father.
    • The nature of God was in His Spirit.
    • Jesus was the “brightness of the glory and the exact expression of the image of God”.
  • 9. What did Jesus do then?
    • He was made the sin that all humans have.
    • He took the judgement for that sin and died in our place.
    • The life of all people is in their blood. Jesus’ blood was shed to show that He had given His life for us.
    • His blood offered to God can, therefore, wash away our sin and sins.
  • 10. Where and when did it take place?
    • On a cross outside Jerusalem, about 2000 years ago.
    • At the time God had set for the Saviour to come.
    • Many prophets in the Old Testament spoke of the time when it would all take place.
  • 11. What exactly happened there?
    • God was in Jesus Christ working to reconcile you to Himself.
    • Reconciling you and everybody in the world who will receive the Lord Jesus.
    • God was taking away everything that was wrong with humans and at the same time making them right with Him.
    • It all happened in the body of Jesus, through His death
    • Then and there God reconciled us to Himself. He changed everything.
  • 12. How can I be sure?
    • Jesus also rose from the dead.
    • If He had not overcome the sin and changed everything, He would not have been able to rise again.
    • The power of death is sin.
    • Only when sin is dealt with is resurrection possible.
    • The resurrection demonstrates that Jesus really has done everything for us, all that we shall ever need.
  • 13. But isn’t the resurrection just a myth?
    • There were many that saw Jesus alive after His death.
    • It was told about 1000 years before it happened.
    • Millions of Christians in the past 2000 years testify that Jesus is alive and has changed their lives
    • They say the Jesus they know as their Saviour both died and rose again for them, and they have experienced Him and His love in their lives.
    • Christians say they have received the Holy Spirit in their lives. That would not have been possible if Jesus had not risen from the dead and ascended to heaven, to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit for them
  • 14. If it is true what do I do?
    • Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour
    • Confess your sin, your wrong doing, admitting that your life has fallen below the standard which God requires
    • Let Jesus enter into your heart by the Holy Spirit and work in you the changes He made for you on the cross.
  • 15. What will that do?
    • It will take away your sins.
    • It will change your nature.
    • It will make you right with God in your heart.
    • It will remove any conscience of sin from your heart and mind.
    • It will fill you with joy and peace.
    • It will mean that you will by nature, spiritually naturally, start to do the will of God in your life.
    • You will know God is your Father because you have been spiritually reborn of Him
  • 16. How will I be sure?
    • The Holy Spirit, who is just like Jesus, is the third person of the Godhead, and He does this work in you.
    • He will testify, give evidence, to you in your heart by joining with your spirit so that you can call God your Father.
    • He will give evidence that you are a son of God.
    • The testimony will be in your heart because Jesus is there giving you His life.
    • Jesus is the faithful and true witness.
  • 17. What happens next?
    • You will find the love of God and a huge love for God in your heart.
    • You will want to serve Him and follow Him.
    • He will speak to you and direct you. You will recognise Jesus’ voice.
    • You will be able to pray to Him and talk to Him.
    • You will have joy and peace in your heart and an assurance of God’s love and eternal life.
  • 18. Will I need help?
    • Yes and No
    • The Holy Spirit will lead you into all that you need to know of the Lord Jesus and His will for your life.
    • It is really necessary to join a church where Jesus is loved and worshipped and the truth about Him is really preached without compromise.
    • The other Christians in the church should love the Lord too and live to please Him.
  • 19. What else must I do?
    • Pray
    • Always spend time praying to and listening to the Lord Jesus
    • Read your Bible.
    • Ask the Lord to help you understand what it is you are reading and how it applies to you in your life.
    • Put away things from your life that you know are unhelpful to your spiritual progress.
  • 20. Expectations?
    • Expect God to bless you and for things to get exciting.
    • The Lord has saved you for a purpose and walking in the will of God is a real joy.
    • The Lord will open up ways in which you can serve Him and there will be a real blessing to be involved in serving the Lord Jesus.
    • That Jesus knows what is best for you, so follow His will and let Him patiently change you to be more and more like Him.