GCDP promo tools strategies-tactics


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GCDP promo tools strategies-tactics

  1. 1. GCDP Promo tools/Strategies/Tactics:
  2. 2. Most used Strategies/Tactics: • Other students organisations – Ra members from other org. • Word of mouth – Member´s friends, Returnees friends • Double the fun – sell two internship in same time • 2nd X – sent Returnees abroad • Internal Campaing – Alumni, Members • Story telling – reference of returnees • Competitions – material prices • Roadshows – querilla marketing, Be aware about AIESEC, Global citizen brand • Infomeetings/Open hours – presentation of internshps • Classshouts • Global villges
  3. 3. Financial Model -way of supporting promotion • • • • Office hours – bring your friend for individual meeting Every person you bring – 1000 CZE You bring him to office hours or event Signed in spreadsheet – tracked Maruška if Peter that she brought will be raised at the end • Maruška gets 1000 CZE to „her balance“ • DO THE SAME WITH ALREADY RAISED EPS
  4. 4. Roadshows: • Always make roadshow with clear goal (whats the next channel?) Preferably – EVENT • Educate people – Give them simulations before going there… – How to sell event and find few information about needs to go for internship…
  5. 5. • MAKE IT LIKE A SHOW!! – Trainees, returnees – Screen with mottos – Footprints around uni leading to event (stopy, sipky s hesly po skole) – Costumes – Take photos (to put on facebook and let participants to TAG themselves) – PROMOTE AIESEC – banners, logos, EVERYWHERE we are NOT ERASMUS!!!
  6. 6. • Selling script – prepare some – A sell event • Hey, I wanna invite you for culture event • Its in two days in P5, 6pm… • Its about travelling experience… what do you think about it???
  7. 7. • Selling script – prepare some – B: find a need • When we talk about travelling.. What do you do in summer? We do internships as wel… • What do you think about internship opportunity? • What country? • (meanwhile I am filling questionaire…) • There is possibility to get info view email with some tips for summer… what do you think? • In order to send it to you – can you write me your address here and fill some more info so I send you relevant info?
  8. 8. • MoS – applications • KPIs – participants at events, individual meetings set after roadshow… • SOOO… FOLLOW UP IS IMPORTANT • FOLLOW UP – Give visit card to set up individual meeting – during office hours – Send email with concrete offers based on needs and invitation for event on FACEBOOK
  9. 9. EVENTs – Travel nights, Returnees events,… • ALWAYS, ALWAYS PROMOTE AIESEC AT BEGGING AS PARTNER OF THE EVENT, USE BANNERS AND LOGOS! • ALWAYS DO PRESENTATIONS OF CURRENT OFFERS AT THE END – Example – Turkish Culture Event – Present current offers in Turkey, Give DDL, contacts where to find more info… • YOU ARE NOT PR! YOU NEED RESULTS OUT OF THIS – APPLICATIONS. • POSSITIONING IS NOT YOUR ROLE! *More info in ppt about events
  10. 10. Example: Returnee event – Tearoom, pub – unofficial event with friends – Around 15-20 people with 5 aiesecers – Invited via: Facebook event, phone call and follow up email (KPIs – Accepted invitations at FB event and number of people at Event) – Programme • Chats about internship and opportunity corner with short presentation – 2nd X target • Direct selling + Help confirmed – resend email to friends with offers • Follow up after event - email – KPIs – number of applications (through email) and friends – through CRM
  11. 11. Videos • Shoot them and spread on facebook. • People are too lazy even to read articles… • Its the most easy way to spread word of mouth.
  12. 12. Tips & Tricks • Get inkind for Road shows – Ideas: • Propagation materials • Food from new restaurants – Own cooked/baked food • Make event in dormitories– bored students will come – Oslovte kolejní rady, správu kolejí a menz, kolejbáby (byl jsem jednou v rozhlasu :-D) – Problém je, že to není úplně cílová skupina a je potřeba se nad tím zamyslet – – – – Get event to the newspaper Events in dormitories are school issue, you can get into a school newspapers Try to do some sequence cents Cooperate with other students org.